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linka and wheeler relationship help

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). The following is a list of episodes from the animated Captain Planet and the Planeteers . Wheeler plans to buy Linka an ivory necklace for her birthday, but Kwame. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. It's Halloween and Wheeler plans his Halloween night. While shopping one night he is locked in the store after it was locked for the night. Will the other.

Verminous Skrumm finds the basketball player's medical files and spreads rumors around town that the player has AIDS, turning his classmates and the entire town against him.

Todd runs away to hide in a shack on an island, believing that everyone, including his friends and family, will be disappointed with him.

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When he wakes up the next morning, he finds that his boat has disappeared, leaving him stranded. Captain Planet rescues Todd from the island and tells the angry townspeople that they've been listening to false rumors and gives a rousing speech on acceptance. Though the episode wraps up with a nice conclusion, real life prejudice is not so easily dispelled. With them out of the way, Blight and the other villains have somehow risen to a level in politics where they're each on the verge of becoming President of the United States.

In order to get rid of the competition, Blight kidnaps the one decent candidate, Jane Green, but Blight's daughter goes back in time to rescue the Planeteers and prevent her mother from winning the presidency. The Planeteers and Blight's daughter find and rescue their future selves. They summon Captain Planet and he busts through Greedly's hotel to stop several shady political deals. The Planeteers rush off to stop Blight, but the polls have already closed.

We could learn a lot from "Captain Planet and the Planeteers. It's not surprising that they would choose to close out the first season with a story that displays the effects of global warming and how it harms the Earth.

When Doctor Blight opens a part of the forcefield to let in a giant iceberg that will melt and raise the sea level around Hope Island, the Planeteers escape through the opening and rescue Linka.

Together, they summon Captain Planet, who destroys the force field and creates a giant wave that sends Blight and her barge tumbling into the ocean. Now that I've seen it with real people, I think that made me project my friends' relationship to the cartoon characters when I started re-watching the episodes a few years ago.

I can't think of all the things that stood out for me in Season 6, but the episode about the puppy mills stands out as a good example. There were a couple of times when Wheeler was really mad and Linka just reached out and touched his arm and he calmed down. I know it's little, but I also know that when I would lose my temper, there was only one person who could just calm me down with a look or a touch.

linka and wheeler relationship help

I wish I could remember more examples as to why I had that feeling about the "behind the scenes" relationship like you have! Maybe I'll read Missing Pieces before I go to bed or at least the end!

In the show they are teenagers, so I picture their relationship on a teenage level. Yet at the same time they are also somewhat immature due to their age. Not necessarily immature in their actions, since they're saving the world, more like immature in their emotions Wheeler can't help but flirt with a cute girl that comes by He is a teenage boy though, so that's forgiveable. In fact I'd be worried if he didn't want to flirt with pretty girls Also Linka can be pretty quick to anger and get more upset by things that Wheeler does than she really needs to be.

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Besides that, even though I think Wheeler is really into Linka, at his age the idea of committing to something serious would be terrifying. I mean my husband was 2 weeks away from being 30 when we got married, and my Dad was 33 when he got married. Young guys just aren't into the idea of running off and getting married and committing to someone forever and ever. And I don't think it's just because they want to run around when lots of other girls.

It's mostly just the fear of all the responsiblity that would be required of them. Wheeler's still at that age where he wants to have fun, not be tied down to a serious relationship, and even if he wanted to be in a relationship would probably be afraid he couldn't handle it. However I still think there's definitely something there between them, and given time it would grow into a serious relationship.

It's obvious that they care about each other, and when things get tense they both really worry about the other one. Not to mention they are in dangerous life threatening situations all the time, and are pretty much always together anyway, so their feelings would have plenty of chance to grow.

I always pictured that they would end up together eventually. Toward the end of the series they were both older, like maybe 18ish based on the redesign, so they might be more in a place to start actually dating. Also I like to pretend Season 6 never existed.

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You know what episode was the worst? We get to see the future and Wheeler and Linka aren't together, Blight is a single mom whose kid hates her and stabs her in the back, Wheeler kisses Blight's daughter right in front of Linka, and pretty much no one has done anything with their life except fight the same handful of people over and over.

If they were gonna show the future couldn't they have Linka and Wheeler together or something? I hope after they got back to the past they decided to completely rethink their lives and do something better with them Anyway, that's my Season 6 rant Well this sounds kinda rambling and I'm not sure if I answered anything or what here, but this is my opinion at least.

In the first Seasons we've had so much to laugh or worry about the on and off of the two, about Wheelers flirts, but at season six it seemed more relaxed for the characters and for me as viewer as well. There are so many times Linka could calm down Wheeler only with a touch or a word, especially in the episode with the puppies, but Wheeler can make this with Linka as well for example the episode Twelve angry animals And I guess in the episode where Wheeler is kissing that girl, it seemed for me more that she is kissing him, I couldn't see a turn of Wheeler.

And I guess Linka is not longer jealous, or not so much, because if they've are serious relationship behind our backs, she didn't have to worry about his flirts, because she feels certain about his love and intentions. That would explain why she is so cool with it at 6th season, though she didn't was at season And I guess Wheeler is at the end of Numbers Game only repelling Linka because he is afraid of his dream and to loose controle because of the many kids. At least he is a Planeteer and still young, who wants to know or see that you will end up with Everybody would be afraid of that dream if you're scarcely awake.

I didn't hope, that I frustrate you too much? Because I didn't like conspiracies, even though it's only in a cartoon series: Season 5 didn't play on terrestrial tele over here, and by the time we got Sky, I was busy with my exams and was only able to see a few episodes when my mum was inclined to tape it for me.

linka and wheeler relationship help

They didn't play season 6 at all and I didn't even find out about it until I stumbled upon ff. It has to be obvious from my stories that I've always seen a relationship going on between them but whether they were actually together Maybe when all the DVD boxsets come out it will be obvious but it seems to make a difference what order you watch them in too, and there's more than one list, so whilst I haven't completely disregarded season six, I have decided on an order for myself I agree that there were a few episodes when Linka was a little too okay with his flirting and if that's all mixed together with the one's where they're clearly still interested it just looks odd.

Practically speaking I'm sure it just depended on who wrote the episode and who drew the pictures, and they just weren't putting enough thought into it, but where's the fun in that? And filling in the gaps are what fans are for, right?

I think I'm just agreeing with what's been said already but basically, the way I see it is this Wheeler starts out as an immature teenager that will flirt with every pretty girl he sees. The more he gets to know Linka, the more he feels for her but she gives him the brush off most of the time and that's fine, it's all a part of the game.

Linka has no interest in a quick fling or a purely physical relationship, she's also far more mature than he is, so while she's attracted to him she writes him off as a potential boyfriend and pushes him away.

She's still a teenager though and she's attracted to him, plus every so often she gets a glimpse of what he's like under the flirty exterior and she likes it. They're almost constantly together so they see the best and worst of each other, and unlike most teenagers they have to depend on each other for their lives.

I'm inclined to think that they weren't officially a couple until very late on, but maybe they'd begun to think of each other as 'theirs'.

linka and wheeler relationship help

There was a lot of arguing and making up, finding excuses to spend time together and avoiding each other completely They're getting older though and Wheeler backs off, both because he isn't getting anywhere and because he realises that he's begun to think seriously about a future with her, and he's not really ready for that.

He's not hiding his feelings well though and since Linka is finally getting the idea that he isn't just out for what he can get with her, she begins to relax around him more and sometimes it's her doing the flirting.

Don't ask me for the episodes I'd have to look them up and I'm doing this off the top of my head. No longer teenagers, they deal with it a bit better, not letting it interfere on missions and spending time together when they can. Wheeler occasionally tries Linka's patience, but while we don't see it, I think they have some sort of acknowledged relationship by the end of season 6. Maybe if it had continued it would have become more obvious. If we assume each season is a year, as the first one was, they are definitely older than 18 at the end of the series.

If Wheeler was 18 at the start of 6, then that makes Linka 11 in the first episode. Characters tend to age much more slowly than in real life or not at all in some cartoons, like the Simpsons for example I think that at the beginning of the series Linka is said to be 16, maybe 17 for Wheeler. But I don't think they aged 6 years over the course of the show, or that would put them in their 20s by Season 6.

I think maybe the animators were going more for 18ish in Season 6. They decided they needed to age some, but not too much, I guess. That's what I think anyway. And for the record I don't think that there's "nothing" there, I just don't think it's something "official" ; And Louise has a point about alot of it depending on the writer of the particular episode.

There really is alot of inconsistency in the writing, which always makes debates like this interesting. I also think that's why alot of us here have written stories that are either "missing scenes" or filling in the details of episodes that didn't really quite make sense. Linka, however, usually rejects his advances. Most of the time he accepts this with good humour, but occasionally he will question her further about going out with him, or he will display a hurt look, indicating that his feelings go deeper than simple flirting.

Several times, Wheeler and Linka come close to kissing during quiet, intimate moments with one another, such as in the episode Beast of the Temple. However, they are usually interrupted before they can kiss. Occasionally Wheeler will flirt with other female characters, which causes Linka to become openly jealous. Whenever he is rescued from a tight spot, she displays obvious relief and is more open with her affections towards him.

Parents Wheeler had a rough childhood.

His father was an alcoholic, and his mother appeared passive in response to the aggression present in the home.

Wheeler appears to be close to his mother - he returns to visit his parents in the episode Talkin' Trashand he appears on good terms with her. However, he at first refuses to speak to his father, who verbally abuses him and indicates that he believes Wheeler is no good and will amount to nothing. During the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part IIwe learn that Wheeler often spent nights away from home, on the streets or in the park, even at a young age.