Laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quotes

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laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quotes

Gilbert Arenas Rips Ex-Fiancée Laura Govan, Says She Spends endured at the start of their relationship and about how, from time to time. Laura Govan Must Pay Gilbert Arenas $K Following STD Claims. “I'm portrayed in “I believe that he shared a relationship with my sister.”. In a recent episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, former Basketball Wives star Laura Govan opens up Gilbert Arenas and custody battle.

Of course, Laura is no stranger to the media.

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Laura definitely cleared all those rumors up! She dished on the drama with her and Jackie, her feelings toward Draya and even a little bit about her rocky relationship with her fiance.

Take a look at what Laura had to say below! We watch the show every single week and the very first question that popped in my head is, what the heck is Jackie talking about? Is she making things up? Honestly, I have no idea what Jackie is talking about. A lot of things are starting to be revealed. I am who I am; there are no surprises with me. I show you exactly who I am from the beginning.

Why did you dislike Draya so much this season? What are your feelings toward Draya now? What was really a two-hour filming session, you saw it edited into two minutes. What was the real reason you went in on Draya in the boxing ring?

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quotes

Did you plan that fight or did it just randomly happen? If it would have been any of them I would have went just as hard. I did the same thing with my sister! What made you and Jackie dig up dirt on Draya in the first place?

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Do you really believe the stories about Draya and her son are true? We were asked to do so. Now, Laura claims he's not only a deadbeat, but he had no problems spending his millions on things like shark tanks, pools, and other things to keep himself entertained.

And supposedly only proposed to her because he felt bad for putting her out numerous times. In 9 pages of "confidential" notes to her family law attorney, Laura detailed her and Gilbert's crazy relationship.

Gloria Govan Blasts Her Sister Laura For Implying That She Smashed Gilbert Arenas Behind Her Back

How did these notes get out? Apparently they showed up in an unrelated case filed publicly by the L.

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quotes

And yet they never had a nanny, Govan complains, according to the notes: But the notes -- which appear to be her version of their life together -- reveal lots of details about their relationship. You tell everyone what your doing for me and Our babies!!!

Knowing our babies would one day read this Crap! I can go on for days about the emotional, physical, mental abuse! Our family and real freinds know ALL that you put me thru! Or on Christmas you turned off the heater when it was 25 degrees outside!

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quotes

And gave full instruction to our business manger to NOT turn it back on! When we came here I was already here working because we were not together. Solely because all you did was mention to me I stayed home and was with the children to much and I needed something to do beside raise them! So I went and got a job! You decided to move her and be with me and the babies ok fine!

You disappeared for a few months so I went back to doing me! Working and started seeing someone! When you found out what did the big bad wolf do!?! You went and burned his house down in woodland hills Not only his house but his neighbors!

WELP! Laura Govan Still Thinks Her Sister Gloria Smashed Gilbert Arenas

We moved to the hidden hills, which our nanny Ashly U started sleeping with and Still today sleep with her … U then too were sleeping with Jonsey which was my so called friend! I found out and Put you out! Which is crazy because you Business partner told on you and had you on a three way call and You Then told on yourself!

laura govan and gilbert arenas relationship quotes

Which is crazy because she still your business partner today Dez white who u have given 4. I also told you about John white for 10 years he was stealing from you!

I also fail to mention how you lied about Draya and all that drama situation and her baby! Then you turn around and have her Beat Up in her apartment! I just learned about Lindsay and her baby three weeks ago!!! Anything put in my name you took out!