Lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

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lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

Lafiel soon met the Abh nobleman, Jinto Linn, and proceeded to introduce herself .. This fact is the reason why she began to develop a relationship with Jinto. Jinto and Lafiel followed Marca and Undertaker up into the house, with Minh, Bill, and Let's go back into that market maze. .. Any relation to the Spunej?. The relationship between Jinto and Lafiel wraps all three of those elements into one interesting, entertaining package, and it really shows how.

Spoor Aron Sekpadao Letopanyu Peneju This red-eyed Grand Duchess is one of the most eccentric officers in the Labule, which does not change the fact that she is one of its most able admirals.

Though complaining of boredom most of the time, she suddenly springs into action when needed. One of her favorite pastimes is mercilessly teasing Kaselia, her chief of staff.

Kufadis Spoor's lieutenant, who tries to restrain some of the more whimsical actions of his commanding officer. He is generally seen secretly moaning and groaning over his lot as Spoor's subordinate. He also became Jinto's foster father after Jinto's mother died and Rock Linn became too busy in politics to raise his own son. Dorin Ku One of Jinto's friends during his early education on the planet Delktou.

He was a fan of the game "minchiu" minteaua cross between soccer and roller derby, and played on the same local team as Jinto. He was the only person who came to say goodbye at the spaceport when Jinto was departing for the military academy at Lakfakalle. Dorin Ku is voiced by Taiki Matsuno. She later started her own ship-repair business with other former Febdash vassals. He was forced to cooperate with the invading forces of the United Mankind to search for Jinto and Lafiel.

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He belonged to the Silejia people who practiced genetic anti-aging manipulation before their annexation by the United Mankind; despite looking like a young man in his twenties, he is in reality around fifty years old.

Because the United Mankind bans genetic manipulation, he is therefore much despised by most citizens of the United Mankind and is prevented from rising amongst the ranks of the military. This is one of the causes of his bitter hatred against the Abhs. He forced Entryua to accompany him and use local police resources in seeking for the Abh pair. Marca The head of an underground anti-Empire though not necessarily "anti-Abh" group seeking independence to run their own shipping, transportation, and trade.

She acts as a hotel chambermaid and tries to kidnap Jinto and Lafiel to attain her group's goals. Eventually she helps the pair to flee Sufugnoff and escape the clutches of the United Mankind. Min A member of Marca's anti-Empire group. He is skillful in the production of arms. Min is voiced by Ikkei Seta. Daswani A big and silent man who is a member of Marca's anti-Empire group.

Daswani is voiced by Masato Amada. Bill Nicknamed "the Speeder," he is another member of Marcas's anti-Empire group. Cyte; however, had other intentions for these prisoners. As they relinquished their arms to local detective Entryua Rei, Cyte begins a racist and mad rant to Lafiel and Jinto stepping in to protect the Princess is shot through the shoulder.

Lafiel is enraged to a degree perhaps unrivaled until Lobnas and wishes to kill the Lieutenant, but is restrained and rescued by the Anti-Imperial Landers who provide first aid to Jinto and assist in their escape from the planet surface. Edit Lafiel was ultimately able to complete her mission thanks to being picked up by Admiral Spoor.

lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

Upon their arrival at Lakfakalle, Lafiel learns of the fate of Hecto-Commander Lexshu as the first casualty of war: This new war she trains for as already a veteran of two engagements, Febdash and Sufugnoff. She is sent to an academy as is Jinto, but to separate branches. Where Jinto Linn will train in supply and logistics, Lafiel will be trained in leadership and command.

lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

The pair shall not meet again until three years later just prior to the start of Operation Phantom Flame. Lafiel is put through further training before given an assignment and the crew and Jinto witness her potential as a commander. It is clear she will accept nothing less than absolute victory. Falling under the commander of new Baroness Febdash AtosuryuaAbriel Lafiel receives her first orders of battle to engage an enemy patrol contingent that has arrived from Wimple at Aptic.

Her unit endures relatively moderate casualties when the order is given to stand down and let the mine-layer craft finish off the patrol vessels.

lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

Lafiel hates the order but goes along leaving the battlefield. Deca-Commander Lafiel and her crew enjoy a brief reprieve before orders from the Commander-in-Chief arrive. Their forces need to recon some key areas to determine enemy movements and fleet size due to the ferocity of the recons of the enemy.

Lafiel and a fellow commander, Deca-Commander Ragash, are weighed down by debris of the enemy vessels and are moderately damaged. They are forced to trail behind while going back to Aptic. It is here where suddenly both she and Ragash are propelled into a survival situation. The ships had too little fuel for each to proceed alone and one had to be scuttled.

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Rakash gave his life, which bothered Lafiel intensely but she had to ensure the safety and survival of all of the people now on board her ship. Lafiel was able to survive the engagement with no other casualties. Her unit by now had been severely depleted. Many of the commanders they started with were replaced being killed or wounded in action.

After returning to Aptic, her struggle helped provide the location of the enemy main fleet. Her crew is given some time to resupply and recover after over two and a half days of pure attrition. Lafiel continues to collect experience in battle and attain one difficult victory after another, but soon enough the critical engagement of Phantom Flame will be fought. Hecto-Commander Atosuryua gives a parting toast to her commanders pledging to those that return they shall finish the bottle they were sharing.

lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

Lafiel about to issue the order to abandon ship during her command of the Basroil. The Basroil continued to fight on longer than the Kidroil, which is shot down during the battle by separation mines.

The Basroil fought on for considerably long time, running low on fuel, fighting United Mankind vessels. The hull of the vessel went critical and the only option left to Lafiel was to abandon ship.

lafiel and jinto relationship marketing

Lafiel gathered the colors of Basroil and during the evacuation turned them over to her subordinate, flyer Sobaash. Lafiel searched the ship for her Supply Officer Jinto Linn, who she had been informed, has stayed behind to rescue a crew member. She was luckily able to find him and provide him an emergency suit helmet and get them to a pod as the vessel finally gave out. The battle for her unit continued and following at least an hour of drifting their pod was retrieved by Hecto-Commander Atosuryua.

Following Aptic, it is apparent that of her unit, the only notable surviving commanders of Atosuryua's command are the Baroness and Lafiel. Surrender of Aptic Edit The official surrender of Aptic would happen a few days afterward. It was there that both Princess Lafiel and Count Hyde were given the duty to accept the surrender of Aptic to the Empire. Jinto reads the official conditions of surrender to the President of Aptic as Deputy Ambassador to Aptic.

This would not be their last roles as diplomats, for the following operation would require the pair again to serve as Ambassadors to a colony captured by the Empire. Edit Following the end of Operation Phantom Flame, Operation Hunter was set to capture cut off Mankind territories and destroy any remaining enemies within the area. Deca-Commander Lafiel retained command of the new Basrogrha replacement built, but bore a new role along with Jinto.

Both would become diplomats to newly conquered worlds rather than continue fighting during Hunter. After Lafiel restored the colors to their proper place on board the Basrogrh II, she sets course for their first assignment of Hunter: Lafiel immediately upon arriving is given a complex and delicate political picture of a United Mankind penal colony. Four Prime Ministers have been elected and she has to attempt to negotiate between them all upon arrival.

Lafiel officially recognizes Geomaiden as the Director of Lobnas II and sends her deputy to the ground to continue negotiations of evacuation and re-supply of Lobnas II. Among these issues discussed, artificial reproduction is discussed as an option for human sustainability of Lobnas II since large sections of the colony are separated by gender. Ekuryua questions Abriel about giving up on Jinto.

Lafiel is strained, being posted above ground unable to personally monitor Jinto, who spends a considerable amount of time on the ground. Soon thereafter, the situation becomes catastrophic. Lafiel awaits the safe return of Jinto, assuming he would have ensured his escape from the planet, but it never happens.

Once she is shown Jinto being held hostage by the ring-leaders, she is obviously upset but only shows this to Jinto Linn. If she manages to capture them, she would sentence them to Abh Hell. This causes Yuri and Angusson to turn against each other in which as Lafiel wished for Yuri is killed. Lafiel reporting her situation to Admiral Admiral Spoor.

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Will Atosuryua and Lafiel come to a reconciliation? They have no sensors and systems begin failing throughout both ships. They soon come up with a plan to transfer all the crew and usable materials from the Seigroil to the Basroil, but once they do, the Basroil crew learns that the Seigroil bridge crew is trapped and cannot escape.

Now, alone in the dark, the Basroil can see some unidentified ships coming toward them. But, are they friend or foe? Admiral Bebaus plans his defense but is distressed to learn he cannot pillage a local planet for supplies.

He says that it's just too much of a bother. Meanwhile, Samson decides he needs to get really drunk. To his surprise, Sobaash joins him. They have a heart-to-heart talk.

Elsewhere, Jinto and Ekuryua also have a heart-to-heart talk as well as a conversation about Diaho. Everyone is on edge as the battle draws near Jinto confesses to being scared, and to his surprise, Lafiel admits that she is as well. They talk about their plans for the future.

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Will Jinto ever go back to his home planet, Martine? Will Lafiel become an admiral? What awaits the two in the upcoming battle? Lafiel says she has plans to go through all of life's three stages: Jinto is surprised she has thought so far ahead.