Korean teacher and student relationship quotes

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korean teacher and student relationship quotes

Do children use the teacher's first name, surname or just 'teacher' – and what does this reflect about Tia/tio is a universal term of respect that young people use for their elders, regardless of relationship. Similar to China, my students in Korea added the word for teacher . Expat Health Insurance Quotes. The cultural and institutional reasons why Korean English teachers end up not teaching in English. Some quotes from hair-restore.info: Then, I heard that the students were saying that there was nothing left inside their heads Having a good relationship with your Korean co-teachers; Working at a Korean. Education Quotes, Quotes for Teachers, Quotes for Students, Quotes about Teaching and Learning, Quotes to inspire. Oscar Wilde. "I put the relation of a fine teacher to a student just below the relation of a mother to a son." - Thomas Wolfe.

Neither are experts on their designated areas of expertise. Even experts make mistakes some times.

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Though if you are a wrist watch repairman and you break a watch…just worry more about how you will deal with that customer. Seo—dang—gae sam nyeon—e poong—weol eulp—neun—da Literal meaning: After three years at a village schoolhouse, even a dog can recite a poem Situation: How to hone your skills?

Need Inspiration? 26 Wise Korean Proverbs to Change Yourself

By practicing of course! Encourage someone with these words as practice makes perfect!

korean teacher and student relationship quotes

Ga-ryeo-oon Go-seul geul-geo ju-da Literal meaning: You scratch where it itches! Do you have a friend who has the same taste and mind? If you have a friend who wants to do something that you want to do too, or if someone buys you coffee as you are falling asleep on your desk then it is like someone scratching your back when it itches! You will feel happy and comforted at t eh same time!

Kong sim-eun-dae kong-na-go, pat sim-eun-dae pat nanda Literal meaning: A house can be really telling as to what type of person the owner is. Therefore it can be said that we can judge a man from his surroundings.

korean teacher and student relationship quotes

In reading instruction, I focused on grasping the meaning of the text. I devised questions in English and fostered cooperative learning.

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Then, I heard that the students were saying that there was nothing left inside their heads after my class. And they were quoted as asking to please, please, just make them underline words, study phrases, and memorize vocabulary.

korean teacher and student relationship quotes

Critical incident, Sue While teaching reading, speaking, and grammar, I at least tried group work. For some reason, certain classes really did not like group work at all and asked for just lecture-based teaching.

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They did not want to move around and asked to stay in their seats. I was completely deflated. Now I understand why the students acted that way, but at the time it was really hard. Interview, Hye Many teachers describe incidents of hostility from principals and senior teachers: One day the senior teacher came over to my desk and told me that, after exams, students might complain if my material is different from the other classes.

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But the students were unenthusiastic and uneasy and I felt awkward around the other teachers. Interview, Mi During speaking instruction, I had an activity where students moved around the classroom interviewing each other. After class, the vice-principal summoned me. I was almost in tears with chagrin, being regarded as a dumb novice. Critical incident, Eun This last incident strikes a chord with me, because I once saw an almost identical incident happen to my co-teacher.

It was a perfect lesson and my CELTA teachers would have loved it — but halfway through it the principal started glowering and complained to the head teacher. Finally, a comment from one teacher about how different standards are applied to the native speakers: At my school, it seems like the native-speaker English teacher is the only one who can do whatever he wants in class.

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Interview, Minah That English education in Korea has a problem due to a culture of teacher-centric teaching and teaching for grammar and vocabulary-based tests is not a revelation.