Jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes

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jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes

Similar People Akbar, Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Hamida Banu Begum, Lavina Abdus Hayy, author of Ma'asir al-umara, quotes one of her famous couplets: Salima and Bairam Khan's short-lived marriage did not produce any children. . Salima was portrayed by Manisha Yadav in Zee TV's fictional drama Jodha Akbar . Jodha-Akbar: Ruqaiya Begum's plan to run down Jodha Begum is very filthy .. Ashoka Samrat Actor Shaheer Sheikh Biography, Personal Life, Marriage, Wiki. Jodha: “I gave Ruqaiya Begum the poison because I didnt want any other . WILL #vishrant mend their relationships to take their marriage to next level or will .

Jahangir was succeeded by his third son, Prince Khurram who took the title of Shah Jahan.

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Jahangir has often been portrayed in Indian films and television serials, some of them being the film Pukar, the film Anarkali, and the film Mughal-e-Aza. Akbar planned the tomb and selected a suitable site for it.

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Akbar was one of the greatest emperors in the history of India. However, during the reign of His great-grandson, Aurangzeb, the rebellious Jats under the leadership of Raja Ram Jat, ransacked the intricate tomb, plundered and looted all the beautiful gold, jewels, silver and carpets, whilst destroying other things.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes

He was later sentenced to death by Aurangzeb. The Tomb has suffered a lot, until extensive repair was carried out by the British under Lord Curzon. This mausoleum is situated on the out skirts of the Agra City.

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It houses the mortal remains of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, who, during his lifetime itself had completed the tomb and laid out a beautiful garden. The main tomb complex is surrounded by a high wall and in the center of each wall, there is an imposing gateway of 70 feet height. The gateway on the west side has an inscription in Persian, which states that the mausoleum was completed by the reign of The Emperor Jahangir in A.

Tourists generally enter in the tomb complex from South Gateway, that is just meters from the main highway NH 2 at Sikandara. All the lofty gateways of tomb complex are open into a vast garden, in the middle of which is a building of four storeys, the upper chamber being of white marble.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes

A broad paved causeway leads towards the tomb from all four gateways. Both sides of the causeway are covered by lush green garden, where cheetals, antelopes and monkeys move and graze freely. The garden is divided in four equal quarters, on a typical Mughal style of Char Bagh.

History Of Akbar

It is said that the marriage excited great interest at court. It united two streams of descent from Ali Shukr Beg, that is, the Blacksheep Turkomans from Bairam Khan's side and Timur from Salima's side as Salima was a Timurid through her maternal grandfather, Emperor Babur, and through Mahmud, one of her great-grandfathers.

Salima became Bairam's second wife, after the daughter of Jamal Khan of Mewat, who was his first wife and the mother of his son, Abdul Rahim.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes

Salima and Bairam Khan's short-lived marriage did not produce any children. Shortly before his death inBairam Khan lost his prestigious position in the Empire as he was provoked into rebelling against Akbar by those conspirators who wanted to ruin him.

Khan's rebellion was twice put down by Akbar and he submitted to him.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes

As a punishment for his rebellions, Bairam was stripped of all his privileges and Akbar gave him three options: Bairam Khan chose the last option. Marriage to Akbar — While on his way to Mecca, Bairam Khan was attacked in Patan, Gujarat on 31 January by a band of Afghans, led by a man named Mubarak Khan, whose father had been killed fighting against Bairam at the Battle of Machchiwara in Bairam Khan's camp was also put to plunder and the newly widowed, Salima Begum, along with her step-son, Abdul Rahim aged fourreached Ahmedabad after suffering many hardships.

Akbar was shocked to hear the sad news of his former teacher and guardian's death. As per his orders, Salima and Abdul Rahim were brought under imperial escort to the Mughal court with great honour and respect. Akbar was strongly impressed by the abilities of his cousin, Salima Sultan Begum, and he himself married her in the same year. She was about three and a half years older than him and became his fourth wife.

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This would mean that she was Akbar's last legal wife, according to the Islamic law or Sharia, which permits a Muslim man to have up-to four wives. The richly talented Salima was Akbar's only other wife apart from Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, who was of the most exalted lineage, being a Timurid through her mother's side and thus, a granddaughter of Emperor Babur in the maternal line.

Salima was thus, a senior-ranking wife of Akbar, along Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, who was his first wife and chief consort. Salima remained childless throughout her marriage, however, some sources mistakenly identify her as the mother of Akbar's son Sultan Murad Mirza. The Jahangirnama states that Murad was the son of a royal serving-girl just like his younger half-brother, Daniyal Mirza.

Being an extensive reader, she kept accounts of her encounters with the Emperor and the state of affairs. Salima was thus, one of the most important ladies at the Mughal court. InSalima travelled to Mecca to perform the Hajj pilgrimage along with her aunt, Gulbadan Begum, and many other Timurid ladies. She was the only wife of Akbar who accompanied the pilgrims.

Salima Sultan Begum

Akbar himself was dissuaded from travelling only by the pleas of Abu'l Fazl. The high-ranking female party, under the fortunate auspices of Akbar, left Fatehpur Sikri on 15 October and after taking a year to get to the sea, set sail for Mecca on 17 October They were said to have spent three and a half years in Arabia and made the hajj four times, returning home to Agra in March Political influence at the Mughal court Salima had much influence over Akbar and her step-son, Salim, and wielded major political influence in the Mughal court during both the father-son's respective reigns.

She played a crucial role along with her cousin and co-wife Ruqaiya Sultan Begum in negotiating a settlement between Akbar and Salim, when the father-son's relationship had turned sour in the early s, eventually helping to pave the way for Salim's accession to the Mughal throne. InSalim had revolted against Akbar by setting up an independent court in Allahabad and by assuming the imperial title of "Salim Shah" while his father was still alive. He also planned and executed the assassination of Akbar's faithful counselor and close friend, Abu'l Fazl.

This situation became very critical and infuriated Akbar so much that no one dared to petition for Salim. Akbar granted their wishes and Salim was allowed to present himself before the Emperor.

jodha and ruqaiya relationship memes