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Jo Brand does Sport Relief: "I'm thick skinned. I've had to be"

Comedian Jo Brand has said it would be a 'mistake' to let children The former psychiatric nurse, who has been married to Bernie Bourke for. PET PROJECT Hannah Brand, former pottery assistant to Jonathan Adler, and . MACY'S EILEEN FISHER DOONEY & BOURKE GULFSTREAM TOURNEAU MAX of paper in my hand were a tangible connection with what had happened. . () The Shops at Mission Vie jo () 11 82 ROLEX Rolex. In , Brand presented Jo Brand's Big Splash, a television programme where she performed a Brand married Bernie Bourke, a psychiatric nurse, in in Shropshire. She is the president of the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust. Brand .. Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock, is a socially or ritually recognised union.

She shared a flat with fellow comic and comedy club owner Ivor Dembina. It drew heavily from pop culture and the media, with many jokes containing references to celebrities and public figures. Brand has said that she drank heavily before her first gig, was heckled throughout, and received no applause at the end of the set.

She also provided a voiceover for the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre's pantomime Aladdin. In AugustBrand judged the first ever Class Clowns competition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivalshe also announced the winner at the Gilded Balloon on the night.

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She will also star in the film. Her transition into mainstream television continued when she starred in her own series on Channel 4Jo Brand Through the Cakeholeco-written with comedy writer Jim Miller, who was already her main stand-up writer.

Brand has had several solo television series, and presented shows such as Jo Brand's Commercial Breakdown. She's been happily married for seven years to Bernie Bourke, a psychiatric nurse. After all I'm a woman who's used to getting up late, just in time for Countdown on telly, and then going out to work late in some club.

It's finding the time to do things, because often I am so shagged out. She's only just stopped breast-feeding her youngest child.

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  • Jo Brand does Sport Relief: "I'm thick skinned. I've had to be"

She recently toured the UK with her stand up comedy act - and still maintains "nothing tops the thrill of the theatre and just making people laugh by talking to them" - but she didn't stay away from home overnight.

In private, she's quietly spoken and given more to deep chuckles of mirth and ironic humour than the raw-edged crudity for which she is famed on stage. In it her latest sexual fantasy is summed up as "someone to run a Hoover around the house".

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She used to say it was "smearing her naked body with cream and chocolate - and being left alone to lick it off". She also once said "you can never trust a man with testicles" now she muses male and female relationships are like "watching an Eastern European film with the wrong subtitles". I would be a bit weird if it hadn't after 16 years.

Perhaps some of it is more geared to old ladies like me who are heading for the menopause and leak when they laugh.

Married Jo Brand makes naughty Tinder confession on The One Show

I always wanted children, I even had dreams of having 10 at one point. Bernie was as keen as I was, so luckily I didn't have to strap him against a wall and beat him until he agreed to it.

In order to practise her performance, she played Dear Lord and Father of Mankind — a favourite hymn of hers at a church service in her former village church in Benenden, Kent, and accompanied dancers at Blackpool Tower.

Prior to this, her only experiences with musical instruments had been childhood piano and violin lessons. She has also been a judge on the show. The series, directed by Peter Capaldi and Sue Tullyis a gritty and realistic satire on the current state of the NHSset in a geriatric ward.

An Extra Slicewhich premiered on 8 August The show was commissioned for a full series by Channel 4airing in ; its second series aired in Bibliography[ edit ] Novels Mental with Helen Griffin.

Jo Brand 'Like It Or Lump It' - Wolverhampton 1997 - Fun On The Road With Jo & Her Crew!

HTV Sherman Plays series. Drama Association of Wales, The Autobiography — Part 2 London: Men in History London: Women in History London: They have two daughters, Maisie and Eliza.