Jackson and lydia relationship quiz

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jackson and lydia relationship quiz

And I can't deny the chemistry between Jordan and Lydia. But I will And I know what an abusive relationship looks like, and Jydia is not it. Lydia shakes her head resolutely, turning in her seat to scowl at she did cheat on Jackson for five minutes with Scott, and Lydia grimaces at get roped into a situation where he'd be risking his relationship with you." .. "I highly doubt that sleepovers and Cosmo quizzes were high on her list of priorities. Take this quiz! Because his relationship with Alison becomes complicated, Scott starts to fall for Stiles loves Lydia but Matt is killing off the Matt is killed by Mrs.

The temptation to stick her tongue out at Cora is almost too strong to resist. When his eyes meet hers again, there's accusation in them. Because I happen to know that you're allergic to strawberries," he counters, smiling. I'm not allergic to strawberries, I'm allergic to blueberries. She looks up at him again and tries for an innocent smile. As the door closes behind him, Allison closes her eyes and rubs her hand over her face in defeat, muttering, "so much for sleuth.

jackson and lydia relationship quiz

Allison holds out her bag. She hears the diner's bell chime beside her, but doesn't look up, too engrossed in reading the latest scientific journal about how autoimmune encephalitis causes isolated psychiatric episodes.

For someone who very rarely stops talking, the length of time with which Stiles seems determined to stretch out the silence is ridiculously impressive.

jackson and lydia relationship quiz

Lydia sighs and turns back to Stiles, whose eyes are still trained on the asphalt beneath their feet. Not to mention all those times my life was weighing on your fingertips and I didn't bat an eyelash.

When his eyes meet hers again, she doesn't miss the unconcealed sadness in them. Over the past couple of months since Cora's been back, it's no surprise that she's been there with her, and Stiles, and Scott, and their entire bandwagon of supernatural misfits, trying to piece together the latest threat to the Beacon Hills community. While Lydia doesn't mind Derek's little sister disrupting the well-oiled machine that they've constructed since before their junior year ended, she does mind her gripping Stiles' arm, or ruffling his hair, and don't even get her started on the time she walked in to Derek's foundry-slash-basement-slash-lair to see Cora, red-faced and giggling, holding on to Stiles' thigh for dear life.

Even now, after three weeks have passed, she thinks about that particular instance and she wants nothing more than to rip that girl's throat out. She's pretty deep in formulating a plan to carry through Cora Hale's murder when Stiles' voice takes her out of her reverie. What's wrong with that?

She tries to cling on to the anger that prompted her to behave like the psycho girlfriend she never wanted to be, but she can feel her body relaxing into his touch with each passing second.

Every single time they have an argument, Stiles jumps ship from being annoyed to needing to alleviate her irritation so fast it gives her whiplash. She glares up at him, peeved at how easily he can get her to bend in whatever way he desires.

jackson and lydia relationship quiz

Realizing he's expecting her to answer his question, she snorts. I never see her playing grabby-hands with Isaac, who just so happens to be the only single one out of the entire Scooby gang, I might add. He fist pumps the air then, looking at her with a gleam of absolution in his eyes. I knew you'd understand even when you don't understand.

Or ever, for that matter. She narrows her eyes. The reason she asked me to come here is to get advice.

jackson and lydia relationship quiz

I mean, it figures she would need it; the girl's spent the last several years running to keep herself off the grid after her entire family burned to a crisp. Well, you could've said that from the get-go and saved me from infiltrating Allison's arsenal of high-tech weaponry, but okay," she nods, gesturing towards the diner behind them. Lydia's hands fly to his chest and the corner of his lips tilt up as he leans down to nip at her earlobe.

Lydia rolls her eyes at the fact that after three years of multiple ups and downs, Scott and Allison still obtain the ability to make her want to gauge her eyes out at their unbearable cuteness. She smirks up at him. Standing with him like this, she can't fathom why she ever thought she needed to go out of her way to ensure he wouldn't be tempted to do something that would jeopardize what they have.

Still, Lydia can't say she regrets it; if anything, following through with this stakeout chased away any lingering insecurity that might've been itching to pounce at the first sign of discrepancy in her relationship with Stiles. She feels his large hands joining at the small of her back, and she smiles, slanting her lips over his, her hands moving to bury themselves in his hair as he lifts her off the ground.

She thinks back to Scott and Allison; the perfect target for bitter, unhappy people to aim their hate toward.

Then she considers how she and Stiles must look, like something out of a fairy tale with their embrace, clinging on to each other like it's the only thing they've ever known how to do, and she decides that making other people want to gag at the utter amount of perfection in your relationship might not be the worst thing in the world.

She remembers a time when the thought of saying those words to anybody made her throat go dry and stomach fill with the worst kind of jitters, but with Stiles, the words have never felt more like breathing, and quite frankly, she can't even recall a time where her days haven't started and her nights haven't ended with telling him she loved him.

They live in a world where the tomorrows are more dreaded than anticipated and the yesterdays are best left forgotten, and the setting and circumstance is constantly evolving as they learn to live within the secret world she's not sure they'll ever grow accustomed to.

One of those decisions included waiting until Allison was a teenager to begin teaching her about the ways of the Argent family, so they could allow her a normal childhood.

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Question 4 What was Kira's number on the lacrosse team? During Kira Yukimura's Junior year, she was discovered by Coach Finstock when she was sitting on the sidelines with her friend, Malia Tate, watching Scott and Stiles at practice. Because of the agility boost provided by her supernatural abilities, she was able to snatch a stray ball out of the air just before it made contact with Malia's face, which was so impressive that Finstock immediately asked her to join the team.

Question 5 What did Allison forget on her first day of school? She was no stranger to the first day jitters, since her family moved around a lot due to her father's position as an arms dealer, but it never really got any easier for her to deal with. She discovered only after being dropped off by her father that she had forgotten to bring one of the basic necessities with her to school. Question 6 Which of these girls was paralyzed by kanima venom the most times?

Lydia Allison Malia A Kanima is a supernatural creature that occurs when a person struggling with deep-rooted emotional issues comes into contact with the werewolf gene. Until their feelings are resolved, they are unable to fully transform, and instead become a reptilian creature that has unique physical attributes, including sharp claws, a long tail, and venom that paralyzes any creature that touches it for an indefinite amount of time.

The only known occurrence of a true Kanima was Jackson Whittemore, although Tracy Stewart was engineered by the Dread Doctors as a half-Kanima chimera. Question 7 How old was Malia when she went missing? Ten Eight Eleven Malia was only a child when tragedy struck and changed her life forever. Eight years before the events of Teen Wolf, in the yearshe was traveling in a car with two members of her adoptive family, her mother, Evelyn, and her sister, Kiley. A sudden car crash triggered an unexpected and uncontrollable transformation for Malia.

In her frenzied state, she attacked and took the lives of her family members. Overcome with guilt and grief, she fled into the woods, where she lived as an animal until Scott and his pack found her. Question 8 What caused Erica Reyes to have seizures?

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She was cruelly taunted and tormented by her classmates because of her disability. The medication she had to take caused her to gain weight and gave her acne.

She felt that it worsened her social situation and would often secretly stop taking it - much to the chagrin of Melissa McCall, a nurse at the hospital she'd grown close with, because it left her at risk of having dangerous seizures. Question 9 What subject is the hardest for Malia?

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English Biology Science After spending eight years in the woods living life as a fully-shifted animal, Malia found it a little complicated to just show up to 11th grade like nothing had ever happened.

Each subject was a considerable task for her, to be honest, but one in particular was so hard that she would become stressed out enough for her claws to come out. Luckily for her, she found a loyal friend in fellow student, Lydia Martin, who just so happened to be a genius. Question 10 What is Lydia's mother's name? Talia Claudia Natalie In the beginning of the series, Lydia Martin and her mother's relationship is a bit strained, although there's clearly a lot of love shared between them.

It's easy to see how Lydia might feel a bit suffocated, considering that her mother works at Beacon Hills High School, first as a Biology teacher and then as a guidance counselor. However, at the end of the day, her mother is willing to do whatever it takes to comfort and protect her daughter, even if it means putting herself in danger. Question 11 Why did Lydia break up with Aiden? She had developed feelings for Stiles She thought he was a bad guy She was bored with him She was going away for the summer In the first half of season 3A, Lydia Martin begins a relationship with one half of the weird set of Alpha Pack Twins that can merge themselves into one gigantic beast.

Well, okay, that's not entirely true.

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She begins a purely physical fling with him that slowly grows into an actual relationship with feelings involved - without her really meaning for it to, because she wasn't interested in getting a boyfriend in the wake of Jackson leaving town. However, it didn't last too long, and she had broken up with him by the end of 3B. Question 12 Who is Malia's biological father?