Hinamori and toshiro relationship trust

Hitsugaya to Hinamori: why you should date me

hinamori and toshiro relationship trust

Why/How Toshiro loves MomoBecause I feel like exploring this aspect of I think the beginning of the relationship was founded on mutual trust and respect. Going to the ending of Bleach, we witness Hinamori Momo, who. So lets discuss hitsugaya and hinamori's relationship, together. I think right now their relationship is kind of brother-sister. It seems like they. HitsuHina - Hitsugaya Toshiro and Hinamori Momo have both been hiding He had always categorized their relationship as one of brother and sister. They were close, Hitsugaya trusted Momo more than he trusted any other.

Momo begs Izuru to move, but he refuses. She tries to attack him anyway and Kira announces he will fight back. He orders them both to be arrested, then rebukes Momo for not taking care of Aizen's body first and for attacking her own comrades.

On her way to the cells, Momo glares hatefully at Gin. Gin apologizes to Hitsugaya for the wasted time, and Hitsugaya accuses him of attempting to kill Momo, which Gin denies. Then, Hitsugaya warns him that if she loses one drop of blood, he will kill him. After a tense moment, security arrives, only to be shocked at Aizen's death.

The timeline moves back several years. Izuru, Renji, and Momo are all shown attending Class 1, the advanced class, while Rukia is seen in the Class 2, cursing Renji for making it to a higher level class than she is. Hitsugaya is sitting at the desk, and he tells her he wants her to finish up the paperwork he's working on. There isn't much left because he finished most of it, and she admits that she was asleep for a long time.

He sympathizes with her, saying that it must have been hard for her to see a comrade and classmate do such a treasonous act. Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to return without him and decides that he is going to go save Momo from whatever it is she has gotten herself into. The focus moves to Gin and Izuru walking somewhere, when Hitsugaya interrupts them. Hitsugaya says that he knew they would be together, and Gin claims he wanted Hitsugaya to find out, so a more conspicuous jailbreak was necessary.

Hitsugaya swears to kill Gin, and suddenly Momo shows up. Hitsugaya tries to stop her from drawing her sword against Gin, but instead she draws her sword against Hitsugaya, claiming that he was Aizen's murderer, which she said was in Aizen's letter.

It names Hitsugaya as the person behind the plot, and Aizen tells Momo that he wants her to stop Hitsugaya, in the event that Hitsugaya kills Aizen first.

She asks Hitsugaya to stand down, or else she will fight to the death with him. Hitsugaya tells Momo that he didn't think that Aizen would leave such a job to her, but she continues to fight, even though she admits that she doesn't know what to do anymore. As he dodges Momo's attack, Hitsugaya concludes that someone had to have forged Aizen's letter, because he believes that the letter is rather unlike Aizen, and he sees Gin smiling down below.

He concludes that Gin must be behind everything and goes in to attack Gin, but Momo appears and blocks his way. Unable to avoid her, he body slams her in the air and she falls out of the sky and is knocked out.

Gin scolds Hitsugaya for being mean, and Hitsugaya has a flashback in which he remembers seeing Aizen and Gin's conversation in a hallway, and thinks that Gin did it after a threatening comment he made to Aizen during the exchange. Hitsugaya swears to kill Gin for hurting Momo this way, and Gin finally takes up the invitation to fight, claiming he's going to stop Hitsugaya. On the first page of the next chapter, Hitsugaya thanks Matsumoto for saving Hinamori.

Anyways, this is my second ever fanfiction, and my first short-story I was a bit skeptical since Naruto has always been my first when it comes to anime at least haha. One moment its "Sasuke's going to utterly destroy Konoha!! They looked pretty old to me I've been yapping about Naruto in a Bleach fanfic It had long turned nighttime but Hitsugaya hadn't been able to sleep in days, his brain had been flooded with past memories, memories of former Captain Sosuke Aizen and former Captain Gin Ichimaru.

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His hand tightened into a fist as he thought about how he had allowed them both to escape, especially after all they had done to Momo. Momo Hinamori, just thinking about her warmed his heart. He frowned deeply in thought as he remembered all of the suffering she had to go through, she was in love with her captain. A man who almost destroyed her. Hitsugaya wished with every ounce of his being that she didn't have to go through what she was going through now.

Despite the fact that Hitsugaya was much younger and even a bit shorter than Momo, he felt as if it was his responsibility to protect her. He had always categorized their relationship as one of brother and sister. They were close, Hitsugaya trusted Momo more than he trusted any other person in the entire Soul Society. She had been with him for a long time. Always greeting him with that welcoming smile, despite how angry and irritated he could be.

Whenever his temper heated, she was the only one who could calm him. Seeing her hurt was worse than getting hurt himself. Wounds heal and scars fade, but the memory of a suffering loved-one weighs on your heart for eternity, he knew that pain, he knew it oh so well.

hinamori and toshiro relationship trust

He watched from the corner of his eye some one approach the barracks, the figure was cloaked, and seemed to be in a hurry. The figure then began to bang on the door of the barracks, who would disturb the sleep of his division at this hour. He tuned his ears to hear in the direction of the banging fist against the door, he heard the door open. It's two in the morning!

He jumped down from the building right in front of the cloaked figure. Hitsugaya took Momo's arm and led her past the barracks to his captain's quarters, he smiled to himself as he remembered how often Momo would barge into his quarters without so much as a knock. He had been upset with her then, but now he was so used to her dropping by he almost saw it as normal. She was a special case, after all. As soon as they walked into Hitsugaya's quarters, Momo removed her cloak and hood.

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Hitsugaya leaned against the wall, watching her. When she turned to him he saw shiny tears rolling down her cheek. He knew who she was talking about without her even mentioning the bastards name. Hitsugaya studied the floor and calmed his wild breathing. He looked up into her crying eyes. She had wrapped her arms around his neck, her head was buried in his shoulder.

He stood there frozen, his arms still held out. She was sobbing and whimpering, the sound and sight of her suffering broke his heart.

If it ever got out that they had spent the night together, her reputation could be ruined. But it only took one look in her eyes to figure out his answer. She looked fragile, like she was about to break at any moment. Hitsugaya hated to admit it, but Momo was his biggest weakness. He couldn't stand to see her hurt, mentally or physically. She sat down beside him and tucked her sock-covered feet underneath her.

hinamori and toshiro relationship trust

She brushed one of her stray hairs behind her head. The whole area was black, she had no idea where she was, but she knew she was safe as long as both Captain Aizen and Shiro-chan was here. She looked up and saw the looks of contempt both Hitsugaya and Aizen gave for each other. He held it over his head, ready to strike. The loud clank of swords clashing sickened Momo, she couldn't sit back and watch her two most important people in the entire world destroy themselves.

Hitsugaya jumped back and pointed his sword at Aizen. Momo watched in wonder as Aizen also jumped back. Hitsugaya automatically stared at the floor, he knew first-hand the power of Aizen's Shikai. Aizen then caught Hitsugaya off guard, piercing him in the abdomen, the sword went completely through.

She got up and ran to where Hitsugaya was standing, her whole world was crashing around her. His brows furrowed together in concentration as a white silhouette surrounded him, Hinamori could feel Hitsugaya's powerful spirit pressure. Pillars of ice rose all around Aizen and Hitsugaya smirked. But then suddenly Aizen jumped and stood atop the highest pillar Hitsugaya had created. Hitsugaya gasped as suddenly Aizen dived in his direction, he moved so quickly he didn't have time to move until he had pierced Hitsugaya through his forehead.

Hinamori looked up to Aizen. Hitsugaya watched her face with worry, she had paled since she had started to talk about the horrible nightmare. She looked into his eyes, tears spilling out of her soft brown eyes.

But before she could reach the door, he grabbed her hand.

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She turned around and looked deeply into his eyes. They stared at each other for a couple of moments before Momo smiled and embraced him again. He had white sheets with a white down comforter. She buried her face into one of his pillows and looked up at him.

Something about this seemed different then all the times before that he had slept with her, of course they were much younger then, and she didn't look anything like she did now. She was more girlish back then, now it seemed as if she was more older, more womanly. He kneeled over her and pulled the blanket over her body, tucking her in tightly.

He climbed into bed and sat there, awkwardly against the bed frame. He was a bit tired, but didn't want to frighten Momo by making a move she wasn't expecting, after a moment though, she looked up into his eyes and smiled. He looked deeply into her eyes, there was something more there, he could feel it, it shook him to his very core. He was sitting Indian-style on the bed when Momo pulled herself up and laid her head in his lap, her hands went around his body, clasping at his back.

He looked surprised for a few moments before he realized her mind was now at peace. He watched her as she slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

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Hitsugaya's hands laid at his sides as he watched her. Millions of different thoughts loomed in his brain, the most prominent being that he was feeling different feelings for Momo than that of a sister.

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She had some way wiggled her way into his closed heart. He didn't open that heart for anyone, anyone except Momo. Was it because she had always been there for him? That she had accepted him when no one else would? That she had befriended him when he had no friends? He didn't know, but one thing was for certain, despite that many said his heart was made of ice, he knew that Momo was in his heart, she was the only one he trusted with it. He wished he could tell her how he felt, but would she accept him?

If she didn't return the same feelings, would he lose his only true friend? He bit his lip. Telling Momo how he felt wasn't a good idea. In fact, it was a horrible idea. He couldn't stand to lose her and he was hell bent on protecting their friendship at all costs. He frowned, she was more than likely dreaming about Aizen. Hitsugaya carefully moved Hinamori so he could lay down, her head was laying on his stomach and her hand rested on his thigh. This felt so relaxed, so natural.

He leaned back and felt his eyelids getting heavy. Despite the fact that he wasn't tired he still felt his body drifting off into sleep. This was unlike him, he was often up before the sun, working on the day's activities. He felt a weight on the lower-half of his body. He looked down and saw Hinamori laying on him, her arms were wrapped around his torso and her head laid flat on his abdomen, she looked so peaceful he regretted moving but knew that he was already late for that day's work.

Hitsugaya looked at the clock on his desk.

hinamori and toshiro relationship trust

She ran over to where she had left her Zanpakuto and her Lieutenant badge. Hitsugaya sat back in awe, what had just happened?

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She had moved so quickly. He shrugged and looked at the amount of paperwork he had to finish. Not only was he doing his own division's paper work, but he was also doing division five's paper work as well.

hinamori and toshiro relationship trust

Suddenly the squad stopped training as a girl flew past them waving a sheet of paper in her hand. Hitsugaya climbed off of the platform somewhat irritated at Momo for showing open disrespect in front of his squad. She ran up to him and stopped a few feet away.