Harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship questions

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"I should have known he was lying," Sarah MacKenzie grimaced. Mac shook her head as she and Harmon Rabb walked through the bullpen .. press forward with her questions, Harriet paused to take a sip of her drink. Lt. Cmdr Harmon Rabb Jr first laid eyes on Major Sarah Mackenzie back in the episode "We Season 5 and 6 saw Mac & Harm having their relationship soured . 4's "Silent Service" when she mentioned there might be 'some deeper issues'. Are you Harmon Rabb? Sarah Mackenzie? Bud or Take this quiz, and twelve questions later you'll find out which member of the JAG Corps you are the most like! What was your relationship like with your parents when you were a child?.

You must satisfy me, or you will never leave this island. And don't get any bright ideas. Because we have a swamp so deep, it will take you down quicker than your boyfriend. My man's out there, ain't no swamp gonna stop me. Next time you screw up, you and I are gonna have a little night visit. You want some of me? Silence That's what I thought. A Marine should always be alert.

I will demonstrate why. Pushes Meg into a mud pit Lt. I know it wasn't personal. You were just doing your job. Yes ma'am, that's because I thought Private McEntire had a future in the military. I just didn't realize how right I was. I never understood bits.

It comes from the old Spanish dollar, pieces of eight. Two bits to a quarter, four bits, fifty cents, my fifty cents which is in your pocket. I bet you go Dutch on dates. You expect the spaceships to be lined up along the tarmac?

If there was a race advanced enough to travel millions of light-years to Earth, I truly doubt we could catch them, no matter how much we wanted to. I counted the beams. There are at least five of them out there. Those are targeting beams. Targeting beams are red. Well, maybe they don't like red Lt.

Or can't see red. Cathy, did they come in a, uh… Lt. You can't even say it. If they did that, they wouldn't be ghosts, they'd be aliens! How do I write this up, Meg? You really want me to enter that you first thought we were dealing with a UFO full of little green men? Shut up and drive. That's a little crazy even for a Marine. Nothing's too crazy for Marines. That piece of crap will blow your hand off if you pop it, the barrel's full of dirt.

Tyler goes to check it. Oh, that's smart, look down the barrel of a loaded pistol. Top Gun and Snowflake have arrived. That's the Army slogan, Lefty.

Which JAG character are you?

I will call you a lot of names, boy, but it will not be 'T'. Only when I'm back onboard. Or see a jet. Shaving in the morning, in my dreams, eating a pizza, watching a movie… Commander Alison Krennick: If I were you, talking hypothetically, of course, I'd be asking for a deal.

Well, I'm not, but since we're talking hypothetically, what would that deal be? CAG resigns, admits his responsibility, court-martial never happens. You can go to hell. Does the Crusader's profile look anything like that of a MiG? No it does not. But that's what the pilot saw.

He is in enemy airspace, and having encountered MiGs earlier in the day, his brain turned your Crusader into a MiG. He was an Air Force pilot. Gentlemen, since I am not a lawyer, I'll be brief. Good God, we're dealing with Abe Lincoln. I am a naval aviator. With flying hours, of which were in combat.

I know gunfire when I see it; I did not imagine it. The Hind was firing at my men while they hung helpless in their chutes. What I did, I would do again without hesitation even if doing so meant ending my naval career.

God knows it is not a career I wish to end, that will happen soon enough. But better that than to break the sacred trust between an officer and those he commands to do what ever is in his power to protect them, not only when such action is obvious or politically correct, but even when it is sure to be unpopular and questioned. The day that I can no longer live up to that trust you will not have to ask for my resignation, gentleman, it will be tendered without hesitation.

I'd love to see the faces of the three officers who voted guilty when they hear about this. No way of knowing who they are. Oh, I know who they are. Hell yes, I do. How would he know? All they have to do is download five chips and they'll have what makes the Tomcat so lethal.

Your wings are glinting, Commander Lt. Sir, the Secretary wants to know why we're not turning back. He told me to land at the nearest field, it's in Cuba. Harm, he'll have a heart attack! We have a medical emergency, a passenger is going into cardiac arrest! I wouldn't flash a yellow, I'd go straight to red around here. I assume the commander was referring to a stoplight. And this stoplight has something to do with sexual advances?

Why would you think that? A warning from a man to a woman left alone with another man usually does. It's part our Navy sexual sensitivity training. It's an inoffensive way to signal a male when his speech or behavior is inappropriate. The most powerful Navy in the world actually teaches this kindergarten approach to sex?

And are Navy women permitted to signal green lights? And what would I have to do to get a green light, Lieutenant Austin? Yellow light, Captain Fuente. You said anything I asked! I've got a big mouth! Assistant Secretary of State David Bair: How did you sabotage it? With a Navy-issue inch brass-tipped cinch. What the hell is that? I'm afraid your Lieutenant Commander is in for some rough seas. He's a survivor, sir. Hemlock shoots Meg in the head Admiral A. And I want us to do it. Inherited from my grandmother.

My grandmother, uh, left me this place. But I like what yours, uh, left you, uh, better. See, I know things, sir. For instance, I know you are either a cross-dressing weirdo, or you work real close with a woman. Imagine one person killing men. Yeah, well, it's real easy to imagine if you've ever fired a Tomahawk missile in combat. I've planned an officers' retreat at Admiral Chegwidden's beach house on Hilton Head.

I expect you to attend. I may have to send my regrets to the admiral. Actually, the admiral won't be there. Just you and me. For 27 years the Corps asked Crockett to put his soul in storage, and perform a duty which few men are capable of. I submit it is time to give Crockett the space his soul needs to find some peace.

Still don't remember him, do you, Gunny? Gunnery Sergeant Ray Crockett: Commander, a Gunnery Sergeant don't tell a two-star he don't remember him. My son was destined for more than a 6x3 plot at Arlington. They all were, ma'am. I guess you really do have to be crazy to be a SEAL. It's no crazier than ejecting from a cockpit with a rocket up your butt, sir. Maybe not, but I only do that when I don't have a choice.

My name is Admiral Chegwidden. Before I leave this hangar, I will know the why and the how of Lieutenant Douglas Marion's death, or Commander Rabb, here, is gonna have your ass No death is useless, they all serve a purpose. Even if in our grief, it eludes us. By the way, Commander Rabb, can you swim?

Now's a hell of a time to ask! Arresting Matt could ruin his career. Anderson, most ex-wives would pay me double for that. The space program likes Navy pilots. We make their best astronauts.

This Kiss, JAG: Mac and Harm's kisses

Right, I think I read that somewhere in Kepler's laws of planetary motion. Hey, all I need to say is the first American in outer space was not an Air Force jock.

They put up a man who knew how to make a trap. Then why was the first man in orbit a Marine? Apollo 11 I bet there were a lot of future astronauts recruited that night. Yeah, bet there were. What do you remember about it? I was a baby. Seems perverted to rig an aerodynamic bird like this to fly like an anvil. You know, on a scale of one to ten, I gave you a 3. You know the guy who is responsible for your STA problems? I hope not personally.

Lieutenant Commander Rabb thinks he may have done something to the capture arm. I'm a Lieutenant Commander in the United States navy. You tell Colonel Han, I've been here too long to play a game like this anymore. Why are you saying that? Remember what I used to tell you when you were little?

Things seem to be working out fine with Jen and Mattie next door. Social services doesn't object to the arrangements. As long as they're okay with it, it's probably best for everyone. I get to keep the apartment I love, Jen gets an apartment and roommate she likes and all in a comfortable budget for me. He seems to be doing well, considering. The courts only gave me six months with Mattie while Tom tests his wings.

If things go well for him with her and the courts give her back to him there's no sense in me getting a house. Staying sober is one thing.

Harmon Rabb

Raising a teenager and staying sober is another. The courts may not feel Tom is ready for that responsibility, especially with the extra baggage their particular relationship carries with it. He couldn't help but wonder if any one of a dozen things had happened differently, maybe he and Mac would have that house.

Maybe the fortune cookie was right, his desires did lie in the road not taken. He looked over at Mac as she sat sipping her tea, wondering what she was thinking now. He debated with himself if maybe it was time to make some changes.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship questions

He'd made a conscious effort to chat with Mac more often at work, and go to lunches together the way they used to. She didn't seem to react to his testing the waters by resting his arm around her shoulder. Well, that was assuming that not decking him was the equivalent of not reacting. He really had no idea what she was thinking.

She might have thought about decking him, but he hoped not. Yes, he decided, it's time. She had been debating back and forth whether or not to make something out of his actions in the kitchen. For some reason his behavior lately seemed, friendlier. No, maybe, warmer was a better word. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but something was changing.

There was something about wearing gold wings that gave you a tremendous sense of confidence, self-assurance. With Mac, all the rules were different. She held the power over him, over his heart. Mac sat in silence, her cup frozen at her lips. MacKenzie, be careful how you answer this, don't blow it. It's not a bad idea. She had gone through almost every article of clothing she owned debating what was perfect for her first official date with Harm. She wanted to look just right. Who was she kidding, she wanted to look so drop dead gorgeous that he would not only ache for her, but for the eight years he waited to say one little sentence.

She finally settled on a chocolate colored pair of slacks that hugged her hips just right without being too tight. A matching short sleeve shirt was the perfect top with a scoop neck just low enough to tease, but still tasteful. She threw on a black linen jacket to add just a touch of class. Although, given her druthers, she'd much rather have Harm to keep her warm. Harm stood at her door holding a small bouquet of spring flowers. He wasn't sure how long he'd been standing there, he didn't want to be early and look anxious, but he didn't want to be late either.

Looking at his watch, it was exactly Jumping at the sound of the door, Mac quickly put her shoes on and went to let him in. Stepping back to let him in, "Thank you they're beautiful. He'd hoped after all these years, having a real date wouldn't be much different than all the other times they'd gone out to eat together. Somehow, knowing romance was insinuated set a completely different tone to the evening and his nerves.

He'd chosen a little Italian restaurant not far from Mac's apartment. Having wanted to check it out for some time, now seemed as good a time as any. His first dilemma came about after helping Mac out of the car.

It was normal for him to offer his hand, especially when she was climbing out of the vette, but now he didn't know if he was expected to continue holding her hand or let go.

Not wanting to appear too eager, he opted for simply placing his hand at the small of her back, as he was accustomed to doing. His next moment of indecision came all too quickly when the hostess walked them to their table. Choosing the seat nearest Mac or across from Mac seemed to carry the weight of a life altering issue. How did a simple dinner invitation become so complicated? He sat across from her hoping she hadn't noticed him wavering.

She had been a little disappointed when he let go of her hand, but was hopeful things might change before the end of the evening. As with any set of old friends having dinner, the conversation soon took on a life of it's own and any looming implications of being on a real date fell by the wayside.

When they arrived at the theater, Harm helped Mac out of the car, only this time he kept her hand in his. She tried desperately not to grin like an idiot at the thrill it gave her. Through the better part of the movie they shared popcorn and drinks with Harm's arm resting comfortably on Mac's shoulder. Occasionally he would find himself mindlessly doodling on her arm with his fingers.

Mac knew she wanted to take this slowly. Granted eight years was already way past what any sane person might consider slow, but she wasn't ready to trust her heart to Harmon Rabb just yet. The only problem was, judging by the sensations created by his gentle touch, she wasn't so sure she was going to be able to resist any overt gestures for very long, or at all.

Thankful they'd chosen a comedy, she didn't think she had the fortitude to survive a love story. This night was a dream, and she prayed she'd never wake up. The two chatted back and forth most of the ride to Mac's apartment.

Whenever Harm wasn't shifting gears, he was holding Mac's hand. She made sure he knew the gesture was welcome by leaving her hand open, palm up, until his hand returned to hers.

When they finally arrived at Mac's apartment building, Harm couldn't remember a time when the walk to her door had been so long. The hallway looked never ending, as though it were an illusion created with mirrors. Under normal circumstances the moment at the front door would be fraught with tension.

Tonight, the history of old friends had finally cut Harm a break. Without hesitation or looking back, Mac stepped inside and immediately headed for the kitchen. She walked into the living room stopping only a few feet before reaching Harm.

Noticing her look of confusion was slowly becoming one of fear, Harm stepped closer to her. I didn't mean it to sound that way.

I need to get up early and take Mattie to school. She has to catch a bus with the team for an early away game. If I sit down with you over tea, one cup wouldn't be enough. I wouldn't want to let tonight end. That's all I meant. Were they ever going to stop misunderstanding each other? Much like that night under the Robert's mistletoe. I strongly recommend the movie Calendar Girls for a good laugh. If you can, see it with a friend. Chapter 3 Later that night Neither Harm nor Mac were able to get much sleep.

Harm's thoughts wandered from holding Mac's hand, to kissing her soft lips, to carrying her off into the sunset.

harmon rabb and sarah mackenzie relationship questions

The sunset was the part making sleep difficult. He didn't know how he was going to do this. He needed to develop an entirely new strategy for being with Mac. He could always balance his desire for Mac the woman, because she was off limits. Now, those boundaries were blurred. He was free to hold her hand, caress her shoulder, and kiss her lips.

The only problem being he wanted so much more. He was going to have to find a way. He'd be patient and caring and show Mac the love she deserved. Even if it killed him. Mac lay in bed staring at her hand. She seriously considered never washing it again. Her mind raced with the possibilities for the future. Could this really work? She felt so at home with Harm. This is how things should be. She was sure of it. She just didn't want to make any mistakes.

Somehow she needed to find the strength to take this slowly. No matter what, nothing would come between her and Harm again.

The next morning they met for breakfast and stayed together through lunch and dinner. In only a few hours they had managed to regain the rhythm of old, only now, they were free to touch.

Whenever possible they held hands. If they weren't holding hands they walked arm in arm. Any opportunity to steal a kiss was willingly taken. In less than 24 hours they had developed a rapport shared by the most seasoned of couples. Mac's kitchen Georgetown Mac carried some dirty dishes to the kitchen.

Harm came up behind her, setting some glasses on the counter next to her, he slid his arms around her. Nibbling softly on her neck, he was thoroughly enjoying being able to kiss Mac at will.

He simply couldn't get enough. Mattie was spending the day with Susan after the game and they should be dropping her off any time now. Mac hated to let him leave. Today was by far one of the best days of her life. She had never been happier. We could rent a movie on the way home. I could make popcorn. Pulling her around to face him, "I guess this is good night. Any doubts were immediately erased as Mac's face tilted up to reach for his. Of course at this point began the flurry of shipper JAG fanfics being posted all over the Net.

Six seasons later Season 8 is the latestno loose ends has been tied, and they are back at the beginning. Ah well, the shippers lament. Ever since they first met, many proclaimed they are meant to be together. Yet nothing much has happened. Of course many argue it would just kill off the series. So they developed the new Mac character.

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A tough by-the-book Marine. Major Sarah Mackenzie is not Lt. Diane Schonke, Harm realized. Oh yes, Harm can charm the birds off a tree but not this Marine.

And thus began the new partnership of two equally headstrong and capable military lawyers.