Hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship trust

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hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship trust

Click here for photos of Grouplove at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY on November 5th, in the .. QRO: Just Never Trust them. Hey Reddit! We're Hannah and Christian of the band Grouplove. Its a very different type of music from Never Trust a Happy Song, so that the two are incomparable. . Also, what relation does the song have to the video?. All the pieces of Grouplove came together that year and the creative With Hannah's artwork, we just trust her gut and whatever she's feeling.

Grouplove’s Hannah Hooper on their New Album, ‘Big Mess’

I was working on all these different pieces, and I had this idea of what I wanted for a cover. This is the big mess. What went into that decision? We wanted to step outside our comfort zone, and we wanted to get our of L.

Hannah Hooper & Christian Zucconi of Grouplove

It was nice to spend more time on guitar sounds. We made a whole thing about Tone Questing — we really ran with it.

We bought tunics and swords and chalices and made him wear a cape. The best thing is getting off stage and having someone I am so looking forward to seeing there. Christian and I, not to get too abstract, but after creating so much art together, we have now created a human being.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship trust

Everything you see has come from us. We do our stage design, we dress ourselves, and we write our songs. The name alone, Grouplove, that coins us from the beginning. I think a happy song is the hardest song to write.

But these songs are about pain and struggle and finding happiness through that. Lets talk about this huge world tour your have coming up—how does that feel?

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship trust

When we get on stage we become our truer selves, I think; when we get to use music as our form of communication. It feels good to connect to that person again.

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We definitely lost touch with that person. As for the scale of the tour, and how long it is, with a newborn baby: I was going to ask, how do you manage with the new kid? Even on a day-to-day level. We have a great tour manager and an amazing nanny. And then the rest of it is just being present and not thinking about anything, or you will probably collapse. You realize how much time you wasted, or how much bullshit you can get caught up in, too.

How has having her changed the music? How hard it is to pick which songs from the new album to do live — or rather, which, if any, not to do? Songs that we love, that we know our fans love. But we still play the classic three or four songs off each album that we kinda have to play.

Christian is legitimately an artist, and will want to play what he feels like playing, what would be best in the city.

Hannah Hooper & Christian Zucconi of Grouplove | QRO Magazine

The trendier one, and the more laid back in the cuts version. How much leeway do you even have? We could never play them, if we wanted, but give the people what the want, you know what I mean? We put it in the set sometimes. You both had lived in New York previously.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship trust

Is it a little like coming home, when you play New York? I would love to genuinely be an artist, and be able to afford New York, but I still — even with our band doing this well — can feel how expensive New York is. I would never live there again. I experienced it, it was beautiful.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship trust

I would love to move back to New York. How was making Big Mess? It was so much fun.

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We got to half of it in Seattle, with Phil Ek. We did the other half in L.

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Also getting out of L. A little bit, we did. We were just on a flow.