Goren and eames relationship quizzes

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goren and eames relationship quizzes

When told Kathryn Erbe, who plays Goren's long-suffering partner Alex Eames would return and writer-producer Chris Brancato would be. One of his most significant relationships throughout the show is with Nicole Wallace, After a year's absence, Goren and Eames again became the series' lead. A lot of them center around Goren and Eames's relationship. open/close all folders. General. Bobby's brother Frank misunderstands the nature of his relationship.

For a procedural crime drama, Law and Order: Criminal Intent has its share of Heartwarming Moments. A lot of them center around Goren and Eames's relationship. She insists on meeting Eames, and it's both hilarious and sweet.

Bobby's almost bashful when he tells her, laughing a little, that "My mother wants to meet you. Earlier in the episode, we see Goren - who is out on bereavement leave following the death of his mother - ignoring his landline phone when he's being called about the current case. We then see him a few minutes later talking on his cell phone with Eames, thanking her for calling him and telling her he's on his way.

He wasn't willing to take the regular call, but he will never ignore his partner when she needs him.

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Eames is out for a few episodes because it's late in her pregnancy, and Goren is assigned a temporary replacement partner. He doesn't dislike the woman; she's just not Alex.

goren and eames relationship quizzes

At one point, frustrated at his inability to solve the current crime, he balls up a piece of paper and flings it at her empty desk chair - and suddenly, his own emotions make him realize why the killer has done what he's done. The same episode ends with him joyfully receiving the news that Eames has given birth to a healthy baby boy and is doing very well.

His smile says it all. In one episode, a cop who has killed his stepdaughter is holding both partners at gunpoint in a room in his house. Goren is doing his best to be calm, and he agrees that he will stay and remain the man's hostage - "but you've got to let my partner go. Granted, the cop says afterward that he let her go because he doesn't want to kill her, but that doesn't make Goren's efforts to protect her any less this trope.

Alex serving as the surrogate mother for her nephew is this in its own right. Sure, it was included as a cover for Kathryn Erbe's real life pregnancy, but it's still incredibly sweet to think of her stepping up to make sure that her sister gets the child she desperately wants. Season 1 In "Badge", a suspect in the murder of a family of four kills himself by forcibly taking a police officer's gun. The officer is clearly shaken up when asked by Deakins what happened.

goren and eames relationship quizzes

And while it looks like Deakins is about to chew out the officer for his perceived incompetence, all the Captain does is put a reassuring hand on the officer's shoulder and tells him to wait outside.

Season 2 In a convoluted sort of way, the following: In "Gemini" Season Two, Episode Twothe bad guy of the episode just melts down while in session with his paranoid schizophrenic brother.

He just blows up and starts screaming about how said brother was a hindrance and a burden and useless. I mean knowing what its like to lose someone in an instance, how fleeting life is, doesn't it usually lead a person to take risks?

The captain only smiled. He saw Eames glare at Goren and continued. One of you would have thrown in some comment about it. The fact that not one of you in this group has made one jibe at her about it in my presence makes me realize that this is no ordinary relationship. And by ordinary," he caught Logan's eye as he saw him ready to pounce at the words "normal" and "ordinary" and shook his head.

And Bobby raised an eyebrow at him. And after she lasted as partner with you longer that a year, the rumors were all over this place about the two of you, and still are, but I've watched you and I haven't seen anything extraordinary about your relationship.

You guys have trust and respect for each other and that's all that is there. Barek sniggered "Could you imagine! I am well capable of taking care of my self. Deakins smiled at her, "I am well aware that you wear the pants in your partnership with Goren, I am just saying that if he didn't think this guy was good for you, it would affect your work.

goren and eames relationship quizzes

It would be the same if he was in a serious relationship with someone that you weren't fond of. Jeez" he looked at her. I assumed you had it in wraps, but if she started to date someone seriously about that time. You would have not been producing the results on cases that the two of you have" Deakins was cut off. Answer me now" She looked over at him expectantly.

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Goren sighed looked at Deakins, who tried to offer an apology with his eyes. After the trial we said that we would not keep anything like that from each other. We would be honest with all critical assessments of each other. And she looked at him with wide eyes. Goren knew they would have to resolve this now and he looked around the room.

goren and eames relationship quizzes

As the door softly clicked behind Goren he approached where Eames was leaning and stood with his backside resting against the desk in front of her. The captain thought it might be good if I got to unwind a bit. So he took me out to thatbeat bar in his old district across townfiguring it was far away from Major Case to clear my head.

And I suppose he figured if I got embarrassingly drunk enough it wouldn't reflect too poorly on me or him as we weren't in front of our own office" "Except you don't get embarrassing when your drunk, you get introspective or child-like, and I'm going to assume the former considering the case we just came off of.

I then said something to the affect of had it been a different partner she might have won this battle over me.

Outside the office the captain looked at the other two detectives who had taken seats on Goren and Eames desks right outside the office. The captain sat in Eames chair, looking at his hands. If not you could just start calling Barek and myself your best.

Not paying attention that he wasn't in his office he leaned back a little too farin her chair, and started tumbling. Logan grabbed his arm, but in balancing himself the captain caught his hand on a sharp edge of Eames desk, and broke his skin.

After sitting up he began to rummage the top drawer of her desk for the first aid kept he knew she kept in her desk. Opening the second drawer he picked it up and started to clean up his small wound. The captain smiled up, and threw out the wrappers, and put the non used stuff back in the box, and then opened the second drawer to put the case back in.

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He hesitated though as a photo caught his eye. Looking at the two detectives in front of him he held it up for and explanation. Understanding rooted through Deakins as he stood up and strode back into his office. Eames and Goren both were surprised as the captain barged back into his office followed by a nervous Logan and Barek. Waving the photo in front of the two startled detectives in the office, the captain lashed into them. Deakins rounded his desk and hit speed dial one.

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Carver available now; it's a little bit of an emergency. A to answer the phone glaring back and forth two the detectives in front of him "Ron, Yeah its Jimmy, I need your consult over here. No it's not for a case for a possible issue with IAB. Just my biggest fear ever. Okay thank you; see you when you get here. Ron Carver smiled as he hung up the phone. And leaned back at his desk and reflected for a minute. Pulling himself out of his desk he went over to his file drawers, he searched through for the file marked Goren and Eames, and pulled it out with the file behind it.

He laid them on the desk gave a smirk, and put on his gloves and jacket. He picked the file folders off the desk andplaced them in his opened briefcase.

goren and eames relationship quizzes

Securing it he grabbed the handle to lift it and he sauntered out the door. Silence penetrated the room which gave the detectives each time to reflect. Goren was happy as it gave him time to think of all the options that he could have. Eames was emotionless, and therefore unworried, and that made him happy. Barek and Logan had concerned and apologetic faces, he gave them a small smile to show that he accepted their apologies, and the resumed examining the captain.

He was angry that was evident, but something else was there. He seemed… well he seemed proud… of this…almost father-like…well maybe there was hope… After a long 20 minutes a tap on the door was heard and Carver entered the room. What do we have here? Carver tried to keep the smile from his face, but Goren caught the smile at his lips. Carver, We do" Goren answered calmly. Let me tell you about rules. We work long and hard, and most importantly well together. This job that we do is based on trust and the ability to read each other.

Bobby and I we got lucky when we were paired, it only took us a little while to have the innate ability to do that. And in recognising this gift of being able to read each other so well, we spent a lot of time getting it right. And it's not really our fault that we realized if we were this compatible in our work partnership, what exactly was left for us to give anyone else. How could anyone take that away?

Separate the two of us when we have brought the two of you, and everyone above you so much glory. We never asked for any of that glory, we never cared to have the spotlight on us, we never asked for anything, but I will tell you this, I'm walking away if we have to separate.