Glimmer and cato relationship help

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glimmer and cato relationship help

But i also noticed when the Careers trapped Katniss in the tree, Glimmer flirted with Cato and when they were all asleep, GLIMMER AND CATO WERE. Glimmer stood in the training facility gawking at Cato as he threw Besides don't you remember the rules we have about our relationship?. kinda satisfying especially that she actually thought that cato was gonna help her. . Cato and glimmer i think clove is alot younger than cato and everyone is I'd kind of imagined this starting-to-blossom relationship between Cato and.

The Careers presumably familiarized themselves as to where the mines were hid, so as to not put themselves at risk when they need to retrieved something from the cache pyramid. Unfortunately, Foxface was able to discover and even replicate their pattern of navigating across the mines, allowing her to safely approach the supplies and take small amounts of food.

The land mines were placed in such a way that they can destroy the supply stocks entirely if several of them were to explode. This is what happened when Katniss used her bow to cause several apples to fall from a burlap sack, leveling the pyramid. Briefly after Katniss blew up the Careers' supplies, Cato killed the boy from District 3 out of anger. Minutes later, Marvel speared and killed Rue, and Katniss killed him in vengeance by shooting an arrow into his neck heart in the movie.

At the feast, Thresh bashed Clove's head with a large rock hits her head on the wall of the Cornucopia twice in the film. Cato was the last Career left in a flurry of bloodlust. He made it to the final three and almost killed Peeta, but Katniss shot his hand and knocked him off the edge of the Cornucopia. Wolf muttations tore at him until Katniss shot him out of pity. There were no careers from District 4 whose tributes are usually a part of the career packas Finnick and Mags teamed up with Katniss and Peeta.

Male tribute from District 2 and leader of the 74th Hunger Games' Career pack. He was killed by Katniss using her final arrow out of pity. His weapon was a sword. The female tribute from District 2. She was killed by Thresh with a rock slammed into her skull at the Feast in the 74th Hunger Games.

In the film, he bashed her head against the Cornucopia twice. She used throwing knives. The male tribute from District 1.

He was killed by Katniss with an arrow after he threw a spear into Rue's stomach, who died several minutes later. His weapon was a throwing spear javelin. The female tribute from District 1. She was killed by tracker jackers whose nest was dropped by Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games.

Her weapon was a bow, but she was quite a bad shot. A female victor from District 1; killed by Johanna Masonwho threw an axe into her chest. A male victor from District 1; killed by Katniss using an arrow in the temple chest in the movie after he slit Wiress' throat in the 75th Hunger Games.

Female victor from District 2; captured by the Capitol after the 75th Hunger Games and still alive after the Second Rebellion. What's in the pretty little backpack? That medicine for Lover Boy? Too bad he'll never get it. It's lined with an impressive array of knives. She carefully selects an almost dainty-looking number with a cruel, curved blade.

We're going to kill you. Just like we did your pathetic little ally. The one who hopped around in the trees? Well, first Rue, then you, and then I think we'll just let nature take care of Lover Boy. How does that sound? For a moment, she surveys her face, tilting it from side to side as if it's a block of wood and she's deciding exactly what pattern to carve on it. Katniss attempt to bite her hand, but Clove grabs the hair on the top of her head, forcing her back to the ground.

Want to blow Lover Boy one last kiss? Clove flushes with rage. Clove is scrambling backward on all fours, like a frantic insect, too shocked to even call for Cato. No, it wasn't me! No, I —" Clove sees the stone, about the size of a small loaf of bread in Thresh's hand and loses it. It's not bleeding, but you can see the dent in her skull.

There's still life in her now though, in the rapid rise and fall of her chest, the low moan escaping her lips. Thresh turns to Katniss asking, "What'd she mean? About Rue being your ally? Blew up the supplies. I tried to save her, I did. I yelled for my brothers, Thommy My screams were drowned out by all the moaning and pleasure filled cries from the moshpit of bodies on the floor who humped to the music.

Vodka and semen were in small pools around the room. I had to avert my eyes to stop from gagging at the girl who was being screwed by four guys at one time. Nobody paid me any attention except two girls who were coming towards me with smiles on their faces and cum on their chins. Uh, ew no thank you. I turned away from them maneuvering my way quickly out of the room and going towards Damien's bedroom.

I opened the door and started to cough from the thick smoke that billowed out of the room. I looked in the room and saw a fire burning in the middle of Damien's floor. A few girls were laughing as they threw piles of hash onto it. Damien was sprinkling something into a bottle of absinthe in the far corner of the room and shaking it up. These people need to get the fuck out of here!

Mom's on her way here and she's on a bender. He's such an innocent! I am finally screwing him tonight, Peet," Damien said to me on a laugh. He was clearly high.

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Did you not hear me? Mom is coming to the beach house and she is on a bender! Grab some pussy and go hideout somewhere on the beach. Let her beat the shit out of other people's kids for a change," Damien said as he walked around the hash fire and threw his arm around my neck leading me away from the room.

Just stay out of the she-devil's way and you'll be fine! I barreled into the next set of rooms, Cato's. He was having a threesome with Clove and Glimmer. Glimmer was getting fucked in the ass by Cato while she ate out Clove. I averted my eyes fast, "CATO! Mom's gonna be here in a few minutes! Get your friends fucking out of here or someone's going to get hurt tonight! I didn't even bother trying to convince him further.

Mom would probably be happy if she found Cato fucking the Mayor's daughter. She'd find a way to use it to her advantage.

Probably would whip out a mobile and start filming right there. As I was leaving, I heard Clove. Tell Thommy I'll meet him on the beach after I finish.

glimmer and cato relationship help

Where the fuck was Thommy? He wasn't answering his cell chip and he wasn't upstairs near the bedrooms. I checked my rooms as well but all I found was a gangbang on my floor. Still no sign of Thommy. I moved towards my parents' quarters. I saw green light coming from underneath my mother's 'office' door.

I banged on the door! Thommy, get the fuck out of there! While I was screaming, I felt a blunt object hit the side of my face hard.

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I looked up at my attacker and went cold. It was my mother back from her party on a bender holding a handgun.

Glimmer x Cato-- Things I'll Never Say

She opened the locked door by scratching her metallic fingernails on the wood. The door slid open and revealed a very high Marvel, Caleb, and Thommy messing around in my mom's meth lab. My heart started pounding fast.

glimmer and cato relationship help

Please, I'll fix everything. Just put the gun down," I said to her calmly. Of the room full of guys only Thommy, who had grown up with me, understood the danger of the situation. I had no idea this was your area. We found it open. I will pay for any damage I may have caused," He said slowly and remorsefully.

He was trying to get my mother to see reason. Unfortunately there's no reasoning with a crazy person.

We were just having some fun," Marvel said laughingly "Lighten up? You want me to lighten up? Before I knew what was happening, she shot off her hand gun at large containers of her meth ingredients. The chemicals started spilling onto the floor.

glimmer and cato relationship help

She threw the gun at the wall as she ran screaming that she was going to call the police. I watched the entire thing happen in slow motion. The gun flew through the air and hit the wall causing another bullet to shoot off.

A giant boom shot through the air and I was thrown backwards against the wall from the force of the blast.

The Hunger Games Cato and Glimmer?

I blacked out and blinked awake to the sound of people screaming. There was a ton of smoke and the smell of burning flesh had me coughing and gagging at the same time. I could hear people screaming as they ran naked out of the house. The sirens of the fire department were blaring loudly in the distance.

When I was able to focus on the scene in front of me, a terrifying sight lay before me.

Cato and Glimmer?!!!

I could see outside, the Meth lab had exploded taking a large chunk of house with it. There was tons of rubble strewn around me. Where the fuck are you?! There was a wall on top of him and there was a pool of blood around his upper body. I couldn't see his lower body.