Game of thrones arya and gendry relationship test

game of thrones arya and gendry relationship test

His response was that Arya and Gendry have separate futures but in Toronto yesterday for a book signing and unfortunately because of an exam, I was .. quotes where George has spoken on the Gendry/Arya relationship?. Game of Thrones actor behind Gendry, Joe Dempsie, confirms relationship between Gendry (the stag) and Arya (the she-wolf) in Season 2. Gendry knows how to make the weapons and Arya knows how to yield them — match made in heaven, or what?.

Scroll down at your own peril. Top five predictions for Game of Thrones Season Remember the triumphant, glorious return of Gorgeous Gendry last night?

Gendry, the talented blacksmith and bastard of Robert Baratheon joined Tyrion and Davos in that leaky dinghy full of, um, aphrodisiacal fermented carb and sailed all the way to The Wall to join Jon Snow in his fight against the White Walkers. Fans have been theorising that Gendry's sudden reappearance this season might have something to do with the fact that Gendry's particular set of skills could be helpful if they ever worked out how to forge some more of those nifty Valyrian steel blades, one of the only things that can fell a White Walker.

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Whimn But, more importantly, some fans have viewed Gendry being back on the scene as a sign that his father's promise to Ned Stark in season one might finally be fulfilled. Remember back in the first episode, in the Winterfell crypt, when Robert Baratheon expressed his desire that his son marry Ned's daughter to align the Baratheon-Stark houses forever?

game of thrones arya and gendry relationship test

He was talking about his, ahem, son Joffrey and Ned's daughter Sansa. That never eventuated, but fans are thinking that this marriage might finally happen, in the form of Gendry and Ned's other daughter Arya.

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To which we say, get it girl! Arya and Gendry go way back when they traversed the King's Road together.

Gendry & Arya -- Lovely

There was one particularly memorable scene when Gendry was forging a sword - shirtless, because, well, I don't have a reason for you - and you could see an awakening of some sort in Arya's battle-hardened eyes. To which he replies, "You wouldn't be my family.

The fans demand that Arya have some lightness to counteract all the darkness she has endured, and I'm pretty sure that lightness could come in the unbearable form of Gendry.

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And now to Sansa For a while now, a fan theory has been circulating that Sansa and Jon Snow might end up at the altar together. As it was made pretty clear last night, Jon Snow isn't the bastard son of Ned Stark, but rather the legitimate son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Making him not a bastard, not a Stark and conveniently not Sansa's half-brother.

game of thrones arya and gendry relationship test

Reuniting with her long-lost child and, technically, one of the best claims to the throne after Jon would give Cersei reason to fight alongside everyone else to defend Westeros against the White Walkers.

And here's one question you probably never thought to ask: Isn't it suspect how Gendry was "sent away" by his master for no reason, then sentenced to the Wall like a day before Cersei purged King's Landing of Baratheon bastards?

game of thrones arya and gendry relationship test

There's lots of other evidence for this one, which you can check out in this Winter is Coming post. Gendry will forge the weapons to defeat the Army of the Dead Image: And coincidentally, Gendry's blacksmith master Tohbo Mott is called out as one of the last remaining people in the world who knows how to reforge Valyrian steel. In fact, that's how Season 4 starts: Martin when asked whether Mott ever taught Gendry this skill: Still, it's clear Gendry's apprenticeship came with some special knowledge about the mysterious metal.

Also, eagle-eyed fans noticed that in Season 7, a book Sam is reading in Oldtown mentions eastern tales about dragon glass and Valyrian steel. It states that, "dragons would thaw the stone with dragonflame until it became molten and malleable.