Final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship marketing

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final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship marketing

Final Fantasy XIII is a science fiction role-playing video game developed and published by .. Sazh and Vanille are then captured and detained on board the airship eight were to mark a turning point in the interpersonal relationships of the party. against due to how Square Enix saw the video game market situation at the. Final Fantasy XIII - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 20 - Words: Fang finds herself caught between her love for Vanille and her growing . FF XIIITIL that Vanille was originally intended to be the main character of Final Fantasy XIII ( Hell, the story was about her Fang, and Vanille got more screen time. Her relationships with Snow, Hope, Sazh, Serah are directly caused It's the market perspective that decided it for Square.

Like Fang, she was missing from 2, but it looks like she's fallen into darkness in 3. It appears that she wasn't able to keep her cheerfulness in light of the end of the world and it has become to consume her. At least, that's what I'm guessing based on the glimpses I've seen of her so far.

In 3, he's back to being a kid in appearance, but he's still a man mentally. He's taken on the role of in-game adviser. He's not annoying in anyway so farbut unlike Lightning, I can believe that his emotions have been taken away as he is very mission-focused most of the time.

He was amusing in XIII. That fight with the Cactuar was great, and he had a nice little cameo in 2. Unfortunately, just like the other cast members, the end of the world has hit him pretty hard in 3.

Gone is the easy-going man who liked to joke around and keep the other smiling when things got too serious. Realizing the depth of the situation, the two flee before Sazh finds them. Sanctum troops flood the facility and Fang forces Vanille to escape alone.


Fang fights off their pursuers and returns to the town of Bodhumbut is captured by the Cavalry the next day. When Rygdea returns from Bodhum empty-handed the following day, Fang is not surprised he did not find her.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship marketing

Fang asks Lebreau about Vanille. In the four days since the Euride Gorge incident, Fang stays on the Lindblum to avoid capture, but worries she is wasting Vanille's time by not resuming her search.

Two days later, Fang revisits the Vestige while still in contact with the Cavalry and unknown to her, just misses Vanille.

Oerba Yun Fang

Knowing Vanille will be herded onto a Purge train, Fang has Raines and Rygdea help her rescue Vanille in exchange for the promise she and Vanille will help them take down the Sanctum, the fal'Cie-guided government of Cocoon. Two days later, after the last Purge train leaves Bodhum, the Lindblum lands on the surface of Lake Bresha and Fang rides in an airship with Rygdea to the Purge train's destination, the Hanging Edge.

Edit I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a l'Cie, same as you. I wasn't born on Cocoon. I'm from Gran Pulse. The 'world below' you all hate so much. My partner and I'd turned to crystal there and gone to sleep.

But when we came around, here we were. The reason Cocoon's in an uproar is the same reason you're here now. Vanille and I woke up.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship marketing

Aboard the Lindblum Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan to publicly execute the l'Cie once they are captured, and leaves Snow no choice but to help him find the others. Fang explains to Snow she is hunting down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. Fang and Lightning discuss their fate. They split up as Snow leaves with Hope and Fang with Lightning, keeping in contact with wireless communicators. After deciding on Hope's home in Felix Heights as their rendezvous point, Fang reveals her origins to Lightning and that she and Vanille were indirectly responsible for Lightning's sister Serah being made a l'Cie, as Anima sought for new l'Cie after seeing Fang and Vanille were not heeding their Focus.

Gameplay[ edit ] The player directly controls the on-screen character through a third-person perspective to interact with people, objects, and enemies throughout the game. The player navigates the world by foot or by chocobo. The enemy's name and damage percentage are shown in the upper right corner. As in Final Fantasy XIIenemies are integrated into the open field and can be approached or avoided by the player. When the player's character touches an enemy, the screen transitions from the regular map to a separate battle screen similar to those used in previous Final Fantasy titles.

Under this system, the player selects an action from the menussuch as Attack, Magic, and Item. Unlike previous games in the series, the player only controls the lead character while the remaining two characters are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence AI.

Each action requires a specific number of slots on the ATB bar, which continually refills to a set maximum number of slots. The ATB bar gradually increases in size throughout the game from two slots to six.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fang and Vanille

The player may select an autobattle command, which fills the ATB slots with actions chosen automatically.

Actions cannot be performed outside of battle, and the characters' health is fully restored after each battle. Attacks by different roles have different effects; some raise the chain by a larger amount while others give the player longer before the chain counter resets.

The amount of damage performed by an attack is multiplied by the chain percentage before it is applied to the enemy.

Final Fantasy XIII - Wikipedia

When the chain counter reaches a preset amount, different for each enemy, the enemy is placed into Stagger State. In this mode, the enemy has lowered defense and may be launched into the air. The roles consist of Commando, a warrior -type role; Ravager, a black mage -type role which uses damage-dealing magic; Medic, a White Mage -type role which can heal and remove negative status ailments; Saboteur, which uses magic to weaken enemies by inflicting negative statuses; Synergist, which uses magic to strengthen allies by giving positive statuses; and Sentinel, which has protective and defensive abilities similar to a paladin.

The player can select which roles the controlled character and the AI characters are using both outside and during battle, which is the only way that the player can control the AI characters during battle. Each level contains various nodes that supply bonuses to health, strength, or magic, or provide new abilities and accessory slots. These nodes are connected by a semi-linear path. The player may advance down the path by acquiring Crystarium Points, which are awarded after defeating enemies.

Central to the story is Cocoon, a massive artificial sphere that floats above Pulse's surface and is ruled by the Sanctum, a theocratic government.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship marketing

The Cocoon fal'Cie are responsible for keeping Cocoon floating, as well as providing light and water to the people that live inside. Each fal'Cie handles a specific task. During the battle, l'Cie from Pulse attacked and ripped a large hole in Cocoon.