Eric and pam relationship

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eric and pam relationship

Pamela Ravenscroft, known as Pamela Swynford De Beaufort in True Blood, is a fictional character from The Southern Vampire Mysteries by author Charlaine Harris. She is a vampire, Eric Northman's lover and second-in-command and Like Eric, Pam has a violent, vengeful nature although she often expresses her wit. We're just starting to scratch the surface of Pam's sordid human past and we're already intrigued. Until now, little was known about her life prior. Bauer van Straten's character Pam, the protégé of Eric Northman “In our relationship as Pam and Eric, there are overlaps with Kristin and.

She met Eric on her way back home. He drained her, put her in her bed and after her funeral he dug her up.

7 Reasons Why Eric and Pam Are the Best Part of True Blood — in GIFs!

She was 19 when Eric changed her. She left London and moved with him to north of England and eventually left England for the continent.

After she was turned, she and Eric often had sex. She saw her family only once from a distance about ten years after she became undead. Pam reveals to Sookie that she has always loved being who she is, though it took Pam some time to understand her true nature.

Her human history was changed quite a bit in the 5th season of the television series, making her a madam in a Barbary Coast San Francisco brothel in However a Reference to her life and family in England were made in the online miniseries, Jessica's Blog in the season 5 finale episode.

Physical description[ edit ] The author states that Pam looks like a young middle class suburban housewife, but mostly like " Alice in Wonderland with fangs". Her work outfit is always black and gothic, but she prefers twinset -type styles, and pastels such as pale green, pink and blue. Sookie thought that she looked "ethereally lovely, with a kind of deadly edge". Personality and traits[ edit ] Much of Pam's character is revealed through her morbid sense of humor that has a sweet-but-lethal charm.

Despite the fact that humor is a rare quality in a vampire, Pam believes that vampires are superior to humans. She frankly states that she was quite happy to be turned into a vampire, feeling that she would have quickly grown into a frustrated, bitter and ultimately cruel person, due to her limited life options as a human woman of her time although it can be argued that she did the same as a vampire.

She is defined as a callous, amoral and self-centered individual. Later, in he shows up requesting her company. Season 1 Edit Eric and Pam are first seen in Fangtasia.

True Blood Relationships: Were Pam and Eric in Love in 1905?

Eric and Pam are quickly shown to be snide, blunt, no-nonsense vampires. It is shown early on that Eric and Pam have a close, loyal bond. They are both opposed to mainstreamand are vocal about what has happened. She also works to disperse the V to Lafayette and we discover she is also Eric's hair stylist. Pam stays in Shreveport to look after things, while Eric travels to Dallas in search of Godric.

Season 3 Edit Eric kissing Pam's forehead click for animation In season 3, the close bond between maker and progeny becomes more apparent between the two. Facing possible criminal charges for the killing of the MagisterEric is ready to face whatever outcome.

He also knows he must face Russell Edgington's wrath for staking Talbot.

True Blood Season 5: Eric/Pam and Spoilers

It was too much. That scene was one of the funniest of the series. Everything that Tara Buck did as Ginger this year was incredible. The scene where she lugs that throne into the video store.

eric and pam relationship

To watch her do that over and over—she did it with such commitment. She had this huge bruise on her thigh. I thought that my last day was with Alex. I think the schedule changed, and then I thought my last scene was with Sarah Newlin on the carousel. It was so emotionally exhausting. Just last night, we burst out laughing when she tries to speak through the gag. Just her on the carousel—the way she was eating that food, she looked like a little hamster.

The torture scene is fitting—because Pam had warned Sarah that she was going to be a prostitute, basically. It goes really well with that speech that Pam gave her: She has no remorse, and that is a very fitting ending for Sarah Newlin. It probably is the most torturous ending, but the most just.

There was such a feeling of everything is right in the world: It was like the Old West: Do you think that Pam and Eric are just done with Bon Temps?

eric and pam relationship

They never talk to any of those people again?