Eren and armin relationship status

So Not Peachy | Let's talk about Eren's relationship to Armin and

eren and armin relationship status

He is also a childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman, and one of immediately make a beeline for Eren's a position after warding Armin's group off. to the latter's rivalry with Eren, their relationship has changed considerably. reasons to ship Eren and Armin Eren and Armin are obviously incredibly There are many indications in the manga that their relationship could . Considering the position of Mikasa's eyes, and the fact that Eren is sitting. Let's talk about Eren's relationship to Armin and Mikasa thetox: “ I am a manga reader, but I won't be spoiling anything in this particular post.

Eren is worried for the whole group, but he just mentions Armin by name. The situation after they were kidnapped really was bad for them, so he definitely sounded too optimistic: And when Levi was talking about Kenny, and others were loosing all hope, Armin stayed optimistic again. Even Jean was surprised by how optimistic Armin was. Isayama thought that it was irrelevant to focus on his reunion with any of them, including Mikasa, except for his reunion with Armin.

Historia was kidnapped as well, Armin saw her getting out of the cave after Eren, and asked if both of them are all right, than he proceeded to stare into Eren, locking his eyes onto him. Eren thinking how strong Armin become Eren just commented to himself how Historia become so strong, and than he sees the same thing with Armin. Just food for thought. Jean interrupting Armin Similarly to how Jean interrupted Eren who was about to mention the dream during the military training, here Jean interrupts Armin.

After learning that he ate his father and what his father did, Eren was very depressed. Some time has passed, and Armin tried to bring the topic up again, but Jean interrupted him. He tried to trigger a reaction Eren in ch70, but failed: Eren can barely walk and needs support to move around for the time being.

Armin is decently strong, enough to have passed 3 years of training, but it would be way easier for someone like Mikasa to physically support Eren.

That all leads me to think this is a reflection of how close and comfortable these two are with each other. Eren encouraging Armin Here, Eren was referring to Armin finding his role even though he is physically weaker than the rest.

Armin knows what Eren means, and what Eren said encourages him.

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The dream After seeing that Eren got his energy back, two months after the battle with the MP and Rodd Reiss, Armin mentions their dream again. And this was a confirmation for Eren that Armin really did join the SC because of that dream. He heard Eren talking about that dream at the graduation ceremony when Eren opened up his heart, he heard him talking about that dream again when Eren sacrificed himself for him.

eren and armin relationship status

He motivated Eren to close the Trost gate with that dream. So what does Armin do? He gets up on his feet, and tries to lighten up the flame in Eren again: In the left panel Armin is no longer seeing Mikasa, even though she should be there. Eren and Armin have their own language, and not even Mikasa understands them sometimes.

So hearing Eren bring the dream up under the celebration right before Trost touched Armin deeply - and we all saw how moved he was when he told Eren this in the scene depicted above. It was obvious that he paralyzed as soon as he saw that Eren lost his leg. He froze before he even saw the Santa titan. He tried to find a logical answer that disregard his emotions towards Eren, and he rationalized it the same way he rationalizes other things about himself: Even Armin looked surprised when Eren thanked him.

With her parents dead, Mikasa left her small home in the mountains to live with Eren and his family in Shinganshina. During the time she lived with Eren inside Shinganshina, she protected Eren from local bullies, helped Carla with house chores and befriended Armin, who was already friends with Eren for some time prior. It's important to note that Eren and Mikasa were both about 9 years old when the Colossal Titan broke down the wall, so the time Mikasa spent living with Eren and his family was a little less than a year.

After the fall of Wall Maria, Mikasa, Eren and Armin worked in a landfill until they enrolled as members of the th Training Corps and practically have done everything together since. In fact, there are many female and arguably male haha characters that Eren could have a romantic interest in, including, most notably, Mikasa.

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However, my argument is that as of Chapter 95, Eren does not hold any romantic feelings for Mikasa. My main reasoning behind this stems from how Eren's interactions with Mikasa are depicted in the manga. First, Eren is constantly annoyed with her devotion and dedication to him. These feelings probably stem from the fact that he doesn't like to be babied like a child or a be treated like a little brother.

In addition, Eren wants to take care of himself and others and to fight like the strong solider he wants to be, but Mikasa acts as a reminder that he just isn't strong enough to survive on his own in this world. In fact, Eren has always been a very independent person and he constantly tries to defeat his enemies on his own, despite the fact that he is simply not strong enough to take them down without the help of his friends, most notably Mikasa.

Eren, excited about the fact that he is one step closer to being independent from Mikasa Mikasa looking sadden by the realization that Eren wants to be independent from her Secondly, Isayama has stated somewhere before in the abyss of interviews that Eren thinks of Mikasa as a "motherly" figure. This helps explain many of Eren's feelings and actions towards the way Mikasa's acts towards him, because no one quite enjoys being nagged on by your mom or mom-friend. Yes, I'm sure Eren appreciates Mikasa and everything she does for him, but at the same time, her constant need to watch over every little thing he does is annoying.

I don't have much evidence of this, but the way Eren treats and thinks of Mikasa is not the way a traditional male Shounen protagonist thinks and treats his love interest.

eren and armin relationship status

He doesn't idolize her or even really In fact, Eren not thinking about Mikasa is what solidifies my analysis of why Eren doesn't like Mikasa romantically. Sure he cares about her well-being and sometimes goes out of his way to protect her, but does Eren ever stop to think about Mikasa when he's in a dire situation?

Particularly in recent chapters, that guilt has been eating away at Erwin.

"Eren! Wake up!"

Erwin has admitted he has lied to himself, he has lied to his soldiers, and he has lied to his friends. He even goes so far to label himself as a con man.

With the light at the end of the tunnel only barely out of reach, Erwin falls into hopelessness. It is Levi who tells Erwin to let go of the chains that bind him, who encourages him to find peace and move on… Even if that means Levi himself needs to let go of Erwin.

Their relationship has come a long way since they met in The Underground. He acts as someone who protects him and as a confidant. He is one of the first people that Erwin entrusts a plan with and even shows surprise when Erwin opts not to right away during his planning for the 57th expedition.

Erwin smiles and tells him that he will know when the time comes. This conversation is a subtle nod at the interpersonal relationship the two of them share.

eren and armin relationship status

Both his fighting skills, and his nose. Erwin also, even before he became the commander, makes sure to have Mike close by to handle any strained situation they may find themselves in. Perhaps the anime will grace us with more insight on this. Both of them left home to prove they can make something of themselves. Both of them ended up with the choice to join the Military Police and make their families proud.

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Both of them realized that, despite how terrifying they knew it would be, their consciences would not allow them to go anywhere other than the Survey Corps. Both of them have since taken on titans without having any 3DMG to use.

Despite the hardships that each of them have been forced to endure during the course of the series, these two still manage to stay as lighthearted as anyone in Attack on Titan can, and they have a very dynamic friendship because of that. Their chemistry works very well and their friendship is very believable.

eren and armin relationship status

I like to think that many of us can and do relate to the type of friendship these two share. They are an unexpected friendship, one I would have never guessed would form when I began the series, but one that has become a favourite of mine. Both of them are looked to for leadership and I believe that through this, their respect and appreciation for each other grows over time, and a strong friendship is formed. They do a lot to try and protect each other whether it be from titans, humans or their own self-doubts.

They have learned to read each other very well over time, and are starting to figure out how to use it to their advantage. The fandom has long dreamed of a future Commander Jean with his right-hand strategist, Armin. The relationship these two have with each other has pushed both of them to grow a lot as characters.

The moments where their friendship shines through ch.