Enjolras and grantaire relationship poems

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enjolras and grantaire relationship poems

including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. discussion posts. Lauren said: Many people think that Grantaire and Enjolras like each other as more than friends. I think that there is some minor i. (Just a summary of the relationships in Poet And the Philosopher, and background of Grantaire Grantaire and Enjolras the next December.

They accepted him, flowers and all. He glanced down at the overly large jumper he was wearing, looking at the reflection again, the sleeves were so long, the tips of his fingers could only be seen and the length of the jumper came down to the middle of his thigh, his t-shirt could be seen slightly that he was wearing under the jumper thanks to the neck of the jumper falling off his shoulder.

He had worn the jumper once and was told that he looked cute in it, you can guess it was by the man he often day dreams over, and decided to wear it as often as he could. Other than that, he was wearing his usual black, skinny jeans and his trainers. He had often been told he was 'cute' or 'adorable' by the other members of Les Amis, but Jehan was used to it. Only one had a special nickname for the poet that really meant anything to Jehan.

Jehan blinked for a few moments, waiting for his brain to process the person now sat next to him. His face immediately lit up when he finally recognised the face. All the thoughts made Jehan blush slightly before looking at Courf who had already grabbed a fork and taken a large bite out of Jehan's pastry that had been on the plate in front of him, untouched.

I thought you bought it for me? He loved his smile, his curly locks and above all he loved his Irish accent, this man's voice alone could make Jehan's knees feel weak. Jehan gave Courf a small glare before letting out a sigh and shaking his head a little, scooping more of the sweet pastry into his mouth with a small hum.

enjolras and grantaire relationship poems

Nobody was allowed to touch Jehan's notebook. It was his pride and joy, he never left home without it and he especially didn't like people with drinks or food around it. Only Jehan was allowed to eat, drink and touch the notebook. Which was why he grabbed the book and moved it away from Courf's hands before it could be grabbed.

enjolras and grantaire relationship poems

Far too embarrassing at any rate, Courf wasn't stupid, he might figure out who the poems were directed towards and then laugh at him. Courf furrowed his eyebrows and frowned, taking the fork from his mouth. Jehan felt his heart skip a beat, he hated denying Courf, but rules were rules. It was odd for him to be out of university so early.

enjolras and grantaire relationship poems

The action made Courf laugh and sit up again, grinning at the small poet. At one point in the story, Enjolras is appointing different people to act as spokesmen for the group - to rouse the young men of Paris and invite them to join in the rebellion against tyranny. He runs out of volunteers and is looking around for someone else when, ' "I," said Grantaire, "am here.

You, to warm up, in the name of principles, hearts that have gone cold! I have a vague ambition for it," said Grantaire.

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He knew right from wrong like light from dark. Of course he knew! From the middle of his empty, dark, destructive lifestyle, he caught a glimpse of light, and knew it was good. If Enjolras perhaps had known the least thing about love, he might have saved Grantaire, but there is such a thing as empty morality. I don't know how far it goes and, naturally, these are fictional characters so it's pretty irrelevant to them, but the way Victor Hugo delves into these things and creates these fantastic, thought-provoking situations just gets me excited: The way Enjolras and Grantaire die together was just an extension of an already fascinating and intricate relationship.

To conclude, Victor Hugo seems to have caught a glimpse of part of the big picture. I'm afraid he missed most of it, and that's what makes Les Miserables such a sad book.

Enjolras & Grantaire - Someone You Loved [modern AU]

It's all throughout the book, from the bishop at the very beginning of the story to the street-kid Gavroche, to the convict JeanValjean. In a nutshell, this book is well worth the time it takes to read it. It's thought-provoking, educational, well-written and full of surprises.

Do you we need to back and re-film the whole thing?! And what aspects of your character were discussed, with Tom, Aaron, or any of your other fellow actors? And honestly, not a lot about Grantaire was discussed with anyone! And I liked that. So honestly, I did most of it on my own. How did the subtext influence your performance?

In particular, is there anything you can remember doing that was directly influenced by it? It influenced it hugely. Actors are always the most exciting to watch when there is a lot going on inside their heads.

So I played a very simple game with myself. I would have a little game going on in my head that involved being constantly aware of wherever Aaron was on set at ALL times. Only during takes, during the filming. A simple little trick, but it meant that whenever the camera was rolling, I would always have part of my mind focused on that.

Even if I was doing something miles away from where he was and had my attention focused on doing something else, I would always try to work out where he was. Which I was hoping at the time would read on screen. And I hope it did. Similarly, did anyone notice the subtext during or after filming, in the brick or in your performance in the film, and bring it up with you?

Like I said, a lot of people have messaged me on Twitter or sent emails or letters confirming that they saw a lot of what I was trying to convey. Which is nice, because I guess it means that it worked!