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A page for describing Heartwarming: Phineas and Ferb. Examples from The Movie go here. Some of the songs such as "Come Home, Perry" or "You Snuck Your. Phineas and Ferb character personality types. School Counseling . The MBTI Dating Infographic by Career Assessment Site depicting The Myers-Briggs . Doofenshmirtz and Perry have a very strange relationship. They claim to be enemies, but they are relatively civil to one another more often than one would think.

When he removes the safeguard, her cuteness overloads the device. Candace freeing Meap from Mitch's trap at the climax, keeping in mind that she had no idea Meap would be of any help in defeating Mitch. As far as she was concerned, Mitch had them captured or worse at that point, and yet she still took the opportunity to try and get Meap to safety.

Riding the airborne bicycle onto the space station in the first place to save her brothers didn't hurt either, especially since it has been established that Candace has a great fear of heights.

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Doof having the reunion with Balloony. It comes back in later episodes, but this is the only happy memory Doof has had.

Kind of a subtle one, but the fact that Candace doesn't even consider trying to use Meap to bust the boys with. She has an actual alien on hand, but with her brothers in actual danger she forgets all about her obsession with getting them in trouble to focus on rescuing them. Doof declaring that Perry is his best friend. Only slightly undermined by Perry kicking him off a spaceship immediately afterward.

Though it's unfortunate for Ferb, the fact that Phineas is so distracted by Isabella's arrival that he pretty much forgets what he's doing is good news for her.

Thaddeus and Thor It was largely out of her own competitiveness, but there's Candace sticking up for her brothers. She even has her mom go back the grocery store so they wouldn't get busted until the competition was over, at least. Judging by her reaction when it looks like they've lost, and then again after they win, Candace does have a degree of pride in what her brothers do: Perry comforting Doofenshmirtz after he loses the kickball game.

Vanessa cheering for Doof during the game even if she didn't actually think he'd do well. As a demonstration of just how nice Phineas and Ferb are; after showing Thaddeus and Thor their reality-defyingly-awesome fort, they conclude by sincerely complimenting them on their own design. The very last line: It may be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but when Dr. Doofenshmirtz takes up a temporary job working for another supervillain and there's a picture of Vanessa visible on his desk.

Not to mention he probably tries so hard to be a good dad because of how abusive his parents were. Just goes to show he's not really a totally bad guy underneath it all. Perry switches between Phineas's and Ferb's beds in the middle of the night to be fair to both of them, which is adorable. It might also explain why he ends up in Candace's bed quite a lot as well There is another blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment just before the song but a little after the music starts where a parent puts her hand on the shoulder of her daughter.

Swiss Family Phineas Lawrence's reaction to Candace's freakout on the island: We may be on this island for a while. You mean we're stranded!? That means we won't get to Jeremy's party before the sun sets! We'll be stuck here forever, eating rocks and bugs, then I'll have to marry a monkey and have monkey-kids and name them Xavier and Amanda! And we'll love them anyway. While it held back Perry from his mission, there's Buford comforting Perry when he thinks that Perry is hungry.

Hide and Seek Candace being genuinely thankful when Phineas and Ferb come to her rescue. That Sinking Feeling A small one, but when the ship begins to sink, Isabella quickly grabs Phineas by the hand and tries to run him to safety. A little later, when the kids are all piling into life preservers, Phineas pauses to invite Isabella to join him in his. Note that they and Baljeet and Mishti were the only ones who doubled up.

The Baljeatles Jeremy explaining to Candace that he hasn't nicknamed her because he likes her name just the way it is. Vanessassary Roughness Vanessa giving Ferb a kiss. Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo "The stone age was once the future, as was the middle ages. Creativity and inventions never end! Future Candace going back to the fix the screwed-up timeline after her Heel Realization.

Candace finally gets to prove the reality of Phineas and Ferb's exploits to Linda, future Linda apologizes for having not believed her in the past, but decides she has no jurisdiction over the young Phineas and Ferb and doesn't punish them. Everyone wins more or less. The Stinger then cancels out the entire episode of course, but hey. Phineas asks Future Candace how he and Ferb turn out and she replies: The fact that Future Candace tells her daughter that she, Phineas, and Ferb were always great friends.

Cheer Up Candace Phineas and Ferb's project of the day revolving entirely around trying to cheer up Candace. Finding Mary McGuffin Doofenshmirtz reveals that he spent the better part of a decade relentlessly hunting down a Mary McGuffin doll for Vanessa, just because she told him that he would be the world's greatest dad if he did. Added onto that is Vanessa's reaction; she obviously has a very low opinion of Doofenshmirtz and considers herself too old for dolls, but she still accepts the gift and gives it a place of honor in her room.

I may be an evil scientist, but it doesn't take a degree purchased from the internet with your ex-wife's money to know how special and important you are to me. The fact that she actually rips the doll out of a little girl's hands and walks away, leaving the girl crying, is strangely touching. It probably helps that the very next scene implies that Vanessa and Dr.

D are starting to bond thanks to the incident. This moment actually causes her to realize that maybe he's not so bad a dad after allremembering all the moments where he actually pulled through as a parent, despite being completely embarrassing. Nerdy Dancin' The ending, where Candace tells Jeremy that it doesn't matter if he's a good dancer or not, she just wanted to have fun with him.

This is particularly notable in contrast to their usual relationship with one another. This is probably one of the most overlooked Heartwarming moments on the show, but the fact that Phineas and Ferb are willing to help Jeremy cheat on a dance show to make their sister proud.

Don't forget that Jeremy, when facing up to what he did, finally gives Ferb some recognition that he deserves. Turns into a CMoF when Ferb dances out of sight, but still kind of sweet that Ferb got to be recognized for his skills. Candace's Big Day Candace has a total woobie moment when she bursts into tears telling her aunt Tiana that she ruined the wedding she was planning for her because she thought everything Phineas and Ferb did was terrible and the cake was a mish-mash of different foods with a live chicken in the bottom, all with her hair and makeup in a mess until Tiana tells Candace she loved everything and that she planned the perfect wedding for her.

The song, as rock-n-roll and ridiculous as it is, is a sweet celebration of marriage and the possibilities that lie ahead. I Was a Middle-Aged Robot Candace and Dad enters a father-daughter wacky games competition, only to have Dad lose his memory and need to be replaced by the robotic duplicate Carl made "in case of emergency". The real Dad comes back at the end, feeling hopelessly confused but determined to jump into the potato sack race — and win.

The hug they share at the end is simply precious. Phineas and Ferb's project of the day, creating a giant blimp and a cheerleading team to cheer Candace and Lawrence on. Undercover Carl When Monogram thinks Carl is in danger, he seems genuinely worried and comes to his rescue. This is especially sweet after you've seen how he normally treats Carl.

Hip Hip Parade After spending the entire episode trying to sabotage the parade, Buford comes around when he realizes that the Tri-State Area is now a single unified region without dividing borders and provides a spectacular closing to the parade. Baljeet convincing a balloon salesman to save a falling Buford's life, and Buford and Baljeet making up afterward.

And thus, the universe is balanced. Invasion of the Ferb Snatchers Despite the zany overtones, this episode can come across as quite heartwarming. After all, we usually hear Candace screeching about how she's going to bust the boys and, failing that, she usually only screams for Phineas when she's in trouble or worried this can even be viewed as soon as "Ain't No Kiddie Ride", which is paired with "Invasion"so it's definitely smile-worthy to see her concern for her step-brother, too.

Candace settling down with her brothers and watching a movie marathon with them. In addition, she tries to hold a conversation with them about the movie when they are finished. This is honestly one of the few interactions Candace has with them that does not involve busting. The episode provided definite proof that, during the times Candace is not trying to get her brothers in trouble, their relationship to each other is very friendly. When Phineas humors Candace's suggestion that Ferb may be an alien, his main thought is simply how cool it would be if it were true.

He even shows his shock and fright for a moment when he sees Candace in danger. Norm "accidentally" spilling coffee on his replacement to save Doofenshmirtz counts both as this and a Moment of Awesomeespecially considering the fact that Doofenshmirtz didn't really care about Norm until that point. There was no rug, sir. The Lizard Whisperer It's brief, but during Ferb's completely epic and out-of-character speech, he, Phineas, and Isabella all share a side-to-side hug.

Actually, it's not out of character so much as it is a more direct demonstration of what is usually more subtly implied in the show: It's a blink-and-you-miss-it, but a photo of Candace can be seen in Jeremy's guitar case. The Beak When Phineas sees that the villain of the day has Candace she's actually joined forces with him, but they don't realize thathe immediately surrenders. No matter what, he's not going to risk his sister's safety.

He actually found out what was important to us. The Lemonade Stand Candace cancels a trip to the mall with Stacy to bust her brothers. Stacy gets mad and "breaks up" with Candace. At the end, Candace decides not to bust Phineas and Ferb's lemonade stand and apologizes to Stacy. It's all summed up in this song. Buford of all people being the one to sympathize with Candace was strangely heartwarming as well.

Nerds of a Feather Candace spends most of the episode dressed as Ducky Mo-Mo, which she doesn't want anyone to know about. At the end Candace reveals her identity, which earns her sound dissing. Jeremy, however, thinks Ducky Mo-Mo isn't so lame after all. Candace's whole Ducky Momo side story is one for people who have trouble giving up things they liked as kids and are children at heart.

When Albert said "Brother! Albert begins 'casting his spell,' and then Irving still in his robot costume joins him. Then they both go "Brother! Perhaps he doesn't really want to be evil after all Phineas asks if she wants to have fun with them. As she is about to try to bust them, she says, "Did you say fun? And she sits in the unicycle next to Jeremy. As they ride off, Phineas pulls down the screen and says, "Have fun, everybody!

After easily getting out and escaping, Perry doesn't hesitate to get Candace's companions and go back for her. Especially since during her waking hours, she tends to belittle him. Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem! Lawrence loves Linda so much that he's willing to let Phineas and Ferb turn him into 80s One-Hit Wonder "Max Modem" just because he's insecure that she'll prefer her glitzy Lindana lifestyle to a quiet life with him.

Linda's reaction to realizing that Max Modem is Lawrence is also very sweet. Lawrence's comment while watching Linda from backstage: Look at her boys; she's magnificent. A small one, but after the boys see Lawrence lamenting that he fears he's not exciting enough for Linda and walking off, it's Ferb who steals the Once an Episode line from Phineas, saying "Phineas, I know what we're going to do today.

The "Alien Heart" song is this for any fan of 80s music and sci-fi. Linda inviting Candace to sing backup. Candace had pressured her into doing the concert to begin with, mostly to reflect good on Candace, but Linda really appreciated the chance to relive her glory days. Also note that, while Candace had expected to benefit, she had only expected to watch the show from backstage: And nothing goes wrong!

Mother and daughter sing together and share an important moment in their lives, and it's all very sweet. Brain Drain The ending, where Vanessa finally considers Doof to be cool. Perry helping his nemesis out, despite all the humiliation Doof put him through in the episode, by using the machine to make Doof bust some mad tunes on the turntable.

After playing through a good chunk of his tune Doof looks down where Perry was and During the song "Aren't You a Little Young", the engineer who sings the song is Dan Povenmire, the co-creator of the show. It seems like the creator and fictional character version of a father and son singing a song together.

To take it even further, the song is all about how impressed the engineer is with everything Phineas can accomplishwhich is a motto to every kid that you're never too young to think of something outrageous. Make Play Young Heinz, thoughtfully giving his mother a teddy bear he won spending a year of allowance despite everything he had been put through.

Turns into a Tear Jerker when she turns right around and gives it to his brother Roger. Season 3 Canderemy Even though it's sad for Isabella, the fact that it doesn't even occur to Phineas to do anything without Ferb is a sweet testament to the brothers' relationship.

Run, Candace, Run The scene where Anabelle is reunited with her family. Sure, she's a one-time character that we barely know anything about, but it's still adorably sweet. In addition, bringing her back finally earns Candace some approval from Hildegard.

The fact that Perry spends the whole episode trying to help Dr. Doofensmirtz keep his home. Candace, after stealing the DVD of the boys' inventions at Buford's house, narrowly manages to come home with it. As she's about to show it to Linda, Phineas gives a big thank you to everyone in the yard, telling them that he's a really lucky guy to have such great friends and family, making Candace get all teary. She sobs out that she simply can't bust them, not on Phineas' birthday, and smashes the DVD.

As it turns out, the wrench she smashed the DVD with is exactly what Phineas wanted for a birthday present. He then tells her how amazing a sister she is, and they tearfully hug. It's also one of the longest, yet least tedious hugs ever shared on television. Get ready to get chokey: I just have to say, I'm a lucky guy. I mean, so far this has been a rockin' great summer. I've sure had a lot of fun. But it's not about satisfying your personal desires.

It's about all of you. Being surrounded by the best family and the best friends anyone could hope to have. All the people I love, and who love me right back.

Doofenshmirtz and Perry's relationship

Today was a great day; the best day ever. And, despite how badly Candace tends to treat him: Aw, Candace, you're a great person. Why, if I had a nickel for every time you've done something nice for me Candace then proceeds to destroy the evidence out of the sisterly love she has Moon Farm A small one when Phineas and Ferb replace Candace's dried out lamb cobbler with some of their moon-made ice cream. Candace Disconnected Phineas's genuine concern when he discovers that they accidentally destroyed Candace's phone and his immediate offer to make her a new one.

Magic Carpet Ride This moment of sheer adorable: Doubles as Fridge Brilliance when you realize that Ferb just might become the President. We find out that as a kid, Doof had a painting ruined by Roger. So later, he tries to get revenge when he shows a painting during a mayor thing. But as Doof about to use his Stain inator, it's revealed to be Doof's painting, which roger felt bad for ruining.

After all the horrible things Roger has caused for Doof, this is sweet. Of course Doof's painting is stained again, but by then it doesn't matter. One line from Lawrence at the end of the musical number: A small one is Isabella's reaction when Phineas invites her on a magic carpet ride. Phineas and Ferb Interrupted Everyone pitching in to help Phineas and Ferb return to their old selves after they were accidentally hit by the Dull-and-boring-inator.

Okay, Candace probably did it mostly so she could have the chance to bust them, while Doofenshmirtz wasn't even aware of their plight and thought Perry was helping him, but it was still nice to see everyone working together like that.

Also the fact that what made Phineas and Ferb return to their normal selves was not getting them to have fun or the dynamic-inator, but simply the fact that Candace was in danger and Phineas and Ferb needed to think of a way to save her.

Though it turns out she didn't hear him, the way Doof freaks out when he's worried Vanessa thinks he'd rather have had a boy is very sweet. He's really distraught at the idea that she might have any doubt about how much he loves her. Mommy Can You Hear Me?

The ending, where Ferb finally manages to give their astronaut friend a Happy Birthday message. Granted the scenery is done as one big shout out to the movie A Space Odyssey and seeing Ferb as a glowing fetus would freak out smaller children, but its the thought that counts.

Being Candace, she doesn't really appreciate it, but it's sweet nonetheless. Skiddley Whiffers Doof's overprotecting Vanessa when she's on her camping trip with her friends.

And there's something sweet about the fact that through his eyes, Vanessa literally does still look like she's a little girl to him. I'm not a little girl anymore. Well, you're my little girl! Doofenshmirtz using his Amusing Injuries to save his daughter and her friends. Literally, he sacrifices himself by getting stung by hundreds of bees to save them. My Fair Goalie Part of the extended Fletcher family gets on Ferb's case about whether or not he's still a 'true Brit', and Phineas wastes no time in sticking up for him, even though Baljeet and Buford unintentionally make that several times harder.

Later in the episode - after we've been informed of a truly bizarre curse involving emus - Phineas goes on to provide us with this: Don't worry you guys, if I know my brother, he'll come through for us! Not even the Bait-and-Switch that directly follows puts a damper on it, particularly since it precedes this: You came to play! As long as my team will have me, curse and all. Of course we will! The final element London describes that can make a children's television program successful is a story or character that embodies empowerment.

London explains how empowerment helps produce successful children's shows with the following statement. The theory is that because kids experience such strong feelings of powerlessness in terms of the ability to control their real world, consequently their imaginations are particularly stimulated, captivated, and fulfilled by stories portraying normally "weak" or "powerless" characters being able to "transform" into a superhero.

Phineas and Ferb are empowered by their ability to design and build enormous structures that their mother never discovers. In certain episodes, they are also empowered with helping their older family members. It must be noted that throughout the series, Linda is portrayed as a competent, mature mother, while Lawrence, who does not appear in every episode, is portrayed as a nice, but clueless father.

This reflects the study conducted by Classiter et al. Phineas and 8 Issue 21, October Film Reviews Ferb have also helped their grandmother, Betty Jo Caroline Rheasettle a score with an old roller derby rival by constructing a track and holding a match race "Crack That Whip".

They even help Lawrence teach Candace how to parallel park "It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World" and give Candace a luxurious spa treatment after a hard day helping to build a house for the homeless "Spa Day".

The majority of humor in Phineas and Ferb relies on running gags and catchphrases that are easy for children to understand. For example, in several episodes a delivery truck driver asks Phineas if he is too young to be involved in a complex or dangerous activity, to which he responds, "Yes, yes I am. Doofenshmirtz yelling "Curse you, Perry the Platypus! Some of the jokes are directed toward older viewers, such as a scene in the episode, "We Call It Maze," where Phineas, Ferb, and Baljeet are trying to count the number of jellybeans in a jar in order to get through a passageway.

Frustrated with the length of time it is taking for them to count, Buford eats all the jellybeans and shouts the number zero, which opens the door. When Baljeet demands that Buford shows his work, Buford replies, "I will in about twenty minutes. This series has poked fun at various forms of pop culture such as dancing-based reality shows "Nerdy Dancin'"game shows "Let's Take a Quiz"s rock singers "Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together! For a family-based program to be successful, it must be appealing to both adults and children.

Phineas and Ferb is a program that caters to both audiences. The dated references mentioned earlier and some of the jokes draw adult viewers to the program. However, the presence of London's three elements combined with fun songs and nonstop action makes Phineas and Ferb an appropriate entertainment choice for children of all ages. Bibliography Callister, Mark A. Music, Mischief, and the Endless Summer Vacation: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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