Djokovic and sharapova relationship advice

Tennis - Why Victoria Azarenka, Maria Sharapova, Agnieszka Radwanska don't like each other

djokovic and sharapova relationship advice

Grigor Dimitrov's relationship with Maria Sharapova has been blasted with reportedly turned to Novak Djokovic for some advice on relationship. Novak Djokovic's preference for a girlfriend, and Maria Sharapova. We cannot help but wonder what kind of relationship exists between the. Novak Djokovic has come out in support of Maria Sharapova by Maria Sharapova's recent announcement, we value our relationship with her.

Djokovic and Sharapova share a racquet sponsor and Djokovic has famously done impressions of the Russian on court.

djokovic and sharapova relationship advice

I've known her for a long time. I feel for her with all that's happening and I just hope she gets out of this stronger.

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The predominant response has been shock at how one of tennis' most professional and meticulous players could fail to take notice of warnings that a drug she had been taking for 10 years had been added to the banned list. There have been some messages of support, with Sharapova's great rival Serena Williams praising her courage in taking responsibility for her mistake.

But others have been less charitable. Three-time grand slam champion Jennifer Capriati wrote on Twitter: I had to throw in the towel and suffer.

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She's made that known, she can't be friends with the players. I think everyone is being mum right now. The Russian admitted she received a link to the list of banned substances for in December but did not click on it.

djokovic and sharapova relationship advice

Just for good measure, there was another edgy moment at the end of the match, when Sharapova facetiously told the crowd that it was "unfortunate that Vika was extremely injured today and just couldn't really perform her best game. It's likely Sharapova was irked by Azarenka's medical timeout during the match, just as she had been in Beijing in when Azarenka asked for treatment.

That time, Sharapova said to the umpire, "Is her last name Jankovic?

djokovic and sharapova relationship advice

It's not surprising that sparks fly when two of tennis' steeliest competitors meet. With her finger wagging and boxing-style entrances, Azarenka gives off a combative vibe on the court, while Sharapova makes keen note of such details and does not let them go easily.

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  • Novak Djokovic's preference for a girlfriend, and Maria Sharapova

But the Belarusian insisted that she was talking to herself. I apologize if there was a misunderstanding of that situation.

Djokovic- “Maria Sharapova is a Very Nice Girl”

There is a point of common ground between Azarenka and Sharapova. They are the two most prominent grunters on tour, and when Radwanska criticized Sharapova's shrieking at the Australian Open, Azarenka defended Sharapova thusly: Whatever they do, they try to do their best job.

I think that's fair enough. Radwanska felt Azarenka made too big a show of her injury -- yes, yet another -- after rolling her ankle during the match. The two had previously been friendly, both close in age and close with Wozniacki, but Azarenka reported that they had made no contact with each other in the weeks following the incident.

Novak Djokovic's preference for a girlfriend, and Maria Sharapova

Instead, Azarenka let her racket do the talking in their next encounter, delivering athumping in the Indian Wells quarterfinals. But she also got in a sly dig when summing up the match afterward, saying, "I hope I was a good example of women's tennis. Of course, some of that has to do with the six straight losses Radwanska has suffered to the hands of Azarenka so far this season. In fact, all of Radwanska's losses in have been to Azarenka.

djokovic and sharapova relationship advice

The only tournament both were playing and did not meet was Miami, when an exhausted Azarenka suffered her first loss of the season to Marion Bartoli. Radwanska beat Bartoli in the next round and went on to win the tournament, defeating Sharapova in the final. With Radwanska's grunting criticism from the Australian Open lingering, that final also had a bit of an edge to it.

djokovic and sharapova relationship advice