Dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

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dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

Disclaimer: If I owned Dead Like Me I would be sleeping at night, not getting . What quotes (from the show) best describe George and Mason's relationship? 4. George and Mason in Dead Like Me. I love them:) -- How . Even when their relationship hit rocky roads . Rube, George, Mason & Roxy Dead like me. Georgia L. "George" Lass (Ellen Muth) ( - ) is the youngest Reaper When George was a young child, she had a very close relationship with her father. . After Rube's replacement is killed by Mason, Roxy and Daisy, due to his .

Cookwhich becomes the final death knell to the marriage. In the Pilot it was suggested, by an overly-long hug, that his affair was with a young man but this homosexual thread was dropped and the student confirmed to be female in later episodes.

Delores disliked George, but becomes friends with "Millie", for whom she becomes something of a maternal figure, offering advice and support, and on one occasion bailing "Millie" out of jail. Delores is optimistic, dynamic, and motivated; she has an active Internet presence through various social and dating sites, and runs a website her home life on webcam called 'Getting Things Done With Delores'. She has a very elderly cat named Murray. Crystal Smith Crystal Dahl: Happy Time's mysterious receptionist whose Happy Time record indicates that she speaks several languages and previously served as a special forces operative in Southeast Asia.

She is also seen to steal great amounts of Post-it notes like those used to notify reapers of their assignments from Happy Time. The evidence suggests that Crystal is not a reaper the most obvious fact is that Crystal "sees" George as her un-George Millie incarnation, whereas a fellow reaper would see her still as George ; however her behavior around George and the other reapers such as helping them file "last thoughts" [9] suggests that she is aware of their other-worldly activities.

In Episode 29 "Haunted" when George and Mason are leaving the Happy Time office, Crystal greets "Millie", but immediately searches for 'Georgia Lass' on her computer when their backs are turned; this could be due to the fact that on Halloween the living see the reapers as their pre-death selves.

Miscellaneous characters[ edit ] Kiffany Patricia Idlette: The reapers' usual server at "Der Waffle Haus". She is a quiet observer of the reaper group, perhaps suspecting who they really are, who takes their individual idiosyncrasies in stride.

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Some of the characters believe her to be psychic. The youngest Reaper George knows is a child reaper, who she initially meets in a vet's waiting room when Delores' cat Murray has a health scare Charlie is really there to reap a rabbit. Child reapers only reap animals, and Charlie is seen reaping a komodo dragon in Reggie's school and acknowledges to her that he "knows Toilet Seat Girl"and later her dog, J. He died after being struck by a drunk driver's car seven years previously, and lives on the streets presumably to avoid social services, school, and the awkwardness of not growing older.

The oldest Reaper George meets is Penny, who died during the sinking of the Titanic and whom Mason calls "Older than forever and a day. She says it's less hectic because everyone has a name tag, and no one is going anywhere, making her reaps easier than her nursing job.

Mason and Roxy both greet Penny with affection upon her giving Rube a courtesy heads-up that his daughter, unbeknownst to him living in a long term care center, was her reap of the day. He accompanied Penny to say goodbye in "Always" and sang his dying daughter to sleep with the lullaby he had sung to her on the day he presumably died, which acted as a loving parallel in their separated lives. Grim reapers[ edit ] In the world of Dead Like Me, grim reapers do not wear black cloaks or carry scythes cloaks and scythes are only featured during the opening credits, for humorous effectbut their role remains traditional: One becomes a reaper by being the last soul collected when one's own reaper meets his or her secret quota.

In the series, Death has a list of who is scheduled to die and when. This list is delivered to the head of each group by a shadowy figure when the delivery is made to Rube's apartment; it is shown that the delivery is made by an actual shadowwith the list of names becoming corporeal only when it is delivered. The head of each group then gives each reaper a non-transferable assignment to collect a particular soul or souls.

If a reaper refuses to take a soul at their place of death and the person somehow survives their appointed time, the soul will "wither and die and rot inside" them. Deaths can be at least temporarily postponed without risk to the soul's well-being by interfering well in advance of the time of death; thus reapers would not be interfering with the events that lead to the death.

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However, this may have unintended consequencessuch as other people dying because of actions taken by the person who should have died. Reapers have a physical body and may interact with the living and the dead. Besides collecting souls, reapers have powers to remain ageless, heal extremely quickly George once severed her middle finger, but was able to reattach it by just putting it back in place, while Mason has sustained what should have been fatal damage on multiple occasions, such as being shot and hit by a cardrink alcohol without suffering a hangover see "Gravelings"and forcibly pull a soul from a living body and replace it as seen done by Roxy in Episode 9 "Sunday Mornings".

I'm coming with you. That's not going to happen. Someone dies, at my house, and you don't tell me about it?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You have a problem with me? Yes, ma'am, I do.

dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

And one thing you should know about me by now, I am a problem solver. How do I put this delicately? If you stand too close to a painting — all you see are patches of color, if you stand too far back, you can't see any of the detail.

dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

Right now this is your particular perspective and if you ask me—- George: I'm a little too close. What do you say the very second we're done here, we go back to my place for a drink? Don't fuck with me Daisy. I probably won't, but a drink isn't gonna kill anybody, least of all us. A vacation you were supposed to spend with the people that you loved… with the people who loved you, and if life was that kind of vacation, what then? What would your last thoughts be then?

Rube lights his pipe. You can't smoke in here. Ah, fuck that bullshit, they can blow me. Rest in Peace 1. So what are you?

Georgia Lass

A wise man knows how much he doesn't know. You answer that phone and I will absolutely shove it up your ass. My mother came into my room, and she'd been crying. She stared at me for a long time and then she said, "You only have one shot at life, Georgia. This is no dress rehearsal. Maybe I don't even want to be in the play. I wonder sometimes if someone was listening. The street on which he died turned into a flowing river of light, and he hesitated at its banks.

I told him to take a deep breath as if its the last one you will ever take, because sometimes in life, or in death I guess, you just never know. Send in the Clown 2. Nah, five deaths is not a disaster. How many deaths is a disaster? That's a cryin' shame. Are you going to finish those hashbrowns? Roxie stabs him with her knife but he moves his hand just in time. Did you see that?

dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

I mean just because I wanted some of her hashbrowns. I've never seen such violence over such small potatoes. Oh, that was almost clever. What was almost clever, Rube? The thing about the hashbrowns being small potatoes. I don't get it You know why people play the shell game? Because they think they can beat the odds. They think they can beat you.

dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

They think they're smarter than you. I'm smarter than you think. You smart enough to play stupid? I am so smart, I'm practically retarded. You got a problem there Millie? You dropped an 'f'. We have ourselves a smart-ass. Don't you mean smart as?

When I was your age, I used to treat the crust like it was just there to hold the good stuff in. I used to leave the whole back end of it on the plate. Millie soon becomes one of Delores's friend and arguably most favorite employees. In order to make her reaping appointments, she frequently uses the excuses of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, drug rehabilitationand gynecology appointments, all of which unintentionally further Delores's sympathy for her.

George begins to form a friendship with the aloof Betty, but the relationship is cut short by Betty's departure. She keeps track of her old family's life, sometimes driving by, placing silent calls, or leaving things on their doorstep.

Nonetheless, Rube very solidly takes on the role of "the paternal one" as George puts it. In addition, Delores takes on many of the responsibilities of a mother, Mason grows increasingly closer as a sort of brother, and Daisy becomes George's closest thing to a best friend. In the tradition of the Reapers, George's new home - a small one bedroomed apartment - is that of one of her reaps.

When Daisy arrives however it is too small, and Mason soon swaps his much larger house for theirs. In addition, George gains a pet frog Mr.

dead like me george and mason relationship quotes

Blinky and a red Mustang convertible from her reaps. After falling for Trip Hesburghreaping his father and crashing the funeral, George has sex with Trip, thereby losing her virginity. She feels conflicted by the experience, and soon afterwards discovers that Trip has abandoned her. When the Ray Summers Graveling begins threatening Daisy and Mason, George catches him and reaps his soul, which results in his disintegration.

George enjoys coffeechocolate milkshakeswafflesand oatmeal with raisins. Unlike the other Reapers who have been dead for decadesshe still has qualms with her fate as one of the undead.