D gray man allen and lenalee relationship trust

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d gray man allen and lenalee relationship trust

Short love story of Allen Walker x Lenalee Lee! Read and review Allen thought that he could trust her a little and befriended with her. Allen gave They were closing in for a kiss when the bell rang for the next class to begin. This category is dedicated to relationships. Allen and Lenalee. Allen and Cross. “ Miranda Lotto: Arystar Krory: Allen Walker/Relationships. Katsuyuki Konishi. Young Allen Walker, an exorcist, fights Akuma to save the world. hair-restore.info-man Hallow (TV Series ). Animation Sequel of the hair-restore.info-Man series. Stars: Ayumu . Lenalee Lee /. "Snow kiss" and "Doubt & trust" were my favorite songs among the openings and the endings. Despite the.

They never guessed that they were both going to confess to each other. Allen and Lenalee got together and went to a party and a Christmas festival. Hours went by quickly and Allen decided to go to one last place before they end the night.

Lenalee agreed and followed Allen to a mountain hill. When they reached the peak, Lenalee and Allen saw how the city looked magnificent at night time. The city was overflowing with colored lights and made the city into a Christmas tree.

While Lenalee was caught in the moment, Allen asked Lenalee if she wanted to dance at this lovely night. She agreed and they started to dance. Both the lovers were truly happy at the moment and they wished it would last forever. After the dance was finished Allen took out a Christmas present and gave it to Lenalee and said open it. She un-wrapped the gift and saw a moonstone ring.

She did not know what to say about her gift when she looked at Allen. Allen had a serious expression was about to say something but was cut in when Lenalee brought out her present.

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He un-wrapped it and it was a locket with a picture of him and Lenalee in it. Allen was crying because this was the best moment of his life.

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He could not take it anymore and kissed Lenalee for a period of time. He pulled back and said "I've wanted to say this but every time I get interrupted but now is the best time to say this, Lenalee Lee I love you, will you stay with me forever?

She replied to his confession by a surprised kiss and pulled away and said "Allen Walker I love you too and will you also stay with me forever? Allen and Lenalee felt true happiness at the moment.

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship trust

They sealed the night with a deep passionate kiss and knew that they we will together now and forever. Allen and Lenalee were getting ready to be married and they already had a son who was 2 years old and a daughter who was 1 years old. The name of their son was Yuuki Walker and the name of their daughter was Yuna Walker. Allen was beside the priest waiting for the woman of her love to come down the aisle. The wedding music played and Lenalee walked down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress.

The guys in the church were drooling over her as usual. She walked beside Allen who kept on staring at her because was too cute in her wedding dress. They were staring at each other while the Pastor was preaching. The Pastor finally reached at the end "Allen Walker do you take this woman to be your wedded wife?

d gray man allen and lenalee relationship trust

Do you promise to lover her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to her as long as you both shall live? Pastor, "Lenalee Lee, do you take this man to be your wedded husband?

Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to him as long as you both shall live? Pastor, "Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride". Allen does partially want to understand Nea and Nea's motivations, but he also deeply fears losing his identity to Nea's influence. They met formally for the first time during the Alma Karma arc.

Allen despises the Earl for his creation of Akuma and the lives that have been lost because of it. He has stated out loud that he does not like the Earl messing with him on the grounds that he is the vessel of the Fourteenth. Allen generally views Road as an enemy and isn't impressed by her clear affections for him. He does, however, tolerate Road's presence and the two have managed to talk amicably from time to time.

Allen was also deeply worried when Road was knocked unconscious by Apocryphos.

Lenalee Lee

Around this time, Lenalee also starts having dreams of the Order in ruins and Allen's dead body sinking into a dark pool. Allen eventually sees this vision in his limbo after Tyki 's attack. The two also seem to share a telepathic connection, shown during Lenalee's fight with Eshi, with Allen hearing Lenalee's voice inside his head and seeing a faint image of the surrounding ocean overlapping with his own reality.

The two then mutually reminisce a past memory; after waking from the nightmare one night, Lenalee went searching for Allen, who has disappeared from his bed. Upon finding Allen dealing with his swollen cursed eye, she threw herself at him and cried in relief. She then asked him to consider what "the world" means to him, explaining that as her comrade, she considered him an important part of her "world", and cannot stand losing him.

This recollection would lead to Lenalee finally beating Eshi and Allen truly understanding his Innocence.