Cosette and marius relationship memes

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cosette and marius relationship memes

Soon Cosette and Marius exchange glances and fall in love. Valjean notices how attentive Marius. 11 quotes have been tagged as cosette: Victor Hugo: 'These two beings, who had loved each tags: cosette, jean-valjean, les-miserables, smiling, suffering. Children, Cosette (surrogate daughter; no legal or blood relation). Relatives. Unnamed brother-in-law; Marius Pontmercy (adoptive son-in-law). Religion, Roman Catholic. Nationality, French. Born, Death, (aged 64). Jean Valjean is the protagonist of Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables. Hugo depicts the .. Valjean does not know that Cosette returns.

Valjean climbs over a wall and they find themselves in a garden attached to a convent. The gardener Fauchelevent recognizes Valjean as the man who rescued him years earlier and agrees to shelter them.

Valjean poses as Fauchelevent brother and says he is Cosette's grandfather. They live peacefully in the convent for many years as Valjean works with Fauchelevent and Cosette attends the convent school. Over time, she appears to have no recollection of her childhood before arriving at the convent.

As Cosette matures, beautiful and healthy, with chestnut hair, beautiful eyes, rosy cheeks, pale skin, and a radiant smile, Valjean realizes it would be unfair to allow her to become a nun without having experienced the outside world which a cloistered nun must renounce. In the same chapter, she asks Valjean about her mother, but he does not answer her question.

When Cosette has a dream about her mother as an angel, she remarks that her mother must have been a saint. Valjean replies, "through martyrdom". She is fourteen years old, and fresh out of the convent, so he pays little attention to her. After a few months, Marius notices her and sees that she has grown to be an extremely beautiful young woman. Soon Cosette and Marius exchange glances and fall in love. Valjean notices how attentive Marius is to their movements.

Jean Valjean

She was very young. When he learns that Marius has followed them home and inquired about them, he quickly moves to a more obscure address with Cosette. Marius watches Cosette for a few nights before approaching her. When Cosette and Marius finally meet again in the garden, they confess their mutual love, share their first kiss, and introduce themselves. They continue to meet in secret. The same night, Cosette informs Marius that she and Valjean will be departing for England soon. This news devastates them both, because it will mean the end of their relationship.

Marius briefly attempts to obtain money and permission to marry from his grandfather to circumvent this issue. So due to the switch, it makes perfect sense why Cosette ends up with Marius and why Eponine ends up with unrequited love for Marius. Les Mis is played out so nicely that it truly works that Marius and Cosette get together.

cosette and marius relationship memes

True, when Marius fall in love with Cosette, he was conflicted between his passion for the rebellion and his passion for Cosette. He does decide to fight in the rebellion after believing that Cosette is leaving.

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As a matter of fact, if Marius never loved Cosette, he most likely would have died during the rebellion because Valjean would not have come to the barricade to protect him. During the rebellion, Valjean learned that Cosette loves Marius and due to that, he heads over to the barricades to protect Marius.

cosette and marius relationship memes

Marius faced a lot of trauma at the barricades. First, Eponine was fatally wounded and that left him quite upset. But he still showed compassion by being with her till she died.

In an odd way, it even makes sense that Eponine died because it makes perfect sense why Marius would be the only survivor.

Having not seen Cosette for months, and not knowing where she might have gone, Marius is tormented over trying to locate her. He recovers an envelope the girls have dropped.

cosette and marius relationship memes

Back at his apartment, he examines the four letters it contains and realizes that they are fraudulent pleas for help, all in the same handwriting with the same misspellings, but containing different stories and signatures. Upon reading it, he recognizes it is yet another in the series he read last night.

Marius hands her back the packet of letters, and she happily takes them. Feeling sympathetic to her, Marius gives her his last five francs. The attack at Gorbeau House[ edit ] Marius begins to take an interest in her family, the Jondrettes who are his neighbors. Peering through a crack in the wall, Marius sees Jean Valjean and Cosette talking with Jondrette about returning to give the family money.

He tells her that if she does this, he will give her whatever she wants. After she leaves, Marius overhears Jondrette talking about robbing and killing Valjean. Distressed, Marius visits Javertwho gives him two pistols and instructs him to fire them during the robbery.

He does not want Valjean to die, but does not want to betray the man that "saved" his father at Waterloo. Marius then moves out of the Gorbeau tenement. Marius and Cosette[ edit ] Marius seeks Cosette after he fell in love with her beauty.

He assumes her name was "Ursula" after he finds a handkerchief she dropped. He finally sees where their house was and visits often, but doesn't really talk to anyone except the guard outside. Then, one day, Cosette and Valjean were gone, he asks the guard, but has no idea where they moved.

Marius used to see them everyday, but now that they were gone, he falls into depression. She tells him she found Cosette's address, and leads him to the house. Marius, after some days of waiting, decides to write a page love letter to Cosette which she finds hidden under a stone. Cosette immediately falls in love and Marius reveals himself as a shadowy figure standing behind her.

Their shared love blossoms for about six weeks, but Valjean shatters that bliss when he announces to Cosette that they will be leaving for England in a week.