Command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

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command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

A page for describing Characters: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. This page is for characters who appeared in Tiberian Sun and its expansion, Firestorm . Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Expansion Pack: Firestorm - PC .. of NOD, and the story on both sides will occur concurrently, ending with the same finale. South America Firestorm, square miles of one of the last remaining forests on Earth . Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, GDI campaign, mission 2 intro; ↑ Tiberian Sun Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun: Operations Manual.

He is nominally in charge of the Brotherhood, but his strings are being pulled by GDI.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: General Solomon warns him that if he becomes useless, he might just "disappear". Unsurprisingly, once Slavik starts cleaning house, GDI drops him like a hot potato. She was subjected to extreme Tiberium exposure, which turned her into a Mutant.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

Eventually, she approaches GDI in the hopes of gaining their help in breaking her leader out of a Nod prison. This leads to a tentative alliance between the two and she continues to work with Commander McNeil for much of the GDI campaign. Is one in the lore.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

Subverted in-game, where she is useful only against infantry. Always Save the Girl: She is one reason why Mack goes after Kane without adequate preparations before the GDI campaign finale. Mack's point-woman for collaboration with the Forgotten, and a badass in her own right. Her ethnic origins are unknown and not discussed. Christine Steel herself is of mixed origins.

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An Offer You Can't Refuse: How her initial meeting with Mack went. Back for the Dead: In Firestorm, her appearance carries the implication that she'll die shortly. During Mack's final confrontation with Kane, despite being weakened by Kane's Tiberium serum, she still manages to throw off Kane's chokehold on her, allowing Mack the chance to attack Kane. In the Nod campaign, she also escapes custody on her own. Implying that she is taking orders from GDI, as Mack finds out.

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

Deconstructed in that it may have impaired her judgment of the situation, leading to her capture. Wears a veil the first time she's seen in both campaigns.

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After joining up with Mack in the GDI campaign, she no longer wears it. In the Nod campaign, CABAL's analysis of video footage of her killing a Nod guard removed the veil digitally, allowing her to be identified. In-game, she is useful against infantry only. Even then, Ghost Stalker's railgun can take care of infantry in addition to vehicles. The Tiberian Sun manual notes that while she will eventually lose any resemblance to a human due to her mutations, for now, the Tiberium crystals on her face actually enhance her beauty.

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Starts off with a very low opinion of McNeil, and Blunts normal, unmutated humans in general, but warms up to him over the course of their missions together. She still has her limits, as seen under Berserk Button. Didn't Think This Through: It failed and she's captured as a result. Noteworthy in that she had dismissed Mack's concerns that it was "too dangerous".

command and conquer tiberian sun gdi ending relationship

Red Alert made reference to the Tiberian series universe and even included appearances by Kane. The link became unclear in Red Alert 2 however, which was not developed by Westwood, and contained no references to the Tiberian series. There are two expansions packs for the game, Counterstrike and The Aftermath. EA has also released a freeware version of Red Alert. Tiberian Sun — This is the sequel to the events of Tiberian Dawn and Renegade which was released in After the Tiberian Sun release, EA began to increasingly interfere with production, and many of the original Westwood personnel eventually left the company.

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The year is and the GDI and Nod are still at it, fighting over Tiberium, which has wreaked havoc across the globe. The events of the Second Tiberium War eventually culminated in McNeil defeating Kane and Nod at Nod's Cairo missile launch facility, narrowly averting a chemical missile launch and the destruction of the Philadelphia.

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Anton Slavika Black Hand prelate and experienced commander, managed to escape a Nod holding facility under the command of the GDI's puppet leader Hassan. Linking up with Nod forces loyal to Kane, he successfully deposed Hassan as the de facto leader of the Brotherhood.

Coincidentally, Kane also revealed himself to the Brotherhood at this time, which had the effect of uniting the fractured segments of the Brotherhood of Nod.

Kane, however, tasked Slavik with recovering the Tacitusan alien database that was on board the ship Vega crashed. After retrieving the Tacitus, Nod forces captured the mutant Umagon and destroyed a number of GDI research facilities, as well as delaying the deployment of the Mammoth Mk. II by eradicating the initial prototype. With Kane, Cairo and Sarajevo, the Banshee factories, and much of their missile-based arsenal lost, Slavik had no choice but to go underground.

McNeil rescues Umagon and impales Kane with a shard of Tiberium, letting the world think once again that Kane is dead. Curiously, as the missile was launched, Kane mysteriously ascended and dissolved into light.