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clark and lana relationship

Clark and Lana were happy together forgetting the world around them while Chloe and Jason got their hearts broken watching. (ok, Jason was. This developing friendship between Lex and Lana puts a strain on Lana's relationship with Clark. Just as Clark is beginning to. Lana Lang was a childhood friend and the high school sweetheart of Clark Kent; informed Luthor of the relationship Lana and Superman appeared to share.

Several new characters slowed the Clana redevelopment by their very presence. Commencement The Countess Isobel returned after a year revenge plotting hiatus, possessing Lana to get the stones and giving Clark fits on three occasions. Spell, Sacred and Commencement. While there are many examples, the whole Clark-Lois-Lana thing can be summed up in two scenes from Gone: As for Clark and Lana themselves, they have big issues to settle for themselves. Foremost among those though is the whole trust issue.

While he would like to be her friend again after she returns from Paris, she still is guarded. Gone The relationship with Jason creates tension in this regard too.

This emotional strife—caused by his discovery of the Jasana deal—compels her to push Clark into a promise not to reveal anything. Transference When Lex revealed the relationship, she blames Clark. Transference At more than one point, she gets defensive, talking to Clark about Jason as if the latter were Whitney Fordman. Gone His apparent lack of interest about her condition while she was in the hospital was jarring to say the least.

Devoted The writers play on her potential rejection of him in the dreamscape. Despite these tensions and everything the writers threw at themthe bond gradually reformed between them.

Crusade She trusts him enough to ask for his help on returning from Paris. In spite of his feelings, he defends her to Lex. Jinx I think the turning point is Spell. She turns to Clark once again Spell. Lana also talks to Clark about Jason, trusting him for advice. Love his quote here in response to her query about being shallow: After their return, she talks to him about Isobel and the effect that have something hidden can have on a person and their relationships.

He also sacrificed his feelings for her benefit twice: Sacred When he loses his memory, she talks with him about things, dealing with her own pain in the process.

Forever and Commencement Although this does get lost during the chaos related to the latter. In a move almost reminiscent of Season 2 and driven more than likely by ratings pressurethe Clana bond turns romantic once more. Although we see glimmers of this throughout the first half of the season, the episodes following Sacred really show a progression.

Transference, Spell and Scare After several episodes where they hardly speak directly to each other, the relationship blossoms once more. Also Onyx The whole matter related to the Prom also brought this feeling out. The Prom Dance was truly something special and watching it, we knew that Jason was officially history. Had to love the way she was looking at Clark throughout the eppie and the Hug at the end. Ageless The flashbacks to freshman year both literal and memories harkened back to those simpler times and their feelings.

This is something that Brennan picks up on and tries to use against Clark. Forever Last but not least, there is the scene in the barn at the end. Before the meteors hit, she gives him the stone to let him find a piece of himself and guard it. Of course, the pivotal moment in that concerns a revelation.

In that moment, they admit their feelings for each other and share a kiss! Commencement Thus, the relationship has bloomed once more. So where will they go from here? They went through a great deal and realized a lot about themselves and each other. In particular, she learns what it means to live with a secret.

Could this be a building block toward her finally learning the Secret? Who knows where these writers are concerned? Jonathan and Martha seem to be leaning toward letting Clark tell her. With Lois, Chloe and Lex still in the picture, the picture grows more complex. Lionel—if and when he comes out of the coma—now knows everything. Or is this another insidious tease by the writers to get ratings? He sacrificed his powers Arrival, Mortal and Hidden. He defied Jor-El for her. He even pushed back time itself to save her.

Reckoning She defended him against Lex at the start Hidden and Reckoning among other places. She anguished over his near death. Hidden She actually learned about his powers and learned what it was like to be him. From the end of Hidden onward, he goes back on the promise he made to her during Season 4. Vengeance Why did he not trust her to help more with Victor Cyborg? Hypnotic Of course, his behavior touched several of her nerves and led to some key arguments between them.

The writers chose to stick it to us the way they did the Chlarkers earlier. They could barely deal with each other much less speak to one another. What had started with such awesome promise was now dust. Lex could be blamed for the three escapees Mortalthe reversal of the Clana betrothal Reckoningbringing Simone into the picture Hypnotic not to mention bringing Lana into the whole Ship investigation pick an eppie from the first half of the season.

He worked on both Clark and Lana, angering them and preparing himself to jump in at the first opportunity to inflict Lexana-ness on them, Smallville and us the audience.

Clark misinterpreted her interactions with Lex on at least two occasions Sliver and Lockdown. Lexana with Clark on the outside looking in. The supporting cast carried its share of both credit and blame for these developments.

Clark and Lana

To her credit, Martha provided a steadying influence as needed. She supported the relationship during the high times. Hypnotic Jonathan inadvertently did more to break things up through his continued paranoia concerning the Secret, the pressure of the senatorial race and inadvertently his death. Chloe continued to vacillate in almost schizophrenic fashion week to week and even within the same episode between being Clana Advocate General and co-Clana Public Enemy Numero Uno with Lex.

Jor-El pressured Clark where the relationship was concerned at several key points. Hey, Louise, a little beyond the grave help might have been nice at this point! Ironically, Lois has her helpful moments in this regard too. Guest stars and recurring new characters influenced matters as well.

The silver kryptonite mentioned earlier was one example. Lex-Mas Victor Stone and his girlfriend, Katherine, actually provided a positive example albeit one that was too late.

While developing the story in other ways, Season 5 wasted its potential. They had everything going for them or so it seemed. However, Fate and their jealous cohorts conspired against them for their own differing agendas. It even seemed that Earth and Krypton combined efforts in this regard.

If he could have trusted Lana with his Secret and let her stand by her as a true partner, the split never would have happened.

She gave him chance after chance in that regard. He could not take advantage of it. She only ran to Lex after Clark pushed her away. In a way, the destruction related to Dark Thursday as it was called in Season 6 offered an apt picture. What had been so beautifully crafted in the midst of rebuilding now laid in ashes amidst the destruction and utter chaos at the end.

And Clark could only blame himself for allowing Lex to succeed in that way. With faith and trust between himself and Lana, they could have overcome anything in their path. Now we can only wonder.

Untangling the Lexana Web…. In this case, Lexana re: Fresh off of the events at the end of Season 5, Clark and Lana reacted emotionally—not trusting themselves or each other. Each one had to deal with the respective issues they had uncorked during the previous season s.

As the season wore on, they came back to each other before tragedy struck. Phantom During the first half of the season, distrust and separation remained the theme. Then again, Lex had been trying to get to her since Season 1. As he admitted at several points, he wanted what Clark had. Lana was top on that list. Wither Her hostility toward Clark appeared at several points. She asked Lionel and Martha where he was and told them that Clark talked with Chloe about killing Lex.

Zod She questioned his motives to rescue Lex. Sneeze At the medical center, she told him to stop making excuses and just be honest. Rage Clark is tied up with dealing with the Zoners not to mention his feelings toward the Lexana union.

clark and lana relationship

Zod He repeated this to Chloe later. While these trends continued, this point clearly represented the low point of the season. The next few episodes sparked a complex reawakening of the Clana connection. Rather than be hostile, she was warm and cordial. She looked back to him while walking out with Lex. One might argue that was a true turning point between them. Crimson She confronted Tobias and asked him to stop identifying meteor infected people so as to protect Clark.

Promise Her need to know his secret resurfaced here as well. Remember how she was early in Season 2? Hydro She saw Lex stab Kal and the blade crumpling on impact.

Freak Finally she trapped Chloe in the wine cellar and watched Clark reveal both the Secret and his feelings for her. Promise While Clark always held strong feelings, his vacillating between duty and lament ceased at this point as well. Hydro The psychiatric nightmare dreamscape brought a version of the old Clana scene for Clark and us to consider.

Still being with Lana strongly tempted him. Crimson He dreamed of killing Lex to save Lana from marrying him. He talked to his mother concerning knowing who the One is. This was one of several key conversations between Clark and Martha in this regard. He talked to Lana and almost got her out of the marriage. Both he and Lana showed shock and regret over the vows. Promise Finally before and after he defeated Titan, Clark feels angry and empty about the wedding. Combat The final third of the season, despite the apparent Lexana triumph, undid the earlier snarls and greased the way for the Clana comeback.

She became more assertive in her dealings. She forced an answer albeit a lie out of Lionel when he was injured. Nemesis She spied on Lex and Senator Burkhart putting more pressure on their relationship. She relayed that information onto Clark. Prototype She did leave Lex shortly thereafter. After the miscarriage, Clark and Lana talked about her future. He offered to help her get out of it.

Clark, Lois, and Lana

Progeny Then there was the hug and moment following the escape from the Kryptonite death tunnels. In this case, it worked out that way. Nemesis Clark showed concern once again following her being shot. Noir Then came the Scene in the Loft. Lana said good bye but not before Clark begged her in every which way not to and even revealed who and what he is to her.

When her blazer blew up, Clark flew off the handle and went to kill Lex. Phantom The Clana rescue quota was fulfilled by both parties. He attempted to save her from an unknown problem the pregnancy in addition to her marriage. Phantom In one case, however, he did put her on the backburner to deal with Zoner issue in Seattle. I am probably over thinking this which is why I'd like to compare thoughts.

So what do you all think? The thing is IMO of course, being a Superman fan since I was like 5 years old I think no one was forced to do anything.

I actually laughed when I saw the way they tried to convince I'm just talking for me, I don't know about others opinions about this tragic tale of the 'star crossed lovers' whom couldn't be together by the Oh!

Lex Luthor was behind it! Lana wanted a Super suit, she came back to Smallville for it and Clark was the last thing on her mind. It's not until she has powers that she tells Clark she wants to give it another go. This advice worked and Lana and Clark got engaged. However, when Lana was killed in a car crash and Clark rewrote time, Clark did not tell Lana his secret and Lana didn't get Lois' advice and Clark and Lana eventually broke up.

Lois soon noticed Lana's growing relationship with Lex and offered to talk things through with her.

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Lois seemed supportive of Lana's new relationship but also offered Clark support to adjust to life without Lana. Clark was surprised by Lois' insight and commented to Lois that "sometimes I think you don't know me at all, other times you seem to know me better than anyone". Season Six The party crashers. With Lana in a relationship with Lex and Lois in a new relationship with Oliver QueenClark had little romantic involvement this season.

When Lois became infected with red kryptoniteshe become infatuated with Clark and her kiss, in turn, infected Clark. With both of them acting erratically, they decided to crash Lana's engagement party, where Clark kidnap and left with Lana, Lana was shocked at his unusual behavior and ultimately rejected his advances.

Once Lois and Clark were cured Martha spoke to Clark about his actions making him aware that red kryptonite never changed who he was, it merely loosened his inhibitions. Clark was surprised that his mom was suggesting that he wants to kiss Lois, keep Chloe in his back pocket, while still in love with Lana, Martha tells Clark he needs to be more honest with his feelings. Lois was clearly embarrassed by her behaviour,but she and Clark quickly cleared the air between them.

Despite their earlier friendship, Lois and Lana had little contact after this as Lex was gradually cutting Lana off from her previous life. Clark remained fixated with Lana and pursued a relationship with Lana right up until her wedding day, when he was ultimately left disappointed as she kept going through with the wedding, not knowing that she did it because Lionel threatened to kill Clark.

Eventually, Clark confessed his secret to her and was surprised to discover she already knew. Shortly afterwards, Lana's car exploded sending Clark into a distressed fury. Season Seven Lois offered Clark support again when she heard that Lana was dead. Nevertheless, his friendship with Lois was not enough to keep him in Smallville and he decided to leave to begin his training at the Fortress of Solitude.

He quickly changed his plans when Lana returned to Smallville alive, after it was revealed that she faked her death to frame Lex for revenge. Clark and Lana reignited their relationship and both had less contact with Lois who started a relationship of her own with Grant Gabriel. When a freak acci Lois is attacked by Lana dent transferred some of Clark's powers to Lana via electricity, she began to act irresponsibly and violently.

Confused by Lana's actions, Clark met Lois and Chloe at the hospital. Lois told him that Lana assaulted her and he was eager to stop her, which he was able to do by reversing the process to depower her. Lana never went to apologize to Lois. Nevertheless, Lois remained a source of support for Clark when Lana fell into a coma, following an attack from Brainiac. When Lois found Clark at her computer at the Daily Planet researching Lana's condition, she tells Clark how sorry she was that she couldn't do more to help, as Lois felt that Clark had supported her so much when her relationship with Oliver broke up.

Clark i Lois embracing Clark after Lana says goodbye. Ultimately, when Brainiac was destroyed, Lana recovered but left Smallville claiming that it was for Clark's own good to embrace his destiny, but she was actually kidnapped by Tess Mercer following Lex's instructions to force her to make a break up video for Clark.

Lois was again there to support Clark, giving him a comforting hug after he watched the video and started to cry. Lois was surprised but also visibly pleased when Clark told her that he would be working there and sitting at a desk opposite to her.

clark and lana relationship

Lois suggested that Clark get over Lana by looking for someone out of his "wheelhouse. Their relationship became awkward after this, although Lois had told Clark that she had been lying and had slipped the lie detector sensor off her finger. Nevertheless, at Chloe and Jimmy 's wedding, Clark and Lois almost kissed but were interrupted by Lana's return. Lois was noticeably sad and disappointed.

Lois and Clark almost kiss. Clark confronted Lana about her disappearance. He was noticeably uncomfortable about her return and blamed himself for what had happened in Lana's life.

clark and lana relationship

He felt that telling her his secret was a mistake and had affected their relationship.