Carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

Carl R. Rogers Quotes (Author of On Becoming a Person)

carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

Posts about Carl Rogers written by studentcounsellor. I found this quote by Carl Rogers because I think it sums up how I am will strengthen the therapeutic relationship further, building further trust and understanding. Carl Rogers Empathy Quotes · (To Carl Rogers Page 1) It is one of the most potent aspects of therapy, because it releases, it confirms, it brings even the most . Carl Rogers often spoke of the control we have over destiny, about experience and personal growth, as well as the value of people and relationships. His best -known publications are Client-Centered Therapy (), and.

A tiny part of your life is decided by completely uncontrollable circumstances, while the vast majority of your life is decided by your responses. This concept might seem obvious, but when hard times hit we tend to yearn for instant gratification.

Culture of Empathy Builder: Carl Rogers Quotes

We want things to get better, and we want it better now! And this yearning often tricks us into biting off more than we can chew. Let this be your reminder.

Small, repeated, incremental efforts will get you there.

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Effort is never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results. For it always makes you stronger, more educated, and more experienced.

carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

Just because you are struggling does not mean you are failing. Every great success requires some kind of struggle to get there.

carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

Again, it happens one day at a time, one step at a time. And the next step is always worth taking.

On Becoming a Person Quotes

At these moments it seems that my inner spirit has reached out and touched the inner spirit of the other. Our relationship transcends itself and has become something larger.

carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

Whether the stimulus arises from within or without, whether the environment is favorable or unfavorable, the behaviors of an organism can be counted on to be in the direction of maintaining, enhancing, and reproducing itself.

This is the very nature of the process we call life.

carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

This tendency is operative at all times. Indeed, only the presence or absence of this total directional process enables us to tell whether a given organism is alive or dead. The actualizing tendency can, of course, be thwarted or warped, but it cannot be destroyed without destroying the organism.

To bring the power of this idea home to us, we listened to a piece of music by Shostakovich together, and reported back to each other how it made us feel; what it made us think about.

On Becoming a Person Quotes by Carl R. Rogers

There were many similarities — some said that it made them feel excited and optimistic, think of royalty, grandness. Of course, there were many differences as well in our reactions — after all we are individuals with our own perceptions and frames of reference. But I surmised more similarities. We felt connected by them, just as counsellor and client can, when mutuality is established; a bond created.

Knowing that the core theory I am training in is humanistic, I do believe that the connection between counsellor and client is key, the most important element of the relationship.

carl rogers quotes on the therapeutic relationship

I can be psychodynamic and think this way too! Michael Jacobs says so… The next few hours were spent looking back on key figures in each of our lives who have had impact on us — not just people, but culture too — films, tv, brands, art, songs, and how they have shaped us. We took a long time to think about this alone, and a long time sharing our thoughts together.