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Obviously Walt cares soo much for Jesse, he even calls him son a couple times. Jesse has a lot different Related Questions (More Answers Below). Breaking Bad (TV series): Does Jesse think of Walt as a father figure? If so, how and why?. If you can call yourself a true Breaking Bad fan, check out our quiz and test your knowledge. When Walter White was first introduced into the Breaking Bad a big part of the storyline to see how tumultuous their relationship became. Prior to Jesse Pinkman collaborating with Walter White, he had his. VideoOver the course of 62 remarkable episodes, Breaking Bad has been a us that if Breaking Bad is Walter White's story, it's Jesse Pinkman's too. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video.

He told Jesse he'd leave the phone on for the next fifteen minutes. He thought that Jesse might be avoiding him because he had told Jesse to handle the situation involving Skinny Pete's stolen cash, so he told Jesse not to worry about it and "let it go".

What was Jesse playing with, that Pete squashed when he arrived? Beetle Jesse was waiting for Pete at a corner near the railroad tracks. While he was waiting, he spotted a beetle walking on the ground, and he amused himself by letting it crawl over his hand.

When Pete arrived, Pete promptly squashed it. Pete was there to give Jesse the address of the two addicts who robbed him.

Walt & Jesse's Fight: Inside Breaking Bad

He also said that he would do it but he was on probation. What did Jesse tell her his name was? Jesse Jackson Jane told Jesse that she managed the apartment for her father and that she needed proof of employment and former residence in order to rent the space to him.

He pleaded with her, telling her that he was out of options and really needed a break. She agreed, providing he paid more rent and an additional deposit. She told him she'd fill out the paperwork and just asked him to sign it, which he did.

When she asked him his name, he responded, "Jesse, Jesse Where did it take place? Walt was already there, and they talked to each other from separate aisles, trying to be inconspicuous. Walt told Jesse that they'd have to wait to start cooking again because his wife worried if he was gone for more than twenty minutes. As they quietly argued, a policeman walked in, and Jesse started to leave before Walt told him, "I leave first".

He turned up in a grocery store in what condition? Naked When Walt and Jesse finally reached a road after trekking across the desert, Walt hitched a ride in the back of a pickup truck, leaving Jesse to find another way into town. Before they split up, they had already drawn up their plans to cover for the missing time.

Jesse told Walt, "It's a bold plan, Mr. That evening, a clerk at a Hi-Lo Market found Walt's shoe blocking the automatic door. She then found a trail of clothes which lead to Walt standing completely naked in the store.

What evidence did they find against Tuco at the junkyard crime scene?

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A bloody fingerprint At the briefing, Hank recapped the findings from the junkyard crime scene. No-Doze, a member of Tuco's gang was dead, and Gonzo, Tuco's brother-in-law, died accidentally when the stack of cars over No-Doze's body shifted, pinning and cutting Gonzo's arm until he bled out. Both worked with Tuco, but the main piece of evidence they found was Tuco's bloody fingerprint on No-Doze.

The DEA had raided Tuco's headquarters but Tuco wasn't there, so Hank asked the agents if they were going to find him.

He received a lukewarm "yes" in reply, so he asked them again and again until it turned into a pep rally for finding Tuco. But when Hank and Gomez left the room, Hank admitted that he suspected Tuco was long gone by now.

To what was Walt referring when he mentioned the number ? He told Jesse that they'd need to do eleven more drug deals for each of them to get that amount. He also told Jesse that their future meetings would be in public places. Both Walt and Jesse looked pretty shook up from watching Tuco beat his henchman known as No-Doze for essentially no reason.

They are both rattled by witnessing this murder. In the aftermath, Walt and Jesse sit in Jesse's car dazed. Walt quickly figures out how much more money he needs to make sure his family is taken care of after his death. He tells Jesse the amount. What is the amount? Question by author baileygress He cleverly placed a hidden message in all of the titles of season 2.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quizzes

This message indicates what happens in the season finale: Which of these is a distinctive item that is shown? As each episode airs, more details are given about the event that happens. We eventually see the scene in color as we get closer to the the season finale, and discover that the floating teddy bear is pink, charred, and missing one eye. Where had he been planning to take her? Rehab In the last episode, he had discovered that Jane was doing drugs again after her month sobriety, and he wanted to take her to rehab right then, but she pleaded with him for a day to get her affairs in order.

As he was driving to pick her up, he called her on his cell phone and left a message, telling her that she'd better be packed and on the porch when he got there. But as he pulled up, he saw the paramedics taking the stretcher out of the ambulance, and the look on his face said it all: He watched in distraught silence as they put Jane in a body bag. He was too shell-shocked to even react to Jesse.

Walt answered the phone and since Flynn was there, he pretended he was speaking to the Assistant Principal Carmen. What was the reason for Jesse's frantic call? The meth stash was missing Jane was awoken from her heroin-induced slumber when her father called to remind her about the Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

As she was leaving Jesse's room, she noticed the broken door and nonchalantly told Jesse, "Somebody broke in". When Jesse went into the kitchen, he realized the meth he had stashed under the sink was gone. Flynn initially answered the phone when Jesse called Walt, but Jesse didn't speak so Flynn hung up. When the phone rang again, Walt grabbed it, and realizing it was Jesse, he pretended it was Carmen until Flynn left the area. Then Walt called Jesse a "junkie imbecile" and wanted to know why he was calling that number.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship quizzes

When Jesse told him that stash had been stolen, Walt realized that he didn't remember anything that had happened the night before so he just hung up. California Skinny Pete was shaken by Combo's death. He blamed it on the fact that they had moved into new territory per Jesse's instructions and that they no longer had "street cred". He told Jesse that they had respect on the street back when people thought Jesse had killed an addict with an ATM, but now "the whole town" knew the truth about that incident, so Pete told Jesse that he was out.

He said that Badger was "laying low out in Cali", and later, when he called Jesse after Jesse missed Combo's funeral, Pete mentioned that "even Badger came all the way from Fresno". What did he say was his response both when he was diagnosed and when he found out his cancer was in remission? Walt didn't look thrilled about it but agreed to have one.

At the party, Skyler gave a nice speech, thanking everyone for their support and thanking Gretchen and Elliott who weren't there for helping to pay for the treatment. Hank then asked "the man of the hour" to say a few words, and Walt said that when he was first diagnosed, he had asked himself, "why me", and that he had asked himself the same thing after he found out about the remission.

It was an odd thing to say, and he didn't elaborate on it. Hank was standing next to Walt Jr. Where did he tell Skyler he was going? To see his mom Well, he did end up hanging out with Jesse, but that's not what he told Skyler.

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He told her that he was going to visit his mom because he wanted to make sure that his mom would leave money for Skyler if he died. Skyler was upset because it meant that Walt didn't expect the scan results to be good, but he said he just wanted to be prepared. Luckily for Walt, Skyler had no desire to see his mother, so he was able to go alone. She even told Walt that she wouldn't call him unless it was an emergency because she didn't want to "risk talking to his mother".

The Uncle of Tuco, this character was introduced into the series as if he were senile. When Tuco brought Jesse and Walter White to this secluded home, the pair were foolish enough to discount his elderly uncle.

Yet, he was paying attention to everything that was happening around him and ultimately used his bell to let Tuco know about the plot to poison him. This led to a huge series of events that solidified him as one of the main favorites in the show.

It also led to him being one of the main characters in the spin-off series, Better Call Saul. What is the name of Tuco's uncle? Killed by Jesse Snorted poison Killed by Hank When Tuco Salamanca was first introduced into the Breaking Bad series, it became instantly apparent that he wasn't exactly going to be the most reasonable person to deal with. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman also knew that he wasn't going to be the best drug distributor if there is such a thing. He repeatedly showed White and Pinkman that he had erratic behavior that was in the realm of psychotic.

In one interaction, Tuco beat his own man and wasn't opposed to killing without provocation. This was not going to be the man that they wanted to deal with and after awhile, the two of them hatched a plan to kill him. In the end, how did Tuco Salamanca finally get his due in Breaking Bad? Question 15 What was the nickname given to Leonel and Marco? It was a much bigger operation than just Tuco and they quickly found that out after meeting Tuco's uncle, Hector.

He may not have been able to communicate very well since he was reliant on the bell but he was still able to convey his orders with precision. Tuco wasn't the only family member in the Salamanca family that had psychotic tendencies since Leonel and Marco were Hector's nephews. They were featured on the series as assassins that seemed practically mute but fans got a little more insight during flashback scenes.

What was the nickname given to Leonel and Marco? Question 16 What was the name of Jesse's landlady that later turned into his girlfriend?

Janet Morgan Jane Margolis Janis Argo When Jesse Pinkman was starting to branch out on his own in regards to an actual living space, it wasn't going to be easy for him to get a stable residence. His main source of income was being a meth cook and it wasn't exactly a reliable and stable job.

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So, when he met with the dark-haired beauty played by Krysten Ritter, he was hoping that she would give him a chance as a tenant. The two wound up becoming romantically involved and there was a time when fans thought that they were really on their way to having something special.

Yet, that situation was just another downward spiral in the plot and she ultimately died. What was the name of Jesse's landlady that later turned into his girlfriend?

Question 17 Choked on vomit from an overdose Walt shot her Jesse shot her Slashed her wrists When Jesse Pinkman first met Jane Margolis, it actually looked like he was going to get a positive relationship out of it.

She seemed like she was more responsible because she was able to act as a landlady for her father and she was also in recovery. It looked like she could become a positive influence in his life but that all changed once she started using again.

Her influence became a huge hindrance to Walter White and started to get in the way of deals. White wound up confronting Jane and Jesse but was unable to have a full conversation.

Instead, the interaction ultimately ended with Jane dying. While there were some fans of the show that didn't like to see Jane killed off the show, it seemed like a necessary death to keep Jesse more in line with White. How did Jane die? Question 18 What is this friend's name?

Stocky Pete Combo Vader There weren't many Breaking Bad characters that were able to make it through the entire series unscathed. From destroyed families to jail time to death, the series highlighted the terrible pitfalls of being involved in drugs. From the production level to the distribution level, it seemed like there wasn't a happy ending for any of the characters.

The few that were able to make it through unscathed may not have been the lead characters but that doesn't make them any less part of the show. One of Jesse's friends was the one that connected Jesse to Tuco Salamanca in Season 1 and he played a continual part of the series.

In the final season, this was one of the friends that helped Walter White in pretending to have snipers trained on Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz. What is this friend's name? Question 19 What was the color that the meth turned into because of Walts method?

Pink Green Blue When Jesse Pinkman was introduced as a methamphetamine producer and distributor, he was trying to put his own stamp on his product by adding chili powder to the mixture. Yet, it didn't exactly take off as a huge hit with addicts since the main goal is to get it to its purest form. The simple mention of it having chili powder just advertises the fact that it has impurities. The true purest form of the drug would make it completely clear, without any color.

Yet, Walter White figured out a way to create an ultra pure formula but the process created a particular hue. This method was brought about because they had to get around the dilemma of obtaining pseudoephedrine. What was the color that the meth turned into because of this new method?