Boy george and prince relationship with dukes

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boy george and prince relationship with dukes

Royal Ancestor Prince George was a staunch traditionalist but he also courted She called him an "odious boy" although she gave him the first. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, CD, ADC(P) is a member of the British royal family. He is a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II through their fathers, Prince George. Did he plot to dethrone his brother, King George VI? The duke's relationship with the Nazis, as detailed in the secret file, has been In July , he told former Kaiser Wilhelm II's grandson, Prince Louis Ferdinand, that it . who ran for class president and lost to a boy: 'As I know too well, it's not easy.'.

It was a world very different to that of the little girl cousin who pipped him to the throne. The first Prince George of Cambridge was the man who would have reigned as Britain's king if Queen Victoria had not been born. Although George was the elder of the cousins by two months his father Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, was younger than Victoria's father Edward, Duke of Kent. Edward's seniority meant that it was his child rather than Adolphus's who eventually succeeded her grandfather and her childless uncles George IV and William IV.

Today Victoria remains one of Britain's best-known and best-loved royals while George is a forgotten figure.

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His life included its fair share of excitement and a number of near-fatal incidents. These included death threats from a tutor, Mr Welsh, who had suffered a mental breakdown, having his horse shot from under him at the Battle of Inkerman in the Crimean War and narrowly avoiding drowning when a ship on which he was sailing to Malta was hit by lightning and almost sank.

Like his cousin Victoria, George was a long-lived and hardworking member of the Royal Family. Popular in his own lifetime he was intensely patriotic.

For the young prince, who was chosen by his uncle William IV as a possible husband for Queen Victoria, decided instead in to marry an actress, Sarah Fairbrother. Sarah's father was a servant who afterwards worked as a labourer. Sarah performed in ballet and pantomime as well as taking small parts in Shakespearean comedies.

She was better known for her looks than her acting. George's marriage to Sarah who called herself Louisa was illegal as well as disreputable.

boy george and prince relationship with dukes

George had not asked the sovereign's permission as he was required to do by the Royal Marriages Act of As Sarah was already the mother of two of George's sons, both born out of wedlock, and even had two more illegitimate children, one the son of an English aristocrat, the other the daughter of an Irish landowner, George must have known there was no way Victoria would agree to their marriage. So he married Sarah quietly at a parish church in Clerkenwell, describing himself in the register as George Frederick Cambridge, gentleman.

Until Sarah's death 43 years later Queen Victoria turned a blind eye.

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Officially George never married. Victoria probably did not much mind. Despite her uncle's plans she never wanted to marry her cousin George. She called him an "odious boy" although she gave him the first dance at the special ball organised for her 14th birthday. In an uncharacteristically romantic gesture George presented her with a brooch in the shape of a posy of lily-of-the-valley.

He grew into a hearty young man but his looks were against him and Victoria described him as "very ugly, his skin in a shocking state". As soon as he could he grew thick bushy whiskers. But if Queen Victoria was not attracted by George's looks there was no shortage of women who were.

Scandal dogged the young prince. In his early 20s his family was forced to deny rumours that he had made the unmarried Lady Augusta Somerset, a duke's daughter, pregnant. Rejecting George, Victoria married another cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, whom she considered "perfection, perfection in every way - in beauty - in everything!

Saved from being Victoria's husband George became a soldier. As a nine year-old boy he had been made a colonel in a German regiment, the Hanoverian guards. Eight years later he became a colonel in the British Army.

Boy George Explains What He Meant When He Said He Slept With Prince

In total he served in Victoria's army for 58 years. From the outset Kiki captivated George, a handsome and dashing man who served in the Royal Navy. She is claimed to have introduced the impressionable royal to cocaine and heroin. Senior members of the Royal Family became so concerned that they insisted George break off the relationship but to no avail.

All would have been lost in the mists of time but rumours began circulating that George had sired an illegitimate child. Naturally suspicion fell on Kiki but royal author Christopher Wilson now claims the mother was Violet Evans. She was another attractive socialite, daughter of a Canadian coal merchant. She first met the Prince at a naval ball in Dartmouth, Devon, and later became part of his London party set.

boy george and prince relationship with dukes

True to form, George pursued her relentlessly and it was no surprise when she discovered she was pregnant in Even in the carefree Twenties this would have caused a scandal but a neat solution was found.

Violet was officially dating a cavalryman who married her on the condition she had nothing to do with the illegitimate child. She was spirited away to Switzerland to give birth and the boy was put up for adoption.

To the relief of the Royal Family the dreaded scandal was averted and the fate of the child wasn't given much further attention. Meanwhile the unwanted baby was given a home by wealthy American publisher Cass Canfield and his wife Katsy who were then living in London. They named the boy Michael and sailed back to New York the following summer.

The cover-up did not, though, shame George into mending his ways. His career in the Navy was not a success, partly due to seasickness, and he became the first member of the Royal Family to become a civil servant. One of his roles was to inspect conditions in factories. But he was immensely popular with the public.

Prince George: The previous Duke of Cambridge was a love rat and hopeless soldier

The Duke was drawn to flying, hunting and music and was also said to be "the best car driver and the best dancer in the British Royal Family". He once entered a tango competition under an assumed name and won. His racy image only added to his charm and one wag of the time commented: Their union was seen as a final attempt to curb his excesses and the couple had three children, including the current Duke of Kent. Yet it is said Buckingham Palace "lost count" of his indiscretions.

Among George's male lovers was, it has been reported, the spy Anthony Blunt, while his mistresses included Blunt, while his mistresses included the singer Jessie Matthews. At the same time in New York, Michael Canfield had the perfect start in life.

But he grew up damaged by the rumours over his parentage and the whispers that went on behind his back. There were constant references to the similarity in appearance of Michael and George. Perhaps to try to protect him - or the Royal Family - his new parents refused to tell Michael the identity of his birth parents.