Bob dylan and donovan relationship

D.A. Pennebaker Talks Bob Dylan & Donovan in ‘Don’t Look Back’

bob dylan and donovan relationship

All of Rock Hall Of Famer Donovan's hits and more are on a new . We sat down and listened to The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - it was just like Woody Guthrie. . Alex didn't like the relationship John had with the Marharishi. I suppose Bob Dylan was a million miles an hour at this point, writing, performing and being Bob Dylan and Donovan was a quaint. As folk singer Donovan embarks on a world tour to celebrate his upcoming 70th birthday in May, he is keen to dispel a few myths about his.

Donovan's "sweet songs" really are just that: But hey, Donovan's a nice guy though. He wasn't going for the same thing Dylan was and shouldn't be judged for his failure to be Dylan.

I'm not saying he's more important, but I am saying I listen to him and I don't Dylan. Donovan sounds like he has a healthy sense of irony about it, whereas McCartney just sounds like he's saying "Well, I'm such a sweet boy, aren't I? He would, being British. Dude also hated Springsteen, apparently. No accounting for taste, etc. I also have a soft spot for "Atlantis" 'cause of Goodfellas.

Singer Donovan on his friendship with Bob Dylan and the influence of Woody Guthrie |

Donovan plays him the saccharine To Sing for You as: Donovan plays him the Saccharine Trust. Hurdy Gurdy Man vs. Totally love that Donovan, so eat shit Sunday Times! Bill The Good Dr. BillSunday, 11 September It's irrelevant in terms of the two's quality, but not in terms of their legacy, of which I think Donovan has fairly little. He has just come from performing a short acoustic set in a bookshop; when he started playing, one woman burst into tears, presumably from pleasure.

We walk downstairs to the brasserie to talk. Donovan is celebrating 40 years since his first chart success — his debut single Catch The Wind went to number four inthe first of 10 hits in that decade. His auto biography, The Hurdy Gurdy Man, is being published to coincide with the anniversary. Donovan became a pop star aged 19, packed it in at 24, and is now The Glasgow of his childhood was a post-war city of bombed buildings; he hunted for shell casings in the rubble.

His father, Donnie, had helped build Spitfire engines, and after the war continued to work as a tool setter. The family was poor but Donnie was an autodidact, a great reader who could be counted upon to stand up at parties and recite the works of Robert Burns and Robert Service; he was also a staunch trade unionist.

He was no stranger to jeely pieces either. Donnie Leitch was Protestant, his wife Wynn a Catholic. Through the example of their marriage, Donovan reached an early understanding of a common humanity, beyond religious and other differences, which would inform his work in the peace and love era.

The family moved to the south of England in when Donovan was 10, but his accent becomes increasingly Scottish when he reflects on his Glasgow years. He was given the polio vaccine when he was four but the dosage was too strong and his right leg began to wither. He thinks now that his eventual success was partly rooted in this need to triumph over his physically superior peers.

Anyway, he took comfort from his father, who would cuddle him and recite from the Romantic poets. He seems to have had a more complex relationship with his mother, who appears to have been rather highly strung; when she discovered her son had been masturbating, she locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to commit suicide. Had she not come to terms with her own upbringing, or was her marriage not as she had imagined it would be?

She thought it was her fault that I was masturbating. Is that fair to say? He puts his cup of Earl Grey down, rattling, on the saucer. One has to move into the world of astrology. My wife Linda, my muse, my sunshine supergirl, we met God knows how many lives ago, and she studied astrology.

Anyway, Linda told him his character has been shaped by his star sign, Taurus. Our sign is the bull, and bulls are So maybe with being Taurus and having no girls in the family, I was attracted to women very early. These gals were not just sexual objects, they had freedom and an artistic bent. I was fascinated by those liberated females — not just because of the sexual freedom but because they had left society. The liner notes included an appeal for young people to give up drugs.

His disavowal of drugs came after his time with the Maharishi in Rishikesha topic discussed in a two-part interview for the first two issues of Rolling Stone.

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  • D.A. Pennebaker Talks Bob Dylan & Donovan in ‘Don’t Look Back’

Donovan developed interest in eastern mysticism and claims to have interested the Beatles in transcendental meditation. The visit gained worldwide attention thanks to the presence of all four Beatles as well as Beach Boys lead singer Mike Loveas well as actress Mia Farrow and her sister Prudence who inspired Lennon to write " Dear Prudence ".

According to a Paul McCartney interview with Radio Luxembourg[34] it was during this time that Donovan taught Lennon and McCartney finger-picking guitar styles including the clawhammerwhich he had learned from Mac MacLeod. After hearing MacLeod's version, Donovan considered giving it to Jimi Hendrixbut when Most heard it, he convinced Donovan to record it himself.

Donovan tried to get Hendrix to play, but he was on tour. Jimmy Page played electric guitar in some studio sessions and is credited with playing on the song.


The cover featured only a painting by Fleur Cowles with neither the artist's name nor the title. The album contained two of his big hits and songs which would have been new to the audience.

bob dylan and donovan relationship

The album also includes extended group arrangements of "Young Girl Blues" and "The Pebble and the Man", a song later reworked and retitled as "Happiness Runs".

Hopkin covered three Donovan songs: McCartney returned the favour by playing tambourine and singing backing vocals on Donovan's next single, " Atlantis ", which was released in the UK with "I Love My Shirt" as the B-side in late November and reached Rags, and he also performed "Lord of the Reedy River" in the film as a singer at a youth hostel. The A-side, a gentle calypso -styled song, contained another anti-war message, and became a moderate Top 40 US hit.

However, when DJs in America and Australia flipped it and began playing "Atlantis", that became a hit. For this episode Donovan recorded a satirical version of the song describing the Lost City of Atlanta which featured in the episode. It became the most successful album of his career; it reached 4 in the US, became a million-selling gold record, and stayed on the Billboard album chart for more than a year.

On 26 June the track " Barabajagal Love Is Hot " recorded Maywhich gained him a following on the rave scene decades later, was released, reaching 12 in the UK but charting less strongly in the US. The Beck group was under contract to Most and it was Most's idea to team them with Donovan to bring a heavier sound to Donovan's work, while introducing a lyrical edge to Beck's. In Septemberthe "Barabajagal" album reached 23 in the US.

Changes[ edit ] In latethe relationship with Most ended after an argument over an unidentified recording session in Los Angeles. The only time we ever fell out was in Los Angeles when there was all these, I suppose, big stars of their day, the Stephen Stills-es and the Mama Cass-es, all at the session and nothing was actually being played.

Somebody brought some dope into the session and I stopped the session and slung them out. You know you need someone to say it's my session, I'm paying for it. We fell out over that. After the rift, Donovan spent two months writing and recording the album Open Road as a member of the rock trio Open Road. Stripping the sound of Most's heavy studio productions down to stuff that could be played by a live band, Donovan dubbed the sound, " Celtic Rock ". The album peaked at No. I was exhausted and looking for roots and new directions.

Downstairs was McCartney, doing his solo album. I had left Mickie after great years together. The new decade dawned and I had accomplished everything any young singer songwriter could achieve.

What else was there to do but to experiment beyond the fame and into the new life, regardless of the result? This was partially on the advice from his management to go into tax exileduring which he was not to set foot in the UK until Aprilbut after touring to France, Italy, Russia, and Japan, he cut the tour short: I travelled to Japan and was set to stay out of the UK for a year and earn the largest fees yet for a solo performer, and all tax-free.

During that Japanese tour I had a gentle breakdown, which made me decide to break the tax exile.

bob dylan and donovan relationship

Millions were at stake. I did and went back to my little cottage in the woods. Two days later a young woman came seeking a cottage to rent. Donovan dropped out of the round of tour promotion and concentrated on writing, recording and his family.

My favourite photograph by singer Donovan

The largely self-produced children's album HMS Donovan inwent unreleased in the US and did not gain a wide audience. The title song from the Zeffirelli film provided Donovan with a publishing windfall in when it was covered as the B-side of the million-selling US top 5 hit " The Lord's Prayer ", by Australia's singing nun, Sister Janet Mead.

Late in the year he released Essence To Essence, produced by Andrew Loog Oldhamand a live album recorded in Japan and only released in Japan, which featured an extended version of "Hurdy Gurdy Man" which included an additional verse written by George Harrison in Rishikesh.

Spring Tourand the more introspective Essence to Essence. A few guitarists taught me the fingerpicking style. When they saw what I was doing, they would turn their guitars away and give me the finger, as if to say, 'You're not learning it from me; you have to learn this for yourself.

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But he was a beautiful man and he had a guitar, a Martin dreadnaught. I asked him, 'Will you teach me? In the documentary Don't Look Back, it seemed as if there was a rivalry between the two of you.

But you were cool with each other, right? My cap and my harmonica was a Woody Guthrie thing. That was my introduction to Dylan. She couldn't believe it. She said, 'You have to meet Bobby. When the film came out, it looked as if there was a conflict. It was played up: But we were both taking from Woody. I absorbed a couple of Dylan's styles and tried them out, like any artist would. But I realized that he was drawing from a very heavy Celtic, British-Irish tradition.

Jimmy Page played on Sunshine Superman. What was that like working with Jimmy? It's important to remember that I wasn't a band; I was a singer-songwriter and solo artist. Bands write riffs between the members. When I met Mickie Most, I had met my great partner in sound. See, I knew the sounds, the parts I needed to hear.

Mickie listened to my songs, and I told him what I heard. You need an arranger. He'd write down the parts, everything I heard and talked about. So Jimmy Page came to the Sunshine Superman session and was given the music. Now, he's not in The Yardbirds, he's not in a band, this isn't jamming - he's a session guy, and he's learning parts. This was a jazz-fusion of rock 'n' roll. Jimmy learned the parts, but he was free to do what he wanted.

And I loved it.

bob dylan and donovan relationship

Jimmy is a master.