Being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

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being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

Being Human airs on Syfy and stars Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, and Sam Huntington. werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) and ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath) – who try Obviously, it was important to have the connection to the original Aidan and Josh both wish they could avoid anyone and everyone else. Buy Being Human (U.S.) Season 1: Read Movies & TV Reviews - Amazon. com. As Aidan, Josh and Sally learn that there are fates worse than death, they also realize that Josh's relationship with Ray comes to a head; Aidan finds a vampire in the hospital; Sally .. Quality Used Products · Whole Foods Market. It never should have worked. A vampire, werewolf and ghost as roommates? Talk about begging for trouble. But somehow these three.

The heart of the show is the three of them together, in that house, in their day-to-day lives. Individually, each one of our characters is going down pretty exciting yet tempting and dark paths.

being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

To do that, each one of them is confronting new variations on a theme, as it were. How will that affect them, individually, as well as their friendship? This year, our characters are coming to the show with their eyes open a little more. Each and every one of them is simultaneously reaching for and pushing away each other, in the way that people who are succumbing to temptation or addiction are apt to do. Because you also get to have flashbacks on this show, is it fun to get to explore your characters through their histories, as opposed to just having to reveal it through dialogue?

Instead of talking about the old times, we can just show you. We do this show on a non-glamorous budget, so to be able to do the flashbacks that we do is an absolute testament to the cast and crew in Montreal, who really just pull stuff out of a hat. One of the most fun things about the show, just in terms of having that canvas to work with, is just to get to the beating heart of our characters.

How much do you guys decide to draw on mythology that already exists for these creatures, and how much do you want to bring your own original viewpoint to it? Everything springs from a logical or a sensible place, as much as it can, in this genre. We tried to keep things that felt consistent to us.

being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

Why is it possible for her to even sit? But, we do try to keep it fairly logical.

Sally Malik

How will the new characters change the dynamic for your main cast? We introduced a new element to the vampires and a little bit more of the vampire hierarchy. Anchoring this hierarchy is a mother and daughter who are vampires. Mother is the mother of all the vampires in America, and her daughter, who was brought back to Boston is being played by Dichen Lachman from Dollhouse.

We finally solve the riddle.

Executive Producers Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke Talk Syfy’s BEING HUMAN Season 2

But we actually do answer that question this year in an interesting and profound way. A berserk wolfed-out Josh is literally chomping on their heels, until they lure him into a trap and cage him. That would have been a cop-out. They did a beautiful job of figuring out exactly how I come back and the repercussions when I do come back.

What happened to me? What happens to us [motioning to himself and Hager]? Now in the teaser footage, the two frenemies are seen enjoying a spa day on some ethereal plane. We become a little more solitary because we're dealing with crazy things personally.

being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

While hanging out with some ghost friends she made through Stevie, namely Dylan and Phil though the latter two call him "Boner"they go to a party where she witnesses Dylan and Phil possessing two boys.

She then decides to give it a try, despite the warning Stevie gives her. While she fails the first couple of times, she eventually manages to possess a girl and is estatic that she can now basically live again.

During her possession though, a boy from the group attempted to sexually assault Sally. Her friend, Stevie, had to pull both out of their possessed bodies, causing a fight between Stevie and the other boy, during which Sally witnesses Stevie shredding the other ghost in self defence. This traumatizes her, and puts Stevie into regret and shock. Upon returning home, she talks to Nora about what happened and reveals that possessing people greatly tires her out but that at least she is still there.

In Dream Reaper, Sally is forced into a coma when Aidan hits her with an iron fire poker after she finds out that she is the reaper and she was the one who had been killing all of the ghosts.

In the season 2 finale, Sally attempts to get her mother to shred her to get to Limbo, but she refuses. Sally shreds herself instead and makes it to Limbo, but doesn't know how to get out, and laments to an empty house through the radio that it was a terrible mistake. The catch is that she cannot meet anyone she knew when she was alive or they will die.

Sally decides to spend Josh's first full moon away from Nora at a bar. There she meets Trent, a friend of her brother. They have major chemistry and they decide to take it further, however, Trent doesn't feel up to it and leaves. The next day, he is seen being taken away on a stretcher. Feeling insanely guilty, she goes to the funeral house to try to apologize to Trent's ghost. This is how she meets Max. However things do not go so well, as it is revealed that she had been cheating on him for over a year.

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Trent gets mad at Sally and disappeared from the room. Sally and Aidan go to a bar to unwind. Throughout this scene, Aidan keeps staring at a biker du Sally ressurected de who has what seems to be a tattoo of veins on his arm. He follows him out leaving Sally by herself. Sally finds the biker dude and calls When she confronts Aidan about this, he says he doesn't care.

As he is sleeping, Sally goes into his room, straddles him and places a stake on his chest, stating that if he wanted to die, she'd do it right then. She convinces him to be more careful, that even though Henry was his "son" he still had her and Josh to depend on. Sally realizes that she needs a new identity. She goes to Aidan for help with this, and he tells her the best way is through a dead baby. She returns to the funeral home where Max works, and is caught going through the files by him.

being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

Max offers her a job which she accepts. She is annoyed that ghosts are coming to her for help. She almost disperses Max's mother with an iron skillet, but when she learns who the ghost is, she stops.

being human aidan and sally relationship marketing

Her and Max have their first date because Zoe and Nick were coming over and she didn't want to be the third wheel, asking Max to be the fourth.

Max's mother stalked their date for a while until Sally told her to leave.

Being Human U.S - Sail (Aidan & Sally)

She and Max almost have their first kiss, except Max freaks out and leaves. The next day she confronts him about it and they end up having sex on the couch. Again, Max freaks out and leaves, and his mother's ghost shows up and calls Sally a slut. She later possesses Sally and tells Max that she was just curious, and that she quit.

In a later episode, her brother Robbie shows up as the new landlord of the house. Unexpectedly, she bumps into her brother and he recognizes her. Scared that he too would die, she and Josh go to Donna and beg her lift the curse. Donna agrees, saying that Sally can live a normal life, see everyone and anyone from her past and they wouldn't die. The catch being that when Sally died, her soul would belong to Donna. Now being able to see the people of her past once again, Sally goes to see her friend, Bridget, who still works at a cafe.

While Bridget initially believes she has finally made contact with Sally's ghost, Sally reveals that she was brought back to life by Donna. Initially, Bridget believes that she failed Sally, during the events of Season 1, for not catching onto Danny sooner.

While Sally tries to assure her that she didn't, Bridget cuts her off and reveals that she had joined a Wicca group, inviting Sally to come with her that night since Sally was once a ghost. That night, Sally went with Bridget to the Wicca meeting, initially judging their "High Priestess" and making silent remarks about the meeting, such as asking why Barb, their "High Priestess", had a knife before Bridget explained that it was in fact an athame and it was used to cast the "magic circle".

Sitting through the ceremony, Sally was surprised to see Barb call a ghost to the circle, believing it to be the ghost of a man named Joey, whose wife was part of the circle. However, it is later revealed to be a ghost named Roger, who is in turn followed by an older ghost named Franklin, the latter revealing that he has been stalking a girl he has taken a liking to because of her breasts.

When Sally tries to urge Bridget to leave, she is possessed by Roger, Franklin having previously revealed that he has possessed her on multiple occasions, which explains the times that Bridget feels "calmness and her mind emptying".

After revealing that Sally knows who is inside of Bridget, Roger leaves Bridget's body. When Barb asks for the sudden outburst by Sally, leading Bridget to apologize, she explains that the ghost named Joey was not with them and that she can see ghosts. After accidentally letting it slip to the two ghosts that she was once one of them, they bombard her with a series of questions before Franklin attempts to possess her.

Due to Zoe's necklace protecting her, she disperses Franklin before Roger flees. Back at her house, Sally explains that ghosts have been possessing Bridget and that it will slowly drive her insane, also explaining that she once possessed a woman and nearly drove her insane. After telling Bridget that she needs to forget about spirits and ghosts, and even Sally herself, she gives her Zoe's necklace to protect her from becoming possessed. Later on Sally starts to decompose, it first starts on her skull.

She realizes what is happening to her and goes to see Nick. He says he's not decomposing but when Sally leaves he lifts his shirt and his stomach is decomposing.

Later that night, Sally is up eating food when she goes to the fridge and sees a pack of raw meat. Sally ripps it open and starts eating it.