Baby daddy ben and riley relationship tips

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baby daddy ben and riley relationship tips

In ETonline's exclusive sneak peek from “A Love/Fate Relationship,” Riley finally admits her feelings to Danny – except he's not exactly awake. Even when Riley was dating Fitch, Phillip, or Ross, Danny was happy for her. Meanwhile, with Amy, Georgie, and Robyn, Riley was unsteady about his. Riley and Danny give Ben and Sam relationship jumps to the wrong conclusion in this week's Baby Daddy.

Relationships Ben Wheeler Riley is secretly harboring a crush on him, but he doesn't notice. However, in Season 2, they seem to develop a small romance as he begins to have feelings for Riley. In season 3, they began dating, however it didn't last long due to the reappearance of Emma's mother.

baby daddy ben and riley relationship tips

They also dated for a brief period in season 4, but they broke up again, officially ending their relationship for good in An Officer and a Gentle Ben. Despite this, they care deeply for each other. Danny Wheeler Riley's oldest and best friend. Danny has been in love with Riley since childhood, but she never noticed it. In season 3, after Ben and Riley start going out, Danny is very uncomfortable being around them and tries avoiding them.

He is still supportive unlike Ben sometimes. He boards the plane to leave for Paris, France with his girlfriend Georgie but Georgie breaks up for him through voicemail.

baby daddy ben and riley relationship tips

He lives with Riley because the rest of his family doesn't know he is back yet. Riley and Danny soon end up dating and he proposes to her at the end of Season 4; she faints and then she pretends to have not remembered what happened. Later in that episode he gives her a someday proposal, meaning some day she will marry him. They then have a mis-communication over Sam in season 5 because Danny didn't remember having sex with her. They go on to fight for two months but eventually clear it up.

Wheeler left an earring in Ben's room and Emma finds it and uses it to poke holes in all of his condoms which all the guys use which results in Danny getting Riley pregnant. She tells Danny about the baby by putting a pacifier in a ring box, getting down on one knee and telling him the news. In season 6 episode 8, Danny and Riley get married and in the finale they become parents to a baby boy. Bonnie Wheeler Ben's and Danny's mom. She and Riley get along but Bonnie often criticizes Riley about her past, much to her chagrin.

baby daddy ben and riley relationship tips

Riley and Bonnie often give each other advice over Danny, since their dating. They fight often because Bonnie wants Riley to do specific stuff with her but Riley doesn't. Riley starts telling him why it took her so long, Danny is hurt by the fact she left him standing there with no answers for a long time. Which made a big hole in their friendship, which made Riley sell her apartment and move back to New Jersey. At the time, Danny was dating Robyn, who he later breaks up with for Ashlee, Evelyn's grand-daughter.

Riley and Danny make up, and Riley promises to Danny that she won't get in the way of his relationships. She moves in across from the Wheeler household, which was Evelyn's old apartment. In the season finale of season 4, Riley and Danny kiss at Bonnie and Brad's wedding. In the end, Danny proposes to Riley, which ends in a cliffhanger.

Baby Daddy: Riley and Danny helps out Ben and Sam. Tucker jumps to conclusions.

Riley doesn't know what to say, and ends up fainting to get out of saying yes or no. Later in the episode, Danny proposes again but instead of saying "Will you marry me? They have a very healthy and loving relationship, till Sam Saffe, who went to High school with them, comes to New York to get a job at Ben and Danny's bar. She use to ignore Ben in high school, and bully Riley since she was fat.

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He says no, not ever, not remembering that Sam and him hooked up in high school. When they arrive, Ben finds old home videos of Prom. Sam stops the video and tells Riley and Ben to set up the table, and tells Danny that he should thank her. Danny realizes he had forgotten about the hookup and tells Sam not to tell Riley, she promises.

Danny-Riley Relationship

The next day, Riley watches the video and sees Danny and Sam after they had hooked up, Riley is hurt and tells Danny they don't have a someday anymore. Which meant they weren't getting married anymore. Riley breaks up with Ross after he had kissed Ben's date, Sarah Ms. Gilcrest who was Riley and Ben's high school teacher.

baby daddy ben and riley relationship tips

Riley and Danny later make up, with a kiss in Season 5 Episode Riley and Danny end up helping Sam and Ben get together, and when Ben plans a special night, he buys condoms. Emma finds Bonnie's sharp earring and pokes holes in the condoms which puts Riley, Sam, and Renee Tucker's girlfriend" in jeopardy of getting pregnant.

The Danny and Riley Story from Baby Daddy

Tests come back that they aren't pregnant. In Season 5, Episode 20, Danny gets an offer to move to the Vancouver Canucks and Riley gets on the shortlist to make Junior Partner which is a big dream of hers.

Danny tells her that he probbaly won't take the job, and she simply talks about her offer again. Which makes Danny feel upset, and makes Riley look selfish. They don't see each other until Emma's "Street Fair" birthday party, where Riley tells Danny that she was sorry and that if he wanted to take the offer, that he could and that she would stay with him.

Right after they kiss and makeup, Emma falls off a pony and is taken to the hospital for a broken wrist.