Asuka and jun kazama relationship poems

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asuka and jun kazama relationship poems

JinXAsuka. Tekken 7 | Asuka Jin Xiaoyu by llSWATll Screenshots. STORIES POEMS .. Jin Kazama is the son of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. However, they don't seem to be aware of their relationship. During The King of Iron Fist. Having played Tekken as a kid though it wasn't really my favorite at first, I thought about how Jun was sort of my "crush", while Kazuya was my. Her pre and post-match quotes also demonstrate her confidence. Asuka is somehow related to Jun Kazama (Jin's mother) and is the rival of Emilie "Lili" De . a potential romantic relationship between Jin and Asuka, which several fans have.

In that time, Jun could have gotten backup and taken care of business, but alas, she didn? Her love for Kazuya, and the hurt that followed, drove her away from her job and society. After she left Kazuya I'm sure since he didn't just leave with her that he wouldn't abandon his evil ways.

Thus leads me to believe that she may have had feelings for him but could never ultimately love him completely. This is most likely the hurt she felt and the reason why she left.

Though she saved him, he was unchanged. The Kazuya she loved had become corrupted with evil and power. She still loved him, but couldn? And who's to say she defended devil for their child, was kaz there, no she defended her child. Jin may be Kaz's offspring but I'm sure he never did anything to imply he wanted to be a father to him. Why would she want to even consider protecting jin for the both of them when she was protecting jin from kaz influence thus devil.

Asuka Kazama

Because the story tells us she went on to raise Kazuya? She fought to protect the little life beating inside her, again, the story tells us these things. Snippet of Tekken 3? It could be coincidence, but why did she name Jin after Kazuya? The Chinese characters are the same, minus the one that is also used for Heihachi? I don't think he raped her I believe what ever forces compelled them together brought them to care for each other if only for a quickie moment.

If this were actually true, than Jun is a very unusual woman. Not many women would have given birth under the same conditions. What was revealed was that for some reason, the Kazama blood could suppress the power of Devil which may have been the reason why Kazuya was defeated in Tekken 2. While playing Tekken 3, I always wondered where she was until years later, I read more about the story. She singlehandedly raised her son Jin and later, told him to seek refuge with Heihachi Mishima.

I wonder what she ate to suggest that, perhaps she was not totally aware of Heihachi's darker secrets. During that time, she supposedly tried to fight Ogre but went missing ever since.

Is she dead or missing? Only if Namco will verify her fate. It was pretty disappointing to see her leave but I sort of liked the idea that she and Kazuya had a kid in Jin While I was disappointed to see her gone so soon, I was happy to at least play as her with Kazuya as a Tag Team partner in the Tekken Tag Tournament games.

The Two Kazama Ladies Of Tekken: Jun Kazama And Asuka Kazama!

Non-canonically, she is Unknown as revealed in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Kazama might be Jun's brother and in Tekken 6, Jin acknowledges the possibility that they are indeed blood cousins. She is introduced to be different than Jun so I didn't immediately think highly of her. It's just like how as of right now, I have a hard time accepting Cassie Cage over her mother Sonya Blade.

But I'll admit, I do enjoy using her and I think I still like her as a character. Is she really just a Jun clone?

asuka and jun kazama relationship poems

Not really, her vigilante attitude combined with her fighting school girl theme makes her a version of Sakura Kusagani from Street Fighter. Dark Resurrection, she is met with Lili Rochefort who is a spoiled brat similar to Karin Kanzuki, and the rivalry was born.

asuka and jun kazama relationship poems

I don't know exactly how think about Asuka but I find her to be a pretty fun character to play as compared to the more masher-friendly ones.