Ashmit and veena relationship marketing

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ashmit and veena relationship marketing

Pakistani actress Veena Malik and Neetu Chandra, both who were fighting off .. My relationship started under different circumstances. .. Yeah, both him and Ashmit Patel kind of ganged up against the girls She is doing all this for one and one reason only popularity in India and the Indian market. Ashmit Patel on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more But Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar, who has handled public relations for the maximum Eros International has joined hands with Uci Cinemas to release their films in the German market. Veena Malik: I ignored Ashmit while shooting for Supermodel. Mumbai, Dec 26 (IANS) Veena Malik's intimacy with Ashmit Patel in the 'Bigg Boss' Q: What's the status of your relationship with Ashmit Patel? . Including trucks in the Canada market, the recall totals more than ,

What's the status of your relationship with Ashmit Patel? Ash-mit is very important to me. Believe me, he gave me tremendous emotional support. But let me tell you, all the gossip linking me with Hrishant Goswami and Ashmit is untrue.

Hrishant wasn't even a friend. I admire him for being a goodlooking man. I'm the kind of woman who can never go by without complimenting a goodlooking man. As for Ash-mit, he's a sweetheart. But there's nothing beyond friendship between us. So, who's the special man in your life? Right now I'm single waiting. I am waiting anxious for that special entry in my life by someone special. Do you regret your expose on your former cricketer boyfriend Mohammad Asif?

I don't want to go into too many details. But I will say this. I went out of my way for him. Whatever he did or said about me about our personal relationship, I didn't mind.

But what he did with the emotions of thousands of cricket lovers by cheating crores, I couldn't tolerate that. I'd have never opened my mouth about what he did to me on a personal level. But I can't forgive him for what he did to the country.

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Even today I stand by my expose. What are your plans now? Please believe me, I did't go on 'Bigg Boss' for the money. The prize money is meaningless to me. Allah ka diya hua mere paas bahut kuch hai. I am a woman of plenty. I came to India and 'Bigg Boss' to spread the message of love.

It was being said before me that artistes from across the border had no acceptance or support in India.

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I'll always be happy to return to India any time. My visa expires now in a few days.

ashmit and veena relationship marketing

So I've to return to Pakistan. But bear in the mind that the issue raised not all the nonsense that followed was a very serious one. Veggies are very sensitive and emotional with their food, paranoid to certain extend. But that is an important part of their religion and everyone must respect that. Compare that to eating haram food in our case and I'm sure you wouldnt even want haram gosht anyway near your house, let alone at the frying pan of your kitchen.

That oil thing was very naive, you can give her the benefit of doubt for ignorance but her reaction "So what? This is what started the drama. Like you said, its like frying pork with oil and using the left over oil in the pan to prepare food for a muslim.

He would be irritated to core.

Veena Malik says anti-India tweets were from fake account

Sir john very poor show i must say. Down2Earth lol people are actually watching this: D farazaidi 8th October I've watched Big Brother previously so I like this concept.

Not a bad show, its an interesting phase now when everyone is discovering each other. It'll be interesting to see how they can maintain the interest after the initial phase dries out ascher 8th October I know where you are coming from but there are 3 things in it I mean I am not being an apologist for Veena here but to tell you honestly despite knowing much about different religions even I was surprised when Goswami pointed out what she was doing, as even I would have committed such mistake 9 out of 10 times in order to save the cooking oil a very common practice among ladies at least here in Pakistan if I were cooking there.

So I think Veena couldn't explain her dilemma properly!

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Remember even one of the most honest member of the house Sameer Sohni had voted for Goswami's eviction on the very second day as he thought that He was going too much over the board with his jokes involving him and Veena.

So it wasn't a case of Veena trying to get his attention either as his attention was already towards her to begin with! Wow, you have watched it so carefully man. I had watched it in between doing some work.

Ashmit Patel-Veena Malik reach Fiji islands to shoot Supermodel

Well, what I felt was, the issue was not just about putting the oil back. The guy told Veena once and it could have died there. But I think the temper increased when Veena replied with "So what?

ashmit and veena relationship marketing

Either way, its good that these things happen. When there is no cricket we need something at 9 PM. I can't watch soap operas. I hope they don't start India vs Pakistan after few weeks inside that house. P ascher 8th October I think the fact that he pretends to be a normal guy is just his own effort to fit in the old school circle of politicians etc whom he interviews regularly ever since his show started!

Btw, you seem to hate him for no reason, Are you Homophobic?: I don't hate him. I said I like him in her get up more. The reverse is not always true. P Big Brother or bigg boss is the only program that I follow religiously on television!!!.

As for the Indo-Pak thingy, so I think it might have been at its climax yesterday when first Goswami and then Ashmit try to bully both Veena and Ali respectively!

ashmit and veena relationship marketing

But I think with Ali becoming the captain, things are beginning to settle down a bit, I am quite sure that as the days would go by It would just boil down to personal likes and dislikes with nationality being hardly an issue unless there are hidden Bal thakrays inside most of the male members of the house: I hope they do censor in case anyone tries to be political about Indo-Pak. Energy 8th October Or is there any other aspect that determines the elimination?

Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the rules of the game. Generally, it all depends on the voting unless some one really starts doing nasty things, like damaging stuff, being physically violent or leave voluntarily! May be, Bigg Boss was the only safe place left in the whole india that they could have thrown the poor guy in, in order to save his life!

Btw, the unnecessary hatred found for Kasab's Lawyer doesn't bode well for the mature, secular and liberal image of india and the fact that in the end a muslim guy had to take up his case defies logic as well.

I mean why would of all the people they gave such a sensitive case to a muslim guy? Did all the Hindu guys reject the offer just on religious basis?

ashmit and veena relationship marketing

PerfectionPersonified 8th October Asif may be druggie, alcoholic etc etc but she just want to get more publicity by her cheap stunts and she is quite successful in that. Thanks, but then this is political partiality in my opinion. A group can be formed who can control the entire game and eliminate the rest by constantly voting. Guess that's the beauty of the game though. I've seen my mom do that with oil like a zillion times too but that is beside the point.

ashmit and veena relationship marketing