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Minissha Lamba and Aarya Babbar's relationship secrets exposed on 'Bigg Boss 8'! - Each year, each edition of Bigg Boss brings with it a flurry. Early life Minisha Lamba was born in a Sikh family[4][5]to Kawel Lamba and Manju Lamba in Aman does not let the army know about his new relationship. Bipasha Basu, Kay Kay Menon, Payal Rohatgi, Minissha Lamba and Raj Babbar. [4] Aarya Babbar acted in the Bengali film Paapi in , opposi. [5] In , he also appeared in the Punjabi movie Heer and Hero, opposite Minissha Lamba . . The actress in the film has a bitter relationship with her sister (played by Divya.

So for me to survive in such negativity and understand that I am patient as well as calm, for no matter what, I did not lose my ground and my culture, was a very big lesson I learnt.

I think Puneet Issar was one person who carried the flame of negativity in the house. Why he behaved like he did and why he is so frustrated, is beyond me. You are doing a lot of Punjabi films.

Bigg Boss 8 REVEALED! Arya Babbar was in a relationship with Minissha Lamba

So is it Adieu to Bollywood? I have not completely shifted to Punjabi cinema. But I cannot deny the fact that I have inclined myself more towards Punjabi cinema because they have given me meatier roles and the audience has accepted me with far more love.

How is your relationship with your step-brother Prateik Babbar? Being in the Bigg Boss house gave me an opportunity to speak about it and let people know that though we were born from different mothers, we still are brothers, our father is the same, and a bygone is a bygone. Breaking all stereotypes that are carried with the word step-brother, I would say that a step-brother means a brother who is just a step away.

Prateik and I share a great bond and have no misunderstandings to be resolved. You recently announced your book… Yes. I love the fact that people like the title already.

So this book has to do with you and real life characters? The book is about Rushabh Shah. At the same time, he has a problem of confusion and retrospectively he blames God for these confusions. Three weeks before their marriage, this will go hay-wire because he had defied God. To know the rest, you will have to read my book. Honestly, I have always been into writing. I won my first certificate for writing a poem when I was eight.

I have done a course in screenplay writing from New York Film Academy. I have always been a prolific reader of plays and novels. And books are as good as a DVD collection.

Reading and writing are both hobbies. Writing a book was a childhood dream for me. It was like a childhood bucket list dream.

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What was the seed of the idea behind writing this book? I had written all the pointers, how I wanted the story to go, the characters and the plot but I was really strapped for time to write. In earlyI had jaundice and I was bed ridden for three months.

I had to let go a few Punjabi films. As a workaholic, and just to keep myself mentally occupied I decided to write. I managed to finish this book within four months. Are you planning to take it up as your full time profession? I obviously want to act and continue being an actor. I have more film offers and I am open to television and regional cinema as well. There were speculations about Minissha Lamba and you being in a relationship.

But things changed the moment Arya came out of the confession room and joined the rest of the housemates for a discussion. When Salman asked Minissha to confirm what she had said about Arya, Minisha said yes, she had received a call from him asking if they could pretend to be a couple while they were inside the house.

Minissha said that since both had a life outside the house and were seeing other people, it would be a bad idea. While Minissha spoke Arya listened. When Salman asked Arya if he considered Minissha a friend, Arya suddenly went into the past and started narrating how the conversation actually transpired. Arya claimed that Minissha had called him while he was on a shoot in Ladakh and they kept missing each others calls. Arya's current girlfriend apparently got insecure about the calls because Minissha is Arya's ex-girlfriend.

Housemates, including Minissha, were left stunned when Arya confessed about their past relationship.

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While Salman did try to make Arya stop, but the miffed actor was in no mood to keep quiet. Arya said that he did strategize and had expected Minissha, his friend, to keep quiet about their phone conversation. When Salman went on a break saying Arya and Pritam were safe, Puneet Issar told Arya that how it was not right to delve in the past on national television.