Artemis fowl and holly short relationship

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artemis fowl and holly short relationship

I really don't think that arty and holly should get together cos long story short; . other fans who have posted their comments on the Artemis Holly relationship. Captain Holly Short is a character of the Artemis Fowl novel series by Eoin Colfer. Her relationship with Artemis Fowl has changed dramatically since the. Everything you ever wanted to know about Captain Holly Short in Artemis Fowl, written by masters of this stuff just for you.

However, the series still has a large fan base, and deservedly so. The Artemis Fowl books thrive on daring capers, rich emotion, and memorable and well-developed characters.

Artemis is an anti-hero who goes from cold-hearted criminal to selfless friend.

artemis fowl and holly short relationship

Holly, however, is a little different. Holly is a Captain in the Reconnaissance division of the Lower Elements Police, a paramilitary body which enforces the law in a fairy society hidden under the ground from prying eyes. She, like Artemis, faces a different developmental arc in every book. At least, in all the ones that were good. But Colfer does something clever with Holly. He shows her paying for the reckless decisions she makes, and how she has to deal with the consequences trailing into the second book.

Incidentally, these consequences are how she meets Artemis and Butler. In the second book, The Arctic Incident, she goes from blaming Artemis for putting her in a bad position in the LEP to developing a sort of camaraderie with him when they manage to help each other. By the end of the third book, The Eternity Code, their relationship is cemented into something approaching genuine friendship. Holly herself has gone from cowboy cop to responsible officer of the law.

Then, their entire relationship is upended and twisted around. When it becomes apparent that Artemis has encountered a demon, they encounter Minerva Paradizo, another child genius who has managed to obtain a demon, and the deranged Billy Kong. When they arrive back at Artemis and Holly's time, they find that three years have passed in their own dimension.

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The Time ParadoxArtemis and Holly travel into the past to find the silky sifaka lemur, the only thing that can save Angeline Fowl from death by a fairy disease, Spelltropy. The pair are forced to outwit Artemis's younger self and Damon Kronski, president of the "Extinctionists" organization.

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They eventually encounter Opal Koboiwho needs the silky sifaka lemur to increase her own power. In the novel, Holly kisses Artemis, and quickly attributes it to the effects of time travel as she is now an adolescent fairy.

The Atlantis ComplexArtemis is mentally ill; his dabbles with magic have resulted in his developing Atlantis Complex; a fairy disease equivalent to OCD and multiple-personality disorder. Atlantis Complex also gives the victim a large amount of paranoia.

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He arranges for Holly and her fairy companions to meet him at a glacier in Iceland. Later, however, when Artemis proceeds to demonstrate his invention- a means of curing global warming- outdoors, a hacked martian probe gone rogue descends and attacks the LEP ship on the glacier, killing several marines and Commander Raine Vinyaya, then heads towards Atlantis, the underwater fairy metropolis. Entangled in a conspiracy planned by Holly's old nemesis, the impending crisis and Artemis's rapid deterioration into a soppy alter-ego called Orion who perceives Holly as his 'fair princess' forces Holly to take the lead and find a way to bring back Artemis before it is too late.

The Last GuardianArtemis's condition has improved, with he and Holly having formed a certain friendship with 'Nopal', the near-brain-dead clone of Opal Koboi. When Opal's plan for revenge results in her releasing ancient fairy guardians, Artemis is forced to apparently sacrifice himself and Nopal to stop her, but provides Holly with a sample of his DNA that she can use to clone a new body for his discorporated soul.

As the series concludes, Holly is sharing her history with Artemis with his revived but amnesic self. The Artemis Fowl Files. She stands at centimetres 40 inches1 centimetre shorter than average fairy height. Her nose has a hook and her mouth is plump and cherubic, which is appropriate considering her great-grandfather is Cupid. In the Time Paradox, it is also mentioned that fairies in general have much wider foreheads, which make their faces seem more akin to heart-shaped.

Holly has a slim frame and long tapered fingers. It was revealed in the graphic novel that Holly's physical appearance was as depicted in the Novel, with a slim waist.

The Graphic Novels depict her with chin-length golden-brown hair, dark brown eyes with green sclera also known as the whites of your eyes fair skin, and approximately the same height as Juliet Butler and Artemis.

In the original books this is true for the first two, however at just over one metre Holly is fully grown and as a year passes between each book Artemis and Juliet continue to grow, while Holly does not. She is often described as rather attractive. Based on description by Eoin Colfer. She swore to her mother there that she would destroy all the humans because it was a human tanker that dumped radioactive waste on the suband her mother, on her deathbed, whispered, "Holly, I spent my life saving creatures.

Holly Short

Do not undo my work. Save them as well. She originally started out in LEPtrafficthen, when her promotion came, she had to prove herself worthy to Commander Julius Root. She is at least 80 years old, as The Arctic Incident notes her father died when she was barely sixty, which was nearly twenty years ago.

Sometime in her life, she says she was bitten in the behind by a Swear Toada major nuisance of the Lower Elements. To get into LEPrecon, Holly was taken to an island not far off Tara Tern Morwhere she was challenged to tag Root with a paintball gun before he tagged her. Whilst being filmed by Trouble Kelpshe noticed someone hidden by Cam Foil lying on the beach.

artemis fowl and holly short relationship

When the two investigated, they discovered Turnball Root 's secret hideout, and later foiled the fiend. There, she is kept in a cell and Artemis tells Commander Root that they can only get Holly back if they pay a ransom of one ton of 24 carat gold. Root refuses and launches a time-stop to save Holly. She manages to complete The Ritual while in her cell and escapes, not long after the LEP send in a squad to save her. Holly almost dies during this escapade, which involved saving and healing Butler after fighting with a troll.

artemis fowl and holly short relationship

Holly is set free after the LEP send in the gold in exchange for the still-alive Holly. The LEP then bio-bombs the house and assumes Fowl is dead; however, they underestimated Fowl because he becomes the first human to escape the time-stop. Artemis also gives back half of the gold in exchange for the healing of his mother. Mulch steals a large-sized portion of the gold left over. After detecting the presence of moving gray on a heat scanner which is supposedly impossible and in the injury of Verbil, Holly investigates and learns that they are in fact goblins in fire suits.