Aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

The file named must satisfy the following requirements: an aggregation relationship (in this assignment, a containment relationship), and the symbols at You must submit both versions, each in it's own PDF file, one named. in isolation, but the aggregate sum is delightfully arranged into a hate flower that Sadly, the relationship between CSS and HTML is the same relationship that. Know how to create a style sheet and link an html document to the style sheet . Let's see how we can translate a typical tag to a CSS style. .. Pseudo- classes are attached to selectors to specify a state or relation to the selector. They .

By the way, Composition is also very much preferred in object oriented design over inheritance, even Joshua Bloch has stated its importance in the classic book, Effective Java. Since Engine is-part-of Car, the relationship between them is Composition.

Here is how they are implemented between Java classes. Similar way is used to show aggregation and composition between two classes. Here are UML notations for different kind of dependency between two classes. As I said all three denotes relationship between object and only differ in their strength, you can also view them as below, where composition represents strongest form of relationship and association being the most general form.

Association vs Composition vs Aggregation Here is the list of differences between Composition and Aggregation in point format, for quick review.

aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

An example is Car and Engine. While if A and B are associated with each other, such that B can exist without being associated with A, then this association in known as Aggregation. Organization uses People as an employee. ES6 classes make our code safer by guaranteeing that an initialization function will be called, and they make it easier to define a fixed set of functions that operate on that data and maintain valid state.

Consider this non-class code. How many errors can you find?

Chapter 2: Defining styles with CSS

How would you fix them? Notice also that, when adding a day, we checked in one place if we went beyond 31 but missed that check in another place. It would be better if we interacted with the data only through a small and fixed set of functions that each maintain valid state. When a function is associated with a class or object, we call it a method.

The Enhanced ER Model

When an object is created from a class, that object is said to be an instance of the class. Constructors The constructor method is special, and it solves the first problem.

aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

Keep Data Private We try to design our classes so that their state is guaranteed to be valid. We provide a constructor that creates only valid values, and we design methods that also always leave behind only valid values.

aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

But as long as we leave the data of our classes accessible to everyone, someone will mess it up. We protect against this by keeping the data inaccessible except through the functions we supply. Keeping data private to protect it is called encapsulation. We have to fake them.

Object-oriented JavaScript: A Deep Dive into ES6 Classes — SitePoint

The most common way to do that is to adhere to a simple convention: We used this approach in the earlier code example.

Generally this simple convention works, but the data is technically still accessible to everyone, so we have to rely on our own discipline to do the right thing. Privacy with Privileged Methods The next most common way to fake private object properties is to use ordinary variables in the constructor, and capture them in closures.

Instead of underscore property names, we could use unique symbol object keys, and our class can capture those keys in a closure. Another new feature of JavaScript is Object. Referring to the Current Object Look again at getDay.

aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

When a function is called as a method using the object. We call these static properties and static methods, respectively.

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First there is the style sheet used by the browser. This style sheet is used in absence of specific styles. The style sheet used by the browser can be overruled by an external style sheet. All the previously defined styles can be overruled by an internal style sheet that is present in the header section of the HTML file. Inline styles inside an HTML element have top priority.

When a style is defined in a style attribute, it overrules the previously defined style attributes. In these examples, we positioned the image by creating a class named poster.

aggregation relationship in html and css pdf

We used CSS to define the width, and to position the image to the right with float. In the next example, we are going to use absolute positions. Using absolute positioning In posters. HTML page with images at absolute positions Be careful when you use this functionality. You will have to take that into account, either when you design your HTML, or when you define the default page size of your PDF document.