Acchan and takamina relationship advice

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acchan and takamina relationship advice

Maeda atsuko and takahashi minami is a childhood friend,but they got seperated . saying in that site you requested to find the story of Acchan's relationship. . Here's a little suggestion and advice from me, don't ever read. Ganbatte Acchan I wish her the best in her future endeavors. Takahashi Minami, aka Takamina, is coming to Washington DC in two days and my . Maybe she wanted a relationship (banned under current rules)? .. TV comedy show in Tokyo park stopped on police advice after drawing massive crowd. Takahashi Minami(23) is the member who holds the most important position of " General [Updated]AKB48 Takamina and Comedian Okamura in a relationship! Will this . Maybe she is just giving him (some much needed) “fashion advice”. . Acchan AKB48 Arashi E-Girls Golden Bomber Graduation Hey!.

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But the next arc sounds MUCH more interesting! This chapter has me completely rooting for Ray again. Because I was rooting for her from the very start until you decided to insert Acchan. Honestly, I'm totally fine with Acchan and Nami being just best friends. It feels so right right now.

And You go Ray! She handled finding out about Nami like the pro she is! Woot, so glad the cat's outta the bag for Ray now. I love Ray whether she's acting evil and conniving or girly and innocent, she's just awesome in my book.

Yep, that's what Keigo and that fancy suit get. I so saw that eventually happening even before I read their parting scene. Let's see how this relationship continues to work out in the future. Should be interesting; as it's always been. I welcome more of Mayu's black ops! Glad she's a mouse and not a rat, ya'know? Still wondering on her back-story if there will be one And finally found out where the L's have been gallivanting throughout the past week!

But I like how they've got their backs.

acchan and takamina relationship advice

Everyone is doing their best to raise and protect Persona. Amazing update as always. D Zee chapter I think the way you set up the ambiguity of their relationship from the start made it easy to wonder how close they were. They might not be a pair, but it's definitely good to see that they are close friends: Ray in the last chapter made me dislike her a lot for her actions, although understandable since she's a jealous girl head-over-heels in love, but was redeemed this chapter.

Yes, she's more intelligent, but I think it's also that you can make her more relatable? Like I said before, she came off a bit too ditzy and self-centered in the drama.

Also, it's nice that Acchan and Ray made up. It takes away any bad blood. Their ending scene was hilarious. The love-hate-mostly-hate relationship was definitely a highlight. And Tomo-Tomo pair were also very cute in their interactions, they were a spot of normality within the madness.

With that said though, how many other AKB girls are you going to include in your story? Looking forward to any intereactions if you do include them. Thanks for the chapter:. I hope you don't end it anytime soon and if you do I hope you make another one cause I can't get enough! I also you update the next one quick cuz yours is the one I look forward to the most!

But takamina will play with more acchan in privacy often than yuko. I mean they watch movie, live togetter,eat, travel, hotel, work.

I think takmina impression sayaka in side of singing and a person. About Nyannyan i think I don't like her so much. About she bad mouth with takmina I don't like your song but I love you. I wonder if takmina isn't in no3b, team A or leader I thought kojihau and takamina don't talk so much Sometime i want takamina decrease friendly with men.

I mean some ppl may misunderstand about she was playgirl. I want ask you like takamina verion girly or boylish clothes. Thank you very much for the translation. Actually sometimes i dont like all akb48 members for some reason but sometimes i like them ao much because they are funny too. About acchan i feel burthurt and annoying because she is the most close to takamina but she still accuse takamina as a man make all entire akb48 to insult and confuse takamina as a man.

I know takamina is always hurt by acchan statement because acchan is her close friendand roomate. Sometimes i also want to give a big thanks to kojima because sometimes she help takamina avoid from big insultiment from other akb members. There are some video in youtube where kojima help takamina and told the explained to all members and fans that all the lesbian or man stuff that they blame to takamina is actually did by yuko who interested to pull nyanyan towel when they bath together in public bath for the first time with takamina.

Jurina was only focusing on Rena; otherwise she would end up looking at the room's scary decoration. Rena blushed with that statement. Shifting to her side to face Rena, Jurina stretched her hand to caress Rena's face, but found something interesting halfway.

The older girl blushed even more, although she didn't feel the urge to slap the other girl. Jurina giggled then Rena did something very unexpected, even to herself. Still holding Jurina's hands, she leaned closer and planted a light kiss on the younger girl's lips.

acchan and takamina relationship advice

Rena embraced her, gently caressing her back. Jurina forgot completely about the room and relaxed.

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Soon they both fell asleep. She knew she was being jealous over a thing that no longer happens; though she knew a couple of idols under love ban rule that have secret relationships. What if… She didn't like that idea. On the other side, Tomochin was still mad that Chiyuu dated with three people at the same time.

But what haunted her most was the thought of the girl doing the same with her. But they didn't have that kind of relationship. They just met that week, how come the feelings are that strong? The younger one turned on the light and headed to the bed.

She closed the door behind her and started to analyze the bookshelves filled with mangas and action figures. The older girl saw the other take a schoolbag from the bed and place it on the computer chair together with a fancy purse she knew it was Mariko's. Since Tomochin came with her, she wondered whose that bag was.

Do you really want to keep arguing about old stuff? I've already tried to tell you that I don't do that anymore! Tomochin found it really sexy and forgot to reply. It scares me a lot, the thought of liking you in a romantic way. Tomochin felt her heart accelerate in a way it never did before. The older girl just sighed. I already noticed that your expression not always tells what you really think. The idol knew that was a true accusation.

She never let the others know what she truly thinks. But something caught her attention. She voiced out a loud 'oh! A second later, Chiyuu felt her boobs being squeezed and blushed furiously. It was totally unexpected.

It started in a wedding Chapter In the room, a misc. plays/musicals fanfic | FanFiction

What are you doing?! You have such big boobs! How come I didn't notice that before? More importantly, she was feeling Chiyuu's strong heart beat and it made her melt inside. She kept playing and squeezing the older girl's bosom just to make the heart beat increase. A wave of desire flooded her. Without a second thought, she placed both hands on the nape of the other girl's head and pulled her for a hungry kiss.

At first, Tomochin was surprised by the sudden act, since she was the one who always started their kisses. Tomochin returned the kiss passionately. Her hands started to fondle Chiyuu's chest with a bit of strength, which made the girl moan in a low tone.

Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48

They made their way slowly to the bed. Chiyuu's hand began to travel across Tomochin's body, making her moan as well.

Takamina + Acchan

Soon their hands made their way to under the clothing. Once beside the bed, the idol pushed the other girl only to make her fall on the neatly arranged bed cover sheet.

After getting on top of Chiyuu, Tomochin rushed to take her shirt off. The younger was with her arms up in the air, with the blouse hiding her head. Then she leaned down her arm in order to finish taking off her piece of clothing. Her eyes showed the same intensity of her voice. A pink blush appeared on her cheeks when she realized what she had said. The pink turned into red with a slight nod from Tomochin. And what if this is not what you really want?

But I'm so happy with you. I couldn't let you out of my head since the morning you received me and the staff for the photoshoot. If you think it's not the time for us yet, then I just have to agree with your decision. But in a second, her lips curved into a malicious smile.

I want to know how it feels like sleep hugging someone important with much skin contact…" Her blushing character contrasted with her tricky request. They restarted their kissing session, trying hard to not cross the line of intimacy. Soon they got rid of their lower clothing and got under the cover sheets. The two felt the sensations of two touching bodies; of two soft bodies brushing sensually into each other.

Soon they agreed to just sleep; otherwise they could end up doing inappropriate things. Within each other's embrace, the two girls fell asleep. The taller girl thanked the heavens that the amount of alcohol she had didn't take too much of her sense of balance. Yuko was mumbling something about Haruna's tight hold and warning her to watch out where she places her hand. The door opened with certain difficulty and an aroma of fresh plants filled the hallway.

Haruna wondered what that could be. Her answer came when she managed to enter into the room with Yuko. She felt the walls looking for the light switch. At the same time, she felt something light rubbing her face. As the light filled the room, it was circled with trees, vines were falling down from both tress and ceiling.

There was a huge fallen trunk in one side of the room, which happened to be the bed. On the other side of the room, there were rocks forming a path. Yuko freed herself from Haruna's grip and took a step forward. Haruna was still stunned with what she found behind the door. She lost her balance, but the vines caught her. As she had no control over her body, she stoped there facing the ceiling. She didn't want to admit she was impressed with the room.

Yuko started to babble about how beautiful the stars were. The other woman sighed, rolling eyes, and decided to look for the bathroom. That rock portal might be something. As she passed through the portal, and then a different view hit her eyes. The place looked like a dried waterfall.

She barely recognized the sink and the toilet. The last one looked like a rock with the cover down. She wondered if every love hotel room was like that. She was amazed by how far Haruna's disillusions could go. Haruna looked for the water register and opened it. As the water started to fall, her waterfall feelings were resumed.

Now she had to put Yuko under it. Returning to the room, Haruna found Yuko in the same position. She approached the girl who had a stupid grin on her face. You need a shower. Look, if you don't go for good, you go for bad! She grabbed Yuko by her clothes, pulled the girl off of the vines and dragged her to the bathroom. Take ya hands off of me, ya pervert! I'm not a pervert! I'm trying to help you! Haruna also blushed when she realized what she had just said.

Haruna leaned Yuko on to the wall, supporting her while the girl tried to unbutton her own shirt. Imma shy girl, ya know!

acchan and takamina relationship advice

The smaller one looked to her right side blushing. After Haruna managed to strip Yuko, she placed the girl on the rock shaped toilet's cover, and started to undress herself. Yuko widened her eyes with the gorgeous sight. That was when Yuko noticed the waterfall shaped shower.

Yuko' mouth went agape with the view. This thing is scratching my butt. Once she finished, she grabbed Yuko again and helped her in the waterfall shower. With a tight grip on the smaller girl's arms, Haruna gently pushed the other girl underneath the falling water. She smiled widely when she felt Yuko shivering and yelling it was cold. Once she was used to the water temperature, Yuko relaxed, closed her eyes, just to feel the water on her body.

Haruna let herself observe Yuko for the first time that night.

acchan and takamina relationship advice

Her pretty face was getting blurred by the melting make up, but Haruna still found it charming. She could feel her heart throbbing fast while she checked the other girl's body. She also found sexy the couple of dapples Yuko had over her body. It was turning her on. Haruna was approaching slowly. Yuko's mind was slowly returning.

acchan and takamina relationship advice

Her senses were getting sharp again and she regained a bit of her balance. Despite the cold water, the place where she could feel Haruna's touch was burning. She remembered the view of Haruna's body and smiled. But what if when she opens her eyes, it won't be Nyannyan there, holding her? What if it was all a hallucination due to her drunken state?

That was when she felt a warm touch on her hands. She saw Haruna looking down and finding Yuko's hand on her chest.

But instead of parting and running, she glared fiercely at Yuko, a glare full of desire. It made Yuko's inside burn. Then, Haruna gently pushed the other into the rock wall and kissed her ferociously. A second later, the taller one pressed her body against Yuko's. That contact made Yuko's fire spread and Haruna's desire increase. Parting their kiss, Haruna started to make a way down Yuko's neck with kisses, and gentle sucking sometimes.

Yuko moaned with that very known pleasure. Haruna's hand started to explore that body she secretly desired. Yuko knew deep inside her that the pleasure she was feeling was so different from the others.

Yuko's hands made their way to Haruna's back and started to sensually caress it. Then, it explored the taller girl's side body, gently groping from time to time. Haruna even let Yuko play with the smaller favorite spot.

The couple was so hot into themselves that they couldn't even feel the cold water anymore. Between kisses and gropes, the two made their way back to the room, spattering water on every direction. As soon as they crossed the rock portal, they got caught by the vines.

Yuko was on top trying hard to keep her balance while touching gently yet hungrily her lover. Haruna was enjoying all the caring she was receiving, but she wanted more.

She wanted Yuko to feel how satisfied she was with that moment. The taller managed to switch places and stood up, letting the smaller still entangled. She started to caress and spread kisses all over Yuko's body. When Yuko decided she had enough, she tried to stoop up and both ended up falling on the floor.

Still into each other, Haruna and Yuko dragged themselves to the trunk bed. There, Yuko kept on loving her Nyannyan, and Haruna kept showing the affection she didn't want to, that she wouldn't in a sober state.

Still in each other embrace, they fell asleep without sharing a single word. Supporting each other, more like Takamina supporting Atsuko, they walked lazily to their room door. The smaller of the two took the key from her pocket and struggled a bit to insert it on the hole. She was totally ignoring Atsuko mumbling something about her height and wondering about what kind of room Mayuyu gave them. She was smart enough to know that her friend would give her and Acchan a thematic room.

As soon as she wide opened the door, Takamina looked for the light switch. Atsuko parted from her and entered the dark room. Seconds later, Takamina heard a loud noise followed by a pained moan. She hurriedly found the switch and turned it on. She didn't know what surprised her more, the room's theme or Atsuko on a table.

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The room theme was a school. In one side of the room was a blackboard, a teacher table and few student tables, which was where Atsuko was on. Instead of a wardrobe there were lockers. On the other side of the room as an ambient that resembled a school infirmary. The bed was a big version of an infirmary bed.

The bathroom door also looked like a school's. Takamina closed the door behind her in one movement and ran to Atsuko. Atsuko smiled lazily and sat up on the table.

Takamina widened her eyes and mumbled 'sensei? She was used to kids calling her sensei but not a fully grown woman. A very sexy grown woman, by the way. She noticed how flustered the smaller one was and decided to tease her. I promise I'll sit straight and pay attention. Atsuko nodded, then sat on the chair and placed her arms on the table. I'm the art teacher. Takamina started a lecture about paintings and ended up getting carried away.

Her passion for the subject was so deep that she even forgot she was in a love hotel room. She traveled across various styles, her favorite artists, the colors, the techniques. Atsuko was fascinated by how the small girl loved her work. It was a side of that girl she hadn't seen yet, and she was liking it. This made her a bit jealous of Yuko, who lived with Takamina and could see this side of the girl very often.

However, despite trying hard to pay attention, Atsuko was feeling her head spin a little and the room temperature heat up. The warmth was strangely coming from the floor, or at least she thought it was.

When she couldn't handle it anymore, she took off her blouse. Takamina was happily distracted talking about the things she love the most when she saw Acchan taking off the top part of her clothing.