Abram and cara maria relationship quotes

Love Cara but she did Abram Dirty. : MtvChallenge

abram and cara maria relationship quotes

Cara Maria is one of my favourite contestants, but she was in the wrong and he We don't know anything about their relationship except for a few heavily . Nevermind the fact that, and I quote, "If she won the money from this. [QUOTE=jhl;]Cara Maria and Abram are tweeting each hair-restore.info they're talking again. They're relationship is so on and off. The implication from the aftershow of Bloodlines was that She did not talk to Abram about a damn thing after filming the season before the.

Abram then questions why she said what she did and why she spoke badly of him on camera.

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Abram once again proceeds to guilt-trip her, and even goes as far as to say that he thinks Cara said what she did because she was feeling guilty about what she did with Thomas.

Which makes absolutely no sense, because why would Cara say that, in tears, in confidence to her cousin, out of guilt? She repeatedly, but powerlessly, asks Abram to stop browbeating her about what she said. This shows a power dynamic between Cara and Abram and a classic example of manipulation.

Cara Maria is made to feel bad for expressing genuine emotion, and is somehow the bad guy for expressing discontent with her relationship. In this situation, a good significant other would ask their partner why they are unhappy and attempt to figure out a solution for the future.

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Instead, Abram blames Cara for being the bad guy. Cara admitted during the aftershow that she made out with Thomas.

abram and cara maria relationship quotes

In my book and many others, that is cheating. And Abram is justified in being upset with her. But she said that she intended to break up with Abram, so she did it in the mindset that she was no longer in a relationship.

Things only got complicated once Abram joined the show.

Exclusive: Cara Maria “Spiraled Into a Depression” After ‘The Challenge’

I believe Cara would have been scared to tell Abram how she felt with how he reacts so viscerally to things that upset him. Back to the aftershow.

Cara takes the stage and sits next to Thomas, who asks her how her and Abram are doing.

abram and cara maria relationship quotes

So, she explains that hooking up with Thomas on camera, out in the open was her attempt at ending her relationship with Abram.

It is clear at this point that Cara is genuinely afraid of her own boyfriend, and is desperate yet almost helpless to get away from him. And like many victims in abusive relationships, she has continuously gone back to her toxic partner because she loves him.

Exclusive: Cara Maria “Spiraled Into a Depression” After ‘The Challenge’

The men come out. Then we enter the portion of the show wherein all of the guys on stage — even Tom — gang up on Cara for doing what she did. They all agreed that Cara was shady for keeping her hookup from Abram, and scoffed at the fact that she was more concerned about winning than taking care of her relationship. Men do and have done the same things Cara has done to get to the end of the game. And their judgment undermines what Cara said earlier about her hoping her hookup would end her relationship with Abram.

There is nothing more frustrating as a woman to watch another woman being shamed, blamed, and silenced by a group of men. She just was going off her previous formspring comments how he gets a great edit, and wanted to take him down a peg IMO.

abram and cara maria relationship quotes

If she wasn't comfortable keeping it secret, just tell him you aren't comfortable with it and it's his problem to hide it. She said on her formspring she doesn't care about it at all, so it's done with.

abram and cara maria relationship quotes

It isn't some epic betrayal or anything, but still not her place to tell since she agreed not to so that makes her look bad to me. If they did talk about reuniting, it's not like eventually Diem wouldn't have found out.

abram and cara maria relationship quotes

CT's plan to have her not say wasn't going to go well regardless. Since the rookies tend to be self-absored following their season no one at BMP or MTV dares tell them they sucked -bruised egos And I dont know if his gf reads this forum but I'd be pissed if my bf tried to hide our relationship, which is what Cara was basically saying.

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And come on, there's lots of girls watching the show and the online stuff who do not read this forum that are hoping to be CT's girlfriend so knowing information like that would not make them happy, therefore resulting in lower ratings lol yes I know I'm exaggerating but still. Log in or register to post comments February 13, - 4: And since when is CT's private Fb page public knowledge? CT is such a private guy that his fb doesnt even have a profile picture!

He doenst even want people to know what he looks like off the show.

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