About a boy marcus and will relationship

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about a boy marcus and will relationship

About a Boy is a coming of age novel written by British writer Nick Hornby which has sold After a pleasant relationship with a single mother, Angie, Will comes up with the idea of Marcus and Will's friendship strengthens as the story progresses, even after Marcus and Fiona discover Will's lie about having a child. -he thinks that Marcus is really strange at their first meeting. -he doesn't try to get to know Marcus. -he helps Marcus out of a fix. Engelsk analyse av Nick Hornbys About a Boy. This creates a personal relationship to both of the characters. These two persons, Marcus Bewer and Will Freeman, sort of fill each other up, like a mathematic equation, where.

Marcus is a short, slim, pale-faced boy with thin, straight light-brown hair. He is insecure, ignorant and confused. All this makes Marcus considered weird, not only by the kids in school, but by the teachers and by himself. Will Freeman, 36, is the other main character. He is a layabout and has never worked his entire life. Instead of working Will spends his whole days watching TV, shopping, getting his hair fixed, drinking or driving around in his cool car, listening to Nirvana.

Will is a rather tall and good-looking man with short, curly dark-brown hair. He has got a cool apartment with cool furniture, a cool CD-collection, a cool car, a cool haircut and cool clothing. At least, this is what he thinks. He has no family and no real friends.


Fiona, Wills mother, is a 38 years old hippie. She is, just like Marcus, a very eccentric person. She believes in things like vegetarianism and aroma-therapy. Fiona is a short rather slim woman with short, straight, brown hair. She is very depressed and cries a lot. One day she tries to commit suicide, but fails.

All the kids are scared of her. Ellie has tousled black hair, wears black lipstick and listens to Nirvana. She also claims that she is in love with Kurt Cobain. He is a hippie just like Fiona, and uses to smoke weed.

about a boy marcus and will relationship

The kids in his new school treat Marcus like he was some kind of freak, and everyone, except from his mum and her friend Suzie, consider him weird. Marcus has a terrible time at home, where he has to look after his mum, outside school, where older kids can find him and mercilessly bully him and steal his things, and in school, where both the children and the teachers!

The same time in another part of London, Will Freeman has just broken up with a single mum, and is now wondering how to get in contact with new sexy single mothers. About Total Exuberance Will and Marcus had wirst sceen when Will opened a door in the wall and Marcus told him that their houses are together build. Then when Fiona came to ask Will is he can babysit Marcus he siad first no, but when Marcus asked him nicley he then said yes.

They only talked, and at that time Marcus made an prepositison that they sould go to Lil Jon's pool party. Then Will and Marcus went to the Party where they made a deal that they won't tell Fiona about the party and that they will do visulal checks every fifteen minutes and that they will meed in an hour at the lion's chage.

about a boy marcus and will relationship

While Will was having fun Marcus wasn't, he was only sitting and looking at Will sadly. Later when Marcus came to Will they had a fight, becuase Marcus interupted a conversation between Will and a hot babe. Then Marcus wnet away from Will and told him that he cantake care of himself. Then When Will saw Marcus traped in a highdiving board he went up there and helped him so he could fall.

About A Boy

Then they swam in the pool. On the end Will and Marcus came home and try to hid that they go to the party from Fiona, but Marcus told her anyway. Will first asked Fiona if Marcus can come with him bowling and he said yes quickly. Later at the bowling alley Marcus was so excited, cus Will brought him to it. Then while bowling Marcus was having fun, but Will wasn't cus he missed Andy.

about a boy marcus and will relationship

Then Will and Marcus ordered food and something to drink. Later at Will's place Marcus and Will were playing fusball.

about a boy marcus and will relationship

Will told Marcus that he can't spin it. Marcus than left Will, cus he talked only about Andy. Nick Hornby was born 17 April Nick Hornby writes in a sort of humoristic and entertaining but somewhat serious style, and his works often contain hidden depths.

Hornby have a distinctive character which is perfectly suited on a cinema canvas. This assumed because the author often refer to the band in the book. The first seven chapters are mainly about the character, Marcus. The author adjusts his perspective by switching between the two main characters. This creates a personal relationship to both of the characters. These two persons, Marcus Bewer and Will Freeman, sort of fill each other up, like a mathematic equation, where two widely different mathematical factors could have the same answer.

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While twelve-year old Marcus is a precocious boy, who feels displaced and unwell in the modern society, only looking for a friend to talk to, Will is an emotionally undeveloped man in his late thirties, wandering through the everyday with nothing else in his mind than spending the upcoming night with a beautiful woman.

But both of the main characters are soon going to find a new meaning, and even better way of living their own lives. The answer to this math piece, could be solved by adding up these two boys, unconscious of their doing, they both helps each other moving on with their lives.

I think that Hornby tries to say through this book that a man, even though if he looks like others on the outside or notcan idolize himself in peculiar ways, without it being a coward. Marcus is exceptionally direct in his speech.

about a boy marcus and will relationship

Marcus thinks like a grown-up, but in opposition to adults, he also says exactly what he thinks. Together Marcus and Fiona watches films and order take-away fast-food in the evenings. Likewise Fiona watches Marcus as her son, Marcus also have to watch his own mother.

Will on the other hand is an incorrigible, thirty-six year old teen-ager. He cuts his hair right, wears the right clothes, listen to the right music, read the right magazines and goes to the right club.