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2D and Noodle are often referenced to be like "a brother and a sister", unless I'm . Noodle and Murdoc have a mentor/student relationship. 2d x noodle is the ship between: Stuart '2d' Pot and Noodle, the reasons a very special bond, but it's probably a daughter-father relationship. Murdoc wisdom Gorillaz Quotes, Gorillaz Lyrics, Gorillaz Band, Inspiring but ya gotta admit, really sweet I like a father daughter relationship between them.

Updates will be slow. T - English - Romance - Chapters: And a year-old Japanese girl who doesn't speak English at all!


But damn can she play the guitar! Just my own little version of Noodle spending her time at Kong Studios as a year-old, amnesiac. Padded Feet And Drumbeats by InsomniacFlaaffy reviews Music and the smallest of misunderstandings can bring people together, even across species. But what are the repercussions of running away from your fate and learning too much information?

Getting two of those things was easy. But she was concerned about goodwill, as it seemed that Murdoc had none. Set during Phase 1.

Murdoc realises he's in the wrong, and cleans up his act. Maybe four days, tops, and the nineteen year old had spent most of that time asleep.

Murdoc was glad she was sleeping, because if she was asleep, she couldn't confront him. If she couldn't confront him, he could continue to wallow in self pity without the confirmation that he had broken the one person he loved. But don't worry; it's therapeutic. T - English - Suspense - Chapters: T - Spanish - Sci-Fi - Chapters: This is basically a fan's fanfiction, about Gorillazfan's own OC, Alphonce Niccals, which to me was a character I liked in Gorillazfan's story and liked at lot as a main character.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Neons are people born with powers, and Normals are just simple people. Neons are feared and therefore are hunted down to be contained, after that no one knows what happens to them or even cares. When he meets another Neon, life get even tougher. Simple and focused on character exploration and drama. Sticking mostly to canon with only a few changes or filling blanks. No pairings or slash, just the lovely characters and relationship as it is.

It probably also means something that we never see her eyes.

By contrast, Cyborg Noodle hasn't grown up — Murdoc based her on his memories of the last time he saw Noodle. She likes Robert Pattinson, for Pete's sake! Until I finally realized why The band is named after The Monkees. A group of gorillas are also known as a band.

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Why is Noodle shaking her butt in Murdoc's dream? Well, it is Murdoc we're talking about. The fact that each of the albums is associated with each character. Noodle the production of the album in-universe is credited to her. Murdoc and 2-D though the heavier hip hop and rap influences also point towards Russel Advertisement: The ending of the heavily political "Hallelujah Money" video features a clip of Spongebob Squarepants from an episode called "Karate Choppers," bursting into tears.

While it's still really jarring, an amusing tidbit is what in the episode itself he's crying about: Krabs telling him "Spongebob!

A question from a first time listener. : gorillaz

Mint tea is good for keeping the throat clear, and so has a reputation as a good tea for singers. Considering 2D's role in the band, it makes sense he'd have acquired a taste for the stuff. The Non-Conformist Oath is the only interlude on Humanz not spoken by the narrator himself Ace joining the band might initially seem out of nowhere, except that multiple times where both works had given a Shout-Out toward each other had already given credence that both Gorillaz and Powerpuff Girls exist in the same universe.

Also from Humility, Russel tripping 2-D over for seemingly no reason makes a bit more sense when you remember that white eyes are either a sign of being afraid, which 2-D isn't, or possession. Given 2-D's eyes go back to their usual black after he gets back up it's likely that he was possessed during the video and that Russel, the band member with the most experience being possessed, gave him an impromptu exorcism.

When Ace pops the basketball in the "Humilty" video, he looks genuinely surprised when the guys playing with the basketball are not impressed. Think about Ace's old gang ; they probably would have thought it was hilarious.

One early cartoon short had the band taking a promotional picture while wearing random costumes, and Murdoc decides to dress as a Nazi generalonly to get scolded by Russel.

Aside from the obvious reasonRussel in that short was dressed as Charlie Chaplinwho had a personal loathing of the Nazis himself. That is until you realize that 2D has none of the typical cartoon Healing Factor and in fact suffers extensive injuries from accidents and the hands of his blatantly abusive band mate.

This is taken Up to Eleven and brought out into the open in the Plastic Beach chapter, where 2D's been kidnapped, incarcerated, beaten and drugged by his old 'friend.