12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

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12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

capaldissexy: “ Clara, the Doctor, and a “creepy” romance. • There has been much made about the relationship between 12 and Clara. On a cold autumn night the TARDIS parks in Clara's bedroom and M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - 12th Doctor, Clara O. - Words: 9, Doctor Who (12th Doctor) Whouffaldi I am a real life Doctor which explains my love for 'House,' and also the appearance .. Clara/12 established relationship.

After a moment he spoke again, the choked note in his voice more pronounced. The Doctor turned his head to look at her and she merely raised her eyebrows in response. Clara continued to look smug. And then immediately regretted the movement when she saw the Doctor's eyes drop to her chest and the very skimpy camisole she was still wearing.

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Well she'd been alone in her flat! It was fine to be braless there… just not when trapped on a spaceship with an oddly aroused Time Lord. Clara quickly lifted the bunched jumper to her chest to cover herself and felt her cheeks burn. The Doctor's eyes wrenched back to hers with some difficulty and she became rapidly aware of him moving out from under the console, fixing her with his stare.

Clara backed away slightly, her arms falling to her sides and with them the jumper. Her mouth felt suddenly very dry. His voice sounded deeper than usual and he was in front of her, leaning down, his breath coming in warm waves across her face. She watched entranced as he reached forward and pushed a strand of hair from her cheek.

He flinched and her tone seemed to hit its mark. He stared at the floor for a second before risking looking at her. Clara was still gazing at him somewhat askance. This is an entirely different thing! He leaned again on the console and followed the moan with a short high whimper. She could practically feel his tension from where she stood and suddenly she was aware of the response in her own body. Tendrils of arousal began to spiral from the core of her and she could have sworn the TARDIS had pumped up the heating a little more.

Maybe she was infected after all. Go…' he panted, 'Please…. Uh' Clara took a step forward. Her heart was hammering in her chest suddenly just at the sound he was making. Half of her wanted to run out of the room cheeks burning and the other, curiously, desperately, wanted to touch him.

He was crumbling right in front of her and there was something oddly intoxicating about the usually so controlled Doctor panting over the controls of the TARDIS. Different,' another sharp intake of breath and he leaned his head back, face to the ceiling trying to breathe away the feelings.

Clara placed a hand in the centre of his back. Clara…' She began slow circular movements just above the small of it. Almost imperceptively he began to move with her, a steady rocking of his hips, Clara bit down on her lip and realised that her own breath shook as she touched him.

He shook his head even as she slipped her hand around him and onto one hip bone, turning him to face her. As he did she felt the hardness at his crotch press against her stomach and automatically pressed back causing him to jerk instinctively against her body. He squeezed his eyes shut in response, holding back and Clara lifted her hands to rub upwards over his chest.

12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

None of it is real. If we do this we'll never be able to look each other in the eye again. You'll… you'll…' 'What will I do? You'll be revolted with yourself, hate me and… and you'll leave.

Clara looked at him in confusion. As much as you drive me mad I don't think I could ever hate you.

12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

And I'm not just doing this to feel needed,' she shoved him a little, 'and you might be infected but I'm not, and a few pheromones wouldn't make me leap into bed with anyone unless I had some feelings for them, and anyway are you telling me that absolutely none of this was around before you got this bug?

That you've never wondered what it would be like, you and me? Her hands kept moving, undoing buttons, gliding up over his lapels, her thumbs catching them and pushing back his jacket over his shoulders until the red lining slipped down his sleeves and the coat was falling to the ground. At the same instant her hands continued their journey over his neck bringing his head closer, his lips a breath away.

She teased him for a second ducking from his reach before his frustration finally pushed him and he caught her firmly in his arms, lips hard against hers, all rough rhythm and depth, heat and moisture. He was backing her against the wall, gripping her body tightly against him and pulling at clothing when the TARDIS doors flew open. Clara's head spun at the sound, breaking their kiss and the Doctor let out a groan of complaint.

12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

He was immediately on her, hard kisses, wet kisses, fast paced and needy, his absolute desire blinding him to everything but the feel of her body. Clara yelped at the sudden demonstration of lust and strength as he rocked back just long enough to pull on her pyjama bottoms and remove them in one swift gesture. Then he was back again this time pushing upwards under her camisole, his practiced hands brushing over her breasts, holding her as his lips joined them there, tasting, nipping again, the noises in the back of his throat becoming ever more guttural.

Clara's hips jerked involuntarily as his tongue brushed one nipple and she twisted her fingers into his hair. He was working her body thoroughly so that the string of unidentifiable individual kisses melded into one powerful onslaught of feeling.

Every part of her screamed for his touch, every touch was like silk and fire at once. When his tongue dipped between her legs she felt a tremor barrel through the muscles of her abdomen and was suddenly grateful they were no longer standing as her thighs began to shake. The intensity almost unbearable she pulled on his hair and brought him back to her, her hands falling to his waist and quickly undoing the buckle and zip there.

She exposed his chest and went to remove the offending material but with impatience he stopped her, grasping her hips and pulling her firmly into position so that her legs wrapped around his middle.

He adjusted his grip on the backs of her thighs and slammed into her, immediately releasing her lips and calling out involuntarily. The words came from an alien language but the tone told her everything she needed to hear at that second. He was overwhelmed, coming apart inside her, his body betraying his control.

Their thrusts already fast paced and erratic, the bed beneath thundering with the rhythm of their bodies.

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She felt a sudden shift in her arousal, a bright fast escalation of desire with threatened to soar too quickly. She squeezed her eyes shut and pushed him onwards and she heard his breath give a tell tale shudder. She was close… close… there. She couldn't hold back the smile as it spread wide across her face.

And then it gained a giggle, and before she knew it she was laughing hard. The Doctor lifted his head, a barely disguised look of offence in his eyes. AU Clara Oswald is still suffering from the death of her boyfriend [Eleven] when her roommate Rose convinces her to join the Universities musical to remove her from grieving. There, Clara meets the Doctor. Chapter Twelve is Rated M.

12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

An amazing idea, and i love musical, it is long, and it is well written and there is smut ; 4. After the death of her boyfriend Clara Oswald decides that it is time for a change. However when she accidentally ends up in bed with her new professor Doctor John Smith, who has a reputation of sleeping with his students, she might find her life changing a lot more than she would have liked. Rated M for later I had to put this here 5. Mistletoe by perverted monk slayer Summary: In which Eleven, Twelve, River, and Clara are road-tripping professors who make some new friends while stuck in the snow.

Sunday Mass had finished and the crowd settled in front of the church to chat. It was then that John Smith laid eyes on Clara Oswald for the first time. Twelve is a priest in a small town and Clara comes and teachers- I swear it is one of my favorites Summary: Those butterflies in her tummy every time he smiles are wrong, and must be trampled.

Cant remember this one to well but… 9. Twelve Nights by lotuskasumi Summary: Combined two prompts from Tumblr: Silent Night by lotuskasumi Summary: Sequel to Twelve Nights. Now comes the real challenge: She meets her supervisor, John Basil Smith.

He is considered a genius but often has trouble being comfortable around people. Yet, Clara feels challenged by him. Eventually, she realizes how similar they both are.

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So the question becomes, how far will their relationship go? Professor John Smith, however, is seemingly doing everything and anything in his power to stop that from happening. I will include compleated and incomplete fics.

The Doctor is a doctor in contemporary London and Clara Oswald is the au pair for his nine-year-old son. A son who was dropped on his doorstep by a dying River Song two months before the story starts.

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A chance advertisement in a newspaper leads to a phone call that brings two unlikely people together, but how does anyone cope when they start to fall in love with someone they might never set their eyes upon again?

Nehszriah The aging Marquis of Kasterborous and Gallifrey takes a second wife with a clever plan: Nehszriah Clydebank, Scotland, John Smith is just trying to get through the war while making himself useful, trading in his paintbrushes for a rivet gun. After a bad day at work, he meets a young English girl at the pub who reads him a bit too well and lingers on his mind a bit too much.

Nehszriah The Doctor is one of the best coaches in the game of baseball, but runs into something he never expected when his team hires a new GM. Has nothing to do with the joke. What will this unique relationship bring to the table and how long will it last?

12th doctor and clara relationship fanfiction

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