Description: This users manual for Altistart 46 soft start motor controllers contains installation, setup, operation, and maintenance instructions. User’s manual ATS46, 9/21/18, English, Spanish, French, pdf MB. Data Bulletin. Cross Reference Guide for ALTISTART® 46 Soft Start Motor. User’s manual UNI-TELWAY ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English, pdf MB. Programming manual ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English.

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Altistart-« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual

The product structure is identical to the one of ATS23, that is to say, a control element common to all sizes, and a power element specially designed to each calibre. They are also manufactured and tested at Schneider factory at Pacy Blanchet. At each design and manufacturing step, the products are processed with great care. They are constantly monitored to guarantee a high quality level.

A knowledge of ATS46 functionality is necessary to repair at best theses products. VW4G Moreover, all spare parts are also delivered with instruction bulletins. For more information, please contact S. Session program is included in appendix.

It requires a fair knowledge of the product and its applications ventilation, pumping, convoying, ….

Knowledge required – Knowledge of the main applications cooling, pumping, horizontal handling. SBS – Hands on experience. To reduce the amount of travelling, training courses have been compacted into one or two weeks depending on your initial level.

Consult the schedules to make the best choice. To install this software: Insert floppy disc 1 in drive A, 3. For floppy disc 2, follow the instructions that will appear on the PC screen. It suits the one used for Altivar tests. Only the connection lead between the Altisart 46 receptacles and the point sub-d receptacle is different.

The purpose of this document is to help you to repair these products. In case of major defect, or for addition of new functions, products updating will be necessary. The time of delivery of the repaired or new element will be given by the dealer or the agency.

User’s manual ATS46 | Schneider Electric

The quality of the replacement service is altistartt on stocks constituted at Evreux, in the branches and by the official dealers. Over Heat Fault starter thermal protection fault. The second level of telephone assistance is done through the direct line of Global Help Desk: The starter software version can be seen through a window after additional part disconnection.

It is also possible to know the software version with PC software. The following instructions have to be performed: Version Date of selling V1. The motor starts if a 2-wire control is on TBS value equal to 0 during powering up, even though its value is different refused of to reset to zero the parameter TFR hourmeter when the engine is running on-factory adjustment of parameters IPR, TPR and TBS local mode used only upon the first product powering up assignment of LI to LII motor preheating or LIH faults inhibition default startup time when loaded went to 4 seconds removal of the starter thermal protection calculated by the software on C11, C17, C21, C25 and C32 calibre readjustment of the rated current value by on-factory setting A for M12 calibre correction of the anomaly concerning the micro controller upon unshunting with the bypass function correction of the anomaly following a simultaneous running instruction with a stopping instruction.


Avoid the current zltistart in the engine as well as startup in current control correction of the anomaly concerning a random startup following a series of transient power cutoffs. A PC software version superior to V1. Proceeding for on-site test of characteristics dispersion of Altistart 46 thyristors leakage current: If, for practical reasons, you do not want to disconnect the protection and control circuits, top to bottom terminal resistance can be measured.

Minimum resistance has to be 50 kilo-ohms. The starter supplies current but the motor does not run. The motor starts without following the normal acceleration.

The motor does not brake the load correctly The motor does not brake the load correctly cause check remedy High inertia After the brake request, there is current into the motor even in a discontinuous way.

The motor is connected to ATS at this time. This function is only protecting from short-circuits on motor mmanual. Up to now experience: InF recognition of rating Up to now experience: PiF Phase inversion Fault Measurement principle: Phase rotation fault assignment Function Phase rotation detection PiF Phase rotation state The function is active altistaart each start order.

If phase rotation fault is selected, check if the phase rotation of the network voltage is in conformity with the one selected direct, indirect, otherwise, the fault is generated.

Network Function Phase fault Phase fault This phase fault can mnaual generated by two sub-defects: Active during normal operation. Starter not supplied with current on L1-L2-L3.

Possibility of line fuse melting. Phases off-balance due to insulation defect on IT altistrt 1. Insulation defect between via of a printed circuit metal hole allowing to connect two faces of a printed circuit and R resistance control card. Starting end on a high inertia, low opposing torque application.

Use of a self maintained bypass with external thermal protection. During a start-order on contactor with software version inferior to V1.


User’s manual ATS46

Synchronisation connectors absent or wrongly positioned. With software version V1. Cable too long between motor and starter 1. Starter disrupted by a DC converter 1. Only one thyristor in short-circuit. FrF Frequency Fault Measurement principle: It performs successive tests of network frequency measurements, filtering of result around 50 or 60 Hz, iteration till decision will be made: FrF or 50 or 60 Hz. USF power supply fault, when start mode is required Up to now experience: LrF Locked rotor Fault Measurement principle: LCR Current Reading Function Locked rotor on permanent rate Locked rotor fault If the current reading in shunted permanent rate is superior to 5 x In during ms, a fault may occur.

Under Load Manial release threshold Function Under load detection Under load fault is generated only in permanent rate. EtF External Fault Measurement principle: External fault order Operating state Up to now experience: LT6 algorithm principle re-employed. OLF acknoledgement, followed by a start request are done as following: Thermal state is saved in the altistaft when the network disappears. Low torque at start tQ0. Check correspondence manuap motor and starter. Assembly size 1 Parts list Part 2: Assembly size 2 Parts altiwtart Part 3: Assembly size 3 Parts list Interconnection drawing Part 4: Assembly size 4 Parts list Interconnection drawing Part 5: Assembly size 5 Parts list Part 6: Reference Rated ef f.

V 1 Rated algistart f.

Altistart-« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual | Schneider Electric

If the conditions are dif ferent, they have to be specified in chapter 7: Value kept for the test voltage 2 V AC Seco nd ar y: Their value is calculated to obtain rated current of each coiling for primar y rated voltage. Outlet order is not important. Frame dimension No wire out of the transformer lower part Core housing Material U. SY3KC Green wire mark 2: SY3KC Blue wire mark 3: SY3KC Red wire mark 4: Recommended torque load for screw M4: Do not soak attach brackets in the indicated areas.

No wire out of the transformer lower part 2 mm minimum mandatory Manuual order is not important. White wire mark 1: SY3KC 2 Black wires marks 14 and Expanded polystyrene is not allowed.

V Insulation varnish must comply with U. V 2 at max vacuum 1 With rated primary voltage and rated secondary intensity. Fan V W 9. DZ4DP 16 2 Black wires marks 16 and SY3CM Blue wire mark 3: