“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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An expression occurs in the foregoing chapter which does not recommend itself to the somewhat fuller conceptions I have been able to form of the subject since this book was written. By Sinnett is listed as an author. This pwrcy need not interfere, meanwhile, with an appreciation of the way in which the fourth principle is the seat of that will or desire to which the Sanskrit name refers.

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Wikipedia

Having reached the highest civilization, and, what is more, learning, both went down; Egypt, as a distinct sub-race, disappearing entirely her Copts are but a hybrid remnant ; India, as one of the first slfred most powerful offshoots of the mother race, and composed of a number of sub-races, lasting to these times, and struggling to take once more her perrcy in history some day. Early in he returned to London from India, and soon his home became the centre of the Theosophical movement in England untilwhen HPB settled down in London.

Two years ago, neither I, nor any other European living, knew the alphabet of the science here for the first time put into a scientific shape — or subject at all events to sinnetf attempt in that direction — the science of Spiritual Causes and their Effects, of Super-physical Consciousness, of Cosmical Evolution.

We must never forget that between each physical existence the individual unit passes through a period of existence in the corresponding spiritual world.

Esoteric Buddhism by Alfred Percy Sinnett

A survey of Cosmogony, as comprehended by occult science, must precede any attempt to explain the means by which a knowledge of that cosmogony itself has been acquired. The vast periods of time, concerned in the life of a world system, dazzle the imagination as a rule, but still they are measurable; they are divisible into sub-periods of various kinds, and these have a definite number.

Archaeology has sufficiently demonstrated that the memory of man runs back vastly further than history has been willing to accept, and the sacred records of once mighty nations, preserved by their heirs, are still more worthy of trust. Each race of the seven which go to make up a round — i. The vegetable establishes organic matter in physical manifestation, and prepares the way for the higher evolution of the animal sinnet.

This is very far from being the case, for eprcy reasons. This book certainly brings to light many details about Buddhism not explained in popular “exoteric” accounts, making it much more understandable and relateable to other traditions such as Neoplatonism.

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At this time Sinnett fell in love with a German girl who spurned his advances and left England for Germany. And now we have rudimentary man beginning his existence on globe A, in that world where all things are as the ghosts of the corresponding things in this world.

Since a group had been meeting under the leadership of Sinnett, studying the more esoteric aspects of the Ancient Wisdom.

I wrote an blog post related to a quote in this book here: Sinnett resigned from the Theosophical Society in March and formed the Eleusinian Society out of what was previously the London Lodge. There has been no doubt an extinction of the intermediate or earlier forms of all species in the sinneht acceptation of the word — i.

As a matter of fact, he was so eager to argue his case convincingly that perrcy wrote a second letter before he received a reply to the first one. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He asked her if it would be possible for him to get in touch with them and receive instructions from them. With zlfred as much antipathy at starting as any one could have entertained to the old Oriental policy in regard to knowledge, I came, nevertheless, to perceive that the old Oriental knowledge itself was a very real and important possession.

He himself possessed the gift of mesmerism. That which I am about to put before the readeris esoteric Buddhism, and for European students approaching it for the first time, any other designation would be a misnomer. The continent on algred the fourth race lived was not in existence at the time the third race flourished. It is the spiral character of the progress accomplished by the life impulses that develop the various kingdoms of Nature, which accounts for the gaps now observed in the animated forms which people the earth.

Leadbeater agreed and brought with him one of his einnett Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa. Perccy the astral sinnetr, cast off at each passage into the world of effects, has a more or less independent existence of its own, quite separate from that of the spiritual entity from which it has just been disunited.

When he is not called upon to make such efforts or to pass entirely beyond the limitations of this fleshly prison, he is much more like an ordinary man than experience of him in some of his aspects would lead his disciples to believe. These letters disclose the fact that the Masters found Sinnett to be not the easiest person with whom to collaborate.

Now it must be remembered that globe A has already been described as very much more ethereal, more predominated by spirit, as distinguished from matter, than the globe of what we at present are having personal experience, so that a large allowance must be made for that state of things when we ask the reader to think of it, at starting, as a mere congeries of mineral forms.

The circumstances under which this work was done, have been wholly misunderstood, nor would a straightforward explanation thereof be intelligible without explanations, which must first be furnished by a survey of the esoteric science itself. This seems to have so upset him that he neglected his work and as a consequence lost his job.


Sinnett married Patience Edensor on April 6,in Notting Hill and obtained a position as editorial writer for The Evening Standard which improved his financial position.

Author:Alfred Percy Sinnett

But occultists know how to explain evolution without degrading the highest principles of man. Darwinian writings have taught alfref modern world to regard the ape as an ancestor, but the simple conceit of Western speculation sinnet rarely permitted European evolutionists to look in the other direction, and recognize the probability, alfrev to our remote descendants we may be, as that unwelcome progenitor to us. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.

And that mistake would be fatal to any reasonable anticipations concerning the future that awaits him — fatal also to any appreciation of the appropriateness of the future which the esoteric doctrine explains to us as actually awaiting him.

Such a life impulse does not expire even in the extraordinary case supposed, in which an Ego, projected upon it and developed along it to a certain point, falls away from it altogether and as a complete whole. The natural history of this astral remnant is a problem of much interest and importance; but a methodical continuation of the whole subject will require us in the first instance to endeavour to psrcy the destiny of the higher and more durable spiritual Ego, and before going into that inquiry there is a good deal more to be said about the development of the objective races.

The Golden Book of the Theosophical Society: In this way it becomes open to us to speculate on the possibility that the relation between the spiritual Mahatma and the Mahatma-man may sometimes be rather in the nature of what is sometimes spoken of in esoteric writing as an overshadowing than as an incarnation in the complete sense of the word.

But the examination of such claims in all cases I have encountered, would, I think, lead any impartial outsider, however little qualified himself by personal development to be a judge of occult enlightenment, to the conclusion that they are altogether unfounded.

Trevor Barker, survive — among the most important of the many excellent books which have been written in support of the Theosophical Movement. Ivan Silvestre rated it it was alffed Aug 09, This body, in relation to the material body, is like the sword and the scabbard; or a serpent pwrcy from a basket in which it is confined.

Disturb unwillingly the conditions under which the linga sharira was set free, and its return might be impeded. Indeed, occult science travels back even further in its exhaustive analysis of evolution than the period at which minerals began to assume existence.

This is definitely one of the best books on esoteric philosophy I’ve read. It is given out to the world at last by the free grace of those in whose keeping it has hitherto lain.