Get the guaranteed best price on Electronic Drum MIDI Controllers like the Alesis Trigger I/O Percussion Pad to MIDI Interface at Musician’s Friend. Get a low. Find great deals for Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface. Shop with confidence on eBay!. If you are an acoustic drummer looking to add a few electronic elements to your playing then the Alesis Trigger IO may help. The Trigger IO does not have any.

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I didn’t like editing the pads themselves a whole lot. Read more I accept. And a last question, can i use the variable hall hi-hat system on a alesis?

Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Boy, was I wrong. Cyr The CYR experience was a little different to start, since I plugged it into the Ride input input 4 of the triger.

Or I brushed another pad and it changed alfsis editing focus and I didn’t discover it until I had already started changing parameters for another pad. My CY was plugged into the “Crash” input of the unit input 8. Additional Product Features Product Type. Plugged into the ride input though, I got easily triggered bells. Login or Sign Up. Once plugged in, you are free to play sounds with your Alesis recorder directly from drumming kits onto synths, drumming modules, or even computers.

Alesis Trigger iO experiences No one probably wants this unit to work well more than I. Ioo cable is included, as is an AC adapter.

Aelsis this time, I started wondering if I needed to power the unit back up, or use the factory reset, so I did I did several times throughout my testing.


When you hit a pad and you are in edit mode, it automatically changes to the parameters for that pad. But I think just like you. It has all you need to make your triggers work. U can follow it here, if interested: All triggef parameters for triggering are there: I thought this would be easiest to get a dual-zone response from. If this is your first visit, you will have to register before you can post or view specific content.

Viewing 3 posts – 1 through 3 of 3 total. Alesis Trigger iO experiences Very interesting review Joe. Originally posted by Pimenta View Post. Dialing down the GAIN to 0 and setting a velocity curve of EXP1 seemed to work best for me, though it did make the middle velocity range a bit funky. If you are not using a computer or laptop, you can wall-power it.

However, nothing tells you what pad is being edited, or even what zone. However trigged of my rimshots also triggered the head simultaneously 2 MIDI notes are output. I’m sure everyone appreciates it. In short, the bow was OK. However, they were not velocity sensitive bell strikes. That lead to discovering that the unit does not send Aftertouch messages which is documented correctly in the MIDI Implementation at the teigger of the manual.

Topic: New Ato E conversion with Alesis Trigger IO questions. | Toontrack

Originally posted by grandaddy View Post. I could hear the variable states of my DFHS hihats. About this product Product Information Providing the much-needed link between electronic ttigger or acoustic drum triggers to MIDI sound sources, the Alesis Trigger iO digital recording interface is a rare and powerful device. I had one already for live shows and now got another for the recording studio.


Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface

The simplest way to use this is by plug-and-play, meaning you can simply plug the USB into your Mac computer or PC and begin playing. For beginners wanting to eventually drum to metal, the Alesis is the ideal instrument. This is just great for the money and starting kits. However, I can only come at this from the perpective of how it works with the gear I own and what I needed from it. But not with this unit.

Please read our VDrum. And I could do foot chicks and splashes without any problem at all. These electronic drums work seamlessly with acoustic or electronic conversion kits and come with software drums in the instance you do not have a head module or software. This can be mitigated to a degree with the crosstalk and threshold parameters, though this changes playing response.

For clean integration into your drummer set or percussion setup, gently mount the device iO on a rack using the optional E-Percussion Mount. The switch rim was the same problem as before.


It never changed a thing in my results. This gear has all you need to make any trigger work. Pd Since the PD is a single Piezo trigger, I didn’t have any of the dual-zone concerns or problems. For rimshots on my snare, do i use the keith raper piezo-switch diagram?