Thank you for purchasing the PENTAX Auto-flash AFFGZ. .. The AFFGZ’s flash coverage can be adjusted with the auto or manual zoom head to suit the. I’m looking for a pdf version for my AFFGZ flashgun which I can load I’ve just bought the AF but found the manual somewhat unclear. View and Download PENTAX AFFGZ operating manual online. AUTO ZOOM ELECTRONIC FLASH UNIT. AFFGZ Camera Flash pdf manual download.

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Otherwise, TTL auto metering might not work properly. Accordingly, it should be noted that the distance for taking pictures would become shorter. Page 34 Check the flash range by looking at the bar graph manuwl the LCD panel. Pressing the select button S switches between 1 and 2.

Manual for AF360FGZ

Select the mode best suited for the subject. If charging time takes more than 20 seconds, the batteries have been exhausted and should be replaced with new batteries.

FR6 Nickel Hydroxide battery: The flash coverage angle is indicated by the focal lengths of available lenses in the LCD panel of the flash unit, according to the preset image size FORMAT of the camera.

Page 62 nCameras that Support Wireless Mode Function Wireless Mode Digital single lens reflex cameras Film cameras 35mm autofocus single lens reflex cameras You can use the slave flash instead, if your camera does not support wireless mode.


Page 95 Information on disposal for users 1. Set the sync mode switch to leading curtain synctrailing curtain sync contrast-control Do not attach any accessories having the wrong number of electrical contacts for the hot shoe or grip.

Next, remove the flash unit from the camera and place it in the desired position. Never attempt to may hurt them. CAUTION This mark indicates precautions that, if not followed, could result in minor or medium injury to the user or damage to the equipment. Combine the flash unit with the built-in flash unit of the camera or another flash unit attached to the camera.

SLAVE1 will be displayed. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Mounting to Camera Remove the hot shoe cover from the camera. Mode Restrictions Leading Curtain Sync Photography This sync mode can be used with all Pentax single lens reflex cameras provided with a hot shoe.

Page 52 nSlow-Speed-Sync Photography When using a normal flash to photograph a subject in a night or evening setting, the background will appear very dark because a normal flash light cannot sufficiently light it. Precautions For Your Flash Unit The electronic circuits inside the flash contain Do not use the flash near anyone’s eyes, as it damaged or rendered inoperable.

Set the sync mode switch to leading curtain synctrailing curtain sync contrast-controlaccording to the Make sure that you are within the flash effective range before taking pictures. Shipping charges are to be borne by the owner. The minimum shutter speed varies depending on ambient light.


Page 33 nHigh-Speed Af360fgx Mode Refer to page 29 for the features and conditions of use of this sync mode.

Pentax AF-360FGZ Operating Manual

Follow the procedure below. Don’t have an account? Divide the resulting guide number by the aperture in use. Set the sync mode switch to leading curtain sync Confirm that the subject is within the effective flash range and the ready lamp is lit.

Manual for AFFGZ

It is clip-on type flash which enable accurate focus adjustments even in dark locations with built-in AF-assist spotbeam. Set the aperture value and ISO. Preparation of Separated Flash Unit Next, set the channel of the separated wireless flash unit to the same channel as the flash unit attached to the camera.

Zoom position Flash coverage angle setting Next, set the zoom flash coverage angle to match the focal length of the lens you are using.

Therefore, we recommend that you review the warranty card supplied with your product at the time of purchase, or contact the PENTAX distributor in your country for more information and to receive a copy of the warranty policy. Page 23 Set the zoom position with Manual [M. The CE Mark is a Directive conformity.