TSB was definitely numbered — I text’d myself so I wouldn’t forget 2. I know about it for the Honda’s I don’t have the Acura TSB. Update on the TSB I received my car back today after the Dealership had it since 5/28/ I have to commend the dealership here in. I left the Acura one attached here since some have transplanted the TSX tranny. Honda TSB TSB (Same wording as Honda TSB).

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Do I have the right to “bitch” or demand anything if they won’t fix it? A TSB, essentially, is a an optional or limited fix. They acknowledged it when I initially took it in, but didn’t offer to fix it; they changed the fluid instead. Thanked 4 Times in xcura Posts. He doesn’t even want me xcura bring the car in to try and replicate the problem! What do you think of this post?

TSB for six speed manual

Got me an IS Sport. Dub RSX isn’t even listed on that. Contact Us – K20a. Originally Posted by J.


Find More Posts by shub. Get it in to repair it After a week and a half and a TL loaner car with accura on it.

Some have guys from Nascar promoting them. I have to commend the dealership here in PA, they replaced the third gear set and much more Do some good research before you go buy a acurq.

Originally Posted by nmp sorry to threadjack or anything but i was wondering if my car is out of waranty its a type-s with 32k miles?? September 24, Its zcura yellow citrus fruit that grows on a tree.

Acura TL TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) at TrueDelta

I’m just glad that they are finally doing something about this, although they decided to go forward with it far too late read: Honda does manuals right. Now if only my car was still under warranty Quote message in reply? Note that passwords are case-sensitive. It could have saved you time and money.

Now at 82K, the Hawk is starting to be a bit difficult about clearing the gate on 3rd sometimes, although it goes away significantly after a fluid swap. TSB was definitely numbered — I text’d myself so I wouldn’t forget 2.


6 spd…3rd gear grinding…TSB..can I demand a fix?

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Anyone ever looked acuta those extended warranty they have advertising on TV.

It’s a major repair on the others Originally Posted by baudchaser. As far as for TSB’s I am well versed and aware of them I will keep you posted.

2008 Acura TL Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

I didn’t mean literally bitch and demand stuff, as I am on very, very good terms acurz the dealer. User Name Remember Me? What I’m saying is, if they try to back out of doing thousands of dollars worth of work to my car that needs to be done, do I have the right to counter?