Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is a styrene acrylate polymer suitable for use as binder in construction adhesives and sealants. Get instant access to Acronal® D technical datasheet. It is an aqueous styrene acrylic anionic dispersion for architectural finishes, textured finishes. In , BASF developed ®Acronal D, an aqueous acrylic/styrene dispersion for emulsion paints and textured finishes. At that time, very few people could.

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Zum Aufkleben des Calico verwendeten wir Acronal 14 D, 1: It has now been unexpectedly discovered that by employing a combination of a particular class of acrylic binders, a class of special non-toxic anticorrosive pigments and additives appropriately selected, it is possible to prepare compositions anticorrosion coating in the aqueous phase having all of the advantages a – f below:. The film-forming binders used and the results obtained are listed in the table I below.

Also, some acronxl known anticorrosive pigments of the art such as pure zinc phosphate are not recommended in the compositions of the present invention because the performance which they lead are not satisfactory.

Meaning of “Acronal” in the German dictionary

Specifically, the required salt spray damage as part of the present invention are generally in the conditions of the above standard: Alfred Wyss, Hans E. If necessary, to achieve a basic pH, is added to the compositions according to the invention a pH regulator or neutralizing agent. Method for coating metal surfaces using an aqueous compound having polymers, the aqueous compound, and use of the coated substrates.

Advantageously, the anticorrosion pigment used in the context of the invention preferably contains one or more sparingly soluble oxides in water and alkaline such as zinc oxide or aluminum oxide.

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On the anticorrosive coating compositions of the present invention, once the deposited film is dry, one can apply one or more finishing layers provided that they are compatible with the protective film of the corrosion.


Thermosetting acrylic powder coating composition of a polyblend of acrylic polymer having a high glass transition temperature and an acrylic polymer having a low glass transition temperature zcronal a cross-linking v.

B a transparent topcoat composition is applied to the basecoat thus obtained, and.

As primer surfacer it is possible to employ any desired primer surfacer known from the prior art. The coat can be made by itself. As further component the basecoat composition may include film-forming auxiliaries. Polymers containing macromonomers and their use in a method of coating substrates. Examples of anionic emulsifiers are the alkali metal salts of sulfuric acid half-esters of alkylphenols or alcohols, and the sulfuric acid half-esters of ethoxylated alkylphenols or ethoxylated alcohols, preferably the alkali metal salts of the sulfuric acid half-ester of a nonylphenol reacted with from 4 to 5 mol of ethylene oxide per mole, of alkyl- or arylsulfonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl ethoxylate sulfate and secondary sodium alkanesulfonates whose carbon chain includes carbon atoms.

As another example, it may also be made degreased steel supports or blasted steel or steel iron phosphate or zinc phosphate or chromate. A1 Designated state s: Corrosion inhibitor Serad FA Huls compound organometal 47 s. The car over 8 meters or so is probably about 4 yuan per kilometer.

Import Data and Price of acronal under HS Code | Zauba

IV – resistance Accronal spray test ISO The one-component compositions are applied to the application bar in a single pass to form a film which, after drying drying oven: Intrinsically viscous clear powder coating slurry which is free of organic solvents and external emulsifiers, method for producing said slurry and use of the same.

Such coating compositions usually comprise an aqueous dispersion of a film-forming polymeric binder, one or more corrosion inhibiting pigments, and optionally one or more additives, for example thickener.

To verify the efficacy of the compound selected, the procedure is preferably to test C below: In a refrigerated grinder provided with microelements zirconia-silica, and anticorrosion pigments dispersed fillers in a portion of distilled water containing the coalescing agent, the dispersing acrlnal, a part of the antifoaming agent and the ammonia. Preferably, use is mica, wollastonite and micaceous iron oxides.


However, it is recommended not to use thickening agents having a strong power of water retention, such as cellulose ethers, because of the sensitivity to water corrosion coatings so prepared.

The dispersant content is preferably between 0.

The acrylate polymer is preferably employed in the form of a dispersion. A process is claimed for producing a multilayer coating on a substrate surface, in which. For the sake of simplicity, in response to this request, the abbreviation “TBS” shall mean the resistance to salt spray. Roland Baumstark, Manfred Schwartz, If necessary, adjusting the pH of the paint by addition of ammonia.

Furthermore, in order to increase the stability of the aqueous dispersions, it is additionally possible to employ a nonionic emulsifier of the type of an ethoxylated alkylphenol zcronal fatty alcohol, for example an addition product of 1 mol of nonylphenol and from 4 to 30 mol of ethylene oxide in a mixture with the anionic emulsifier.

In addition to the above-described polymers the basecoat compositions may also include further compatible, water-dilutable resins, for example amino resins, polyesters, polyurethanes and also acrylated polyurethanes and urethanized acrylates, which serve as additives for achieving certain coating properties such as improved adhesion or generally as grinding resins for pigments. Help us more accurately and quickly offer you a quotation by telling us more! Preferably, the coalescing agents chosen as to prepare an anticorrosive coating composition to be air dried, have a low boiling point and high vapor pressure to promote the final properties of the film.

E coating the repaired coating obtained in step D with a transparent topcoat composition, and. The resulting single-layer or multilayer coating system is then baked.