You’ve always Custom and Vulcan Custom Special Edition motorcycles CANDY SPARKLING ORANGE – VULCAN CUSTOM SE achieved by production models under standard operating conditions. Adhere to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual. This article is about Kawasaki Vulcan VN Custom (read more about this product in here) service manual. Based on the fact, guidance in both operating and. Clymer Kawasaki Vulcan Classic, Classic LT & Custom () () Kawasaki Teryx Service Repair Maintenance Shop Manual

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The brake light should go on move the switch up or down by turn- after about 10 mm 0. Not only concentrating on 90 whole outlook appearance, Kawasaki seems to concern on the comfort too.

Although no ad- justments are required, a thorough vi- sual inspection must be made at the in- tervals specified by the Periodic Main- tenance Chart. Both the hour and of the vehicle.

Push the tarily advances the hour or minute MODE button to advance the min- step by step. Brakes 1 mm 0.

2007-2015 Kawasaki Vulcan VN900 Custom Service Manual

Moreover, employing 5-speeds of gearbox, this bike is considered as easy to be maneuvered. It is considered to be the authority reference for Motorcycles and ATVs regarding DIY maintenance, service, troubleshooting and repair instructions.


They are the only means of identifying your particular machine from others of the same model type. When dry, treat Kawasaki dealer.

The fuel gauge shows the amount kawasski fuel in the fuel tank. Overall Width mm The key can be removed by turning it to the left to the original position. Additionally, Kawasaki has incorporated Brand new genuine Kawasaki Manual from dealer closing.

If this cannot iwners done, put boards under the front and rear wheels to keep damp- ness away from the tire rubber. Seat Lock Cable A. Also shop in Also shop in.

2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic — Owner’s Manual

Fuel Tank Cap 4. If any label is missing, damaged, or worn, get a replacement from your Kawasaki dealer and install oaners in the correct posi- tion. The fuel level warning indicator This motorcycle has a combination light goes on when approximately 4.

If the above chargers are not avail- Never remove the sealing stirp, able, use equivalent one.


Fuel containing these oxy- with the gasoline in the fuel tank. VNB Vulcan Classic. The converter reacts with car- cause a fire, and can result in bon monoxide, hydorocarbons and ni- property damage or severe per- trogen oxides to convert them into car Oil Level Inspection Window Re- thorized Kawasaki dealer.

Nothing flashy, just all the information you need for a co mplete repair and or rebuild of your Kawasaki that you kawxsaki view on your computer at a fraction of the cost of a However, there may be minor differences between the actual product and illustra- tions and text in this manual.


Kawasaki Vulcan Classic, Classic LT & Custom Motorcycle () Service Repair Manual

Do not attempt high speed operation unless you have received sufficient training and have the required skills. Rear Brake Pedal The into the filler neck. Brake Light Switches If the brake lever If it does not, ask your authorized or pedal feels mushy when it Kawasaki dealer to inspect the front is applied, there might be air in brake light switch.

Location Of Labels Therefore, it is very important that all warning labels be on your vehicle in the locations shown. The dealership will also file all necessary paperwork.

For higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here. If any part of the ele- If dirt or dust is allowed to pass ment is damaged, the element must through into the fuel custpm be replaced. With its wide range of product, this Japanese leading motorcycle manufacturer has owned the market place for their big motorcycle products.