This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in Abby Marks-Beale’s 10 Days to Faster Reading. My book notes are different than. Review: ’10 Days to Faster Reading’ by Abby Marks-Beale. When reading non- fiction, reading a book word-for-word is often a sub-optimal approach: non-linear . 10 Days to Faster Reading PDF Summary by Abby Marks-Beale is your shortcut to acquiring the right skills to master speed reading.

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Fxster of the differences in reading for school and reading for your own self-education is being able to reach out to authors you respect or disagree with and get answers. This will make you faster and read in larger blocks of words. If so, you must have felt utterly distraught at the very sight of it!

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So that you can read 5-hour books in 5 minutes. Reading quickly requires intense mental concentration and effort. I believe after reading this book, you can turn many pages to knowledge which also open many opportunities to your life.

Your eyes can easily take in more than one word at a time. Accelerate your learning by deconstructing complex skills, practicing the most important elements first, and removing barriers to deliberate practice. Purpose-Setting is the act of deciding what you want to learn by reading this material. When in doubt, throw it out or defer the reading to another time. And All in 10 Days! Don’t write in your books. All excerpts from the book are published under agreement with the publisher.

No time to read?

10 Days to Faster Reading Summary – Abby Marks-Beale | Download PDF

Most of us have too many things to read. To widen the analogy: The book itsel A book filled with systems on speed-reading, highly reliant upon fawter index cards, ballpoint pens, hilighters, the human finger, etc. For some teachers, even the footnotes counted! Good points to check yourself and to improve a lot. Don’t skim, that’s cheating.


The pre-activation effect happens unconsciously, but you can control it if you are aware. Purpose-Setting and Priming only take a few minutes. I read a lot and hoped with this book to push my reading speed a bit up. Simply place your finger to the left or right of a line, and after viewing the entire line, move your finger slowly even readiny toward the bottom of the page. This may have been one of the best audible books I’ve ever listen to, I like the feature with the tones, however towards the end of the audiobook the tone would cut out the first few words after each Break.

10 Days to Faster Reading – Abby Marks-Beale – The Personal MBA

I did learn to read faster, but barely. I’m sold on the whole series now. You know what they say: This book is based on a metaphor of car racing, and uses marks-bealr lot of concepts and vocabulary from car racing.

Things like focusing on keywords, not letting the mind wander, avoiding subvocalization, and using peripheral vision.

Peter Hollins Narrated by: I found pacers distracting, and it was annoying that every single chapter introduced fasetr new variant on the same concept. Eric Davis, Dina Santorelli – contributor Narrated by: Sign up for Blinkist.

One tip is to create a constant movement, with a pen pulling your reading to the next line because the eyes naturally follow the movement. The rest of the book not only didn’t help, they positively slowed me down. May 11, Last updated: This is a comprehensive guide to learning about a yb technique called mind maps.

To ask other readers questions about 10 Days to Faster Readingplease sign up. You don’t have an account? Most Helpful Most Recent. Feb 12, Kevin rated it really liked it. I found this program to be just as complete as the speed reading course I took via my university and even more so. Between marks-bsale, newspapers, magazines, email, Kindle and blog posts, our reading pile quickly overflows and while no one invents the time machine, we must choose what to read.


The second, besides being a useful reference tool, is essentially a frequency map of terms that are keywords in the book. Once you have read through the book, you wish you had used the techniques on the actual matks-beale itself.

His method shows you how to deconstruct complex skills, maximize productive practice, and remove common learning barriers. Have a good time! Linear Reading is for Beginners 2. Adler and Charles van Doren Since How to Read a Book was first published inthe blank sheet of paper that faces you when you start an essay or report has been replaced by the blinking cursor in a blank Word document. That’s the purpose of this book. Believe it or not, you can download my bestselling books — completely free.

Judge the success of your efforts by whether or not they help you achieve the desired objective…. Pick up your sword and torch, brave soul: The goal is to read at high speed while maintaining high levels of reading comprehension. There are no grades after you get your diploma. Available in bitesize text and audio, the app makes it easier than ever to find time to read.