Reduce Stress

The ways to reduce stress are nearly as long as the list that causes Stress. Find one that suits you.

Exercise. Exercising helps work muscles, increase blood flow, and clean cells. All of this helps handle the side effects of stress. Also, exercising can help us feel better about ourselves, improving our morale and combating depression.

Nutrition. Eating properly balanced diets and getting the nutrients your body needs is vital for fighting stress. Your body needs Vitamins to grow and replenish itself. If you aren’t replacing lost nutrients, youb body will not be able to fight off infection and you will be more likely to get sick or feel exhausted. You know the adage, an apple a day….

Reduce stress situations. This is the hard part. Take a few moments to reflect on your day. What causes you anxiety? What can you do to reduce or avoid it? If it is work related, can speaking with a manager help? If it’s driving in traffic is taking a bus or listening to classical music an option? Whatever the cause, you must take charge and reduce the stress.

Yoga. Find a gym that offers Yoga or some other form of meditation and stretching. Find a quiet place and spend time each day reflecting on the happier things in life and, if possible, stretch your muscles while you’re at it. This will increase blood flow throughout your body and decrease muscle stiffness, reducing the chance for headaches or muscle aches.

Play with a child. Try it. Take some time and play a game with a child. Watch them smile, hear them laugh, and remember what it was like to be young and free of pressure.

Pet an animal. Petting an animal has actually been proven to reduce stress. Whether it’s from the emotional bond, the exercise, or just giving your brain a break, it will do wonders calming you down.

Spa treatment. Treat yourself to a spa or massage. If finances prevent this, then draw a hot, bubble bath, light some candles, turn off the lights, and turn on some quiet music. Enjoy yourself while you melt away in the water.

Read a book. Read something light and funny.

Take a walk. Take a walk, either alone or with a loved one. Reflect on your life and, please, stop to smell the roses!

Find a service project. Serving somebody else can help you remember the important things in life and help put things in perspective. Give it a try!

Communicate. Communicate your issues with a spouse or trusted friend. Sharing the burden can lighten the load.

Therapy. Often stress causes side effects like depression or mental health disorders that need to be treated by a physician who can prescribe the proper medication handle therapy sessions.

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