Health, Beauty, and Hot Hairstyles

Why health is important to beautiful hairstyles

What is health? The modern word “health” is derived from Old English which means “whole.” Health was meant to be wholeness, the concept of body, mind, and soul together in harmony. What we do to ourselves, the food we eat, the exercise we get (or don’t get), the rest we allow ourselves, and the Stress we feel all affects our wholeness and overall well-being.

Health is a broad topic that is extremely important to understand, especially since it directly affects how your hair looks and feels. Therefore, we have compiled two lists, the first tells you some of the benefits of keeping healthy and the second lists several ways to keep your health. Consult your doctor and then get started! Look over the list and be sure to let us know what we’re missing!

Reasons to Keep Healthy

1) Being healthy means that your body is able to combat germs and viruses, helping you avoid sickness.

2) Overall health helps you mentally keep positive and fights depression. Basically, the healthier you are the happier you are.

3) When healthy, your body functions properly and gets blood and nutrients to the right locations efficiently. This helps your skin, hair, and organs which gives you a positive glow and helps you feel wonderful.

4) The healthier you are the longer you will live and the higher the quality of life you will enjoy. So…how to get healthier? Glad you asked! Read on:

How to get Healthier

1) Eat healthy! You are what you eat…your mouth is the gateway to your body, so be careful what you put in it. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, nuts, and as little fat, sugar, and salt as possible. Be sure the food you eat is balance of (organic) vegetables and fruits, whole foods, protein, carbohydrates, monosaturated fats, and antioxidants. If your diet is varied enough, be sure to stock up on Vitamins and supplements. One other idea, instead of reaching for a candy bar, have carrot sticks handy. Try it for a month and see what a difference eating nutriously can have in your health!

2) Exercise! Join a gym, take Yoga, go walking or biking or riding or…well, you get the picture! Your heart needs to be worked, physical workouts will help get blood flowing to cells and this helps relax (and feed!) them.

3) Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine, soda, and other carbonated beverages.

4) Relax and Reduce Stress! This will relieve the pressure on your heart and help you more efficiently get oxygen to your cells. The benefits to your health of reducing stress are impossible to count. So do it! Now! (Just kidding, relax and do it as you can).

5) Lose weight. Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds. Doing so will greatly improve your overall health.

6) Quit smoking. This might be the single best step you can take toward getting healthier.

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